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    Tbh the hoarding and the lack of essentials worries me more than the virus itself. The galling thing is it's completely unneccesary.
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    From the ever wonderful P O P B I T C H:

  3. Filbert

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    It’s absolutely shocking how far people are taking this. It’s embarrassing, it’s sad, it’s pathetic, shortsighted, selfish and utterly uncalled for. I’ve had a knot in my stomach for days, today we had some very serious talks at work (a small flooring business) about what we’ll do this summer. I told my boss to forget about the pay rise he promised me and worked out my monthly outgoings to let him know the minimum pay I can get by on without putting too much pressure on my partner.

    I got in the car at the end of the day and did everything not to cry. Had to pop to my dad’s to drop something off and was unfortunately faced with his wife. She moaned about panic buyers meaning she was only allowed to buy six bottles of wine on her now daily visits to Tesco. She told me that when she sees any kind of rice she grabs it, not because she’s panic buying. Oh no. It’s because they usually have curry a couple of times a week. It took everything I had left not to scream ‘****’ in her face. Heaven forfend she should have to go without a ******* curry at this difficult time. Ever heard of a ******* takeaway?

    The thing that really finished me off tonight was when my partner showed me a string of messages from the parent of a kid she teaches that she’s pally with. Gushing praise and thanks for keeping her daughter calm and with plenty of work to do. She then sent her a screenshot of a WhatsApp group another mum from the year group set up and invited all the parents to. She wants them all to meet up three times a week in the evenings, so up to 50/60 kids and adults potentially while the schools are off because ‘she doesn’t want her kids getting lonely’. You selfish ******* idiot!!! Whether you agree with the schools being shut or not, just do as you’re ******* told. Completely missed the point, it’s like they’ve just shut the schools and recommended social distancing for a ******* laugh.

    90% of people really don’t think the rules apply to them, they are so selfish. The thought of having to share a planet with these people is so worrying. It’s all a big game to them, they’re secretly loving it. But I guarantee you that as soon as one of these people gets ill thanks to spending even longer out and about because they’re going to the supermarket 10 times a week, it absolutely won’t be their fault. It’ll be the bloody brown people buying all the flour. Yes I’ve actually heard that said. **** me. **** them. **** this whole situation.
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    What's the damage and those bad boys? You certainly know how to live.
  5. Otter

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    In France some supermarkets are having to have police guarding the toilet paper.
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    All you need and better than baked beans and dry pasta for days. (i got he myprotein version because I'm cheap)
  7. El distraído

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    Reading this actually makes me angry, and this didn't even happen to me!

    I really resonate with the bit in bold. I don't want to be on the same planet as these knuckle dragging, ignorant racists. I wish people like this would just eff off. Honestly..
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  8. Otter

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    I echo the last point, for my 7 year old and his friends we've agreed to use Skype or Teams a few times a week so that they can keep up.

    My 7 year old does not really understand the implications but he's getting the point that this situation is very serious
  9. People are selfish, only think of themselves, and panic. I had a fellow director last night message me and ask, as I'm a finance director, whether it was true that the banks are about to collapse and should she take out all her money and put it under a mattress ?!! Northern Rock anyone ?
  10. lm_wfc

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    Tell her yes, and share her address here. Let us know when she's out the house.

    It's quite annoying people so stupid can be directors.
  11. sydney_horn

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    I still think that the majority of people are decent and caring. That belief is being sorely tested though!

    I think the panic buying was kicked off by the minority selfish and ignorant tw*ts.

    Unfortunately it reached a tipping point when supermarkets couldn't keep up with demand. When normal, sensible people see the empty shelves then I think it is an understandable response to panic a bit.

    I'm not condoning excessive buying but I can understand why someone would buy a pack of bog roll sooner than they would do normally if they happen to see some right now.

    What summed it up for me was when I was at the freezer section at Tesco a week or so ago. The vegetarian section was all but empty. There was a few packs of "Linda McCartney" veggie sausages (understandable if you've ever tried one). This young couple grabbed about 5-6 packs. I think they noticed me watching them as the girl said "I don't want to be this person but they are making me".

    Hopefully common sense will prevail soon. I haven't given up on the kindness of mankind.....yet.
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  12. Jumbolina

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    Yep definitely “wave 2” panic buyers now. Reckon we’ve got a month of stuff in cupboards and freezer without this week’s shop but if it goes on I’ll be getting nervous myself in 2 weeks about whether I can top up or not.
  13. UEA_Hornet

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    My wife's supermarket had not even been open for an hour this morning before someone accused her of causing her baby to starve to death. They have no baby milk powder in stock.

    People need to take a long hard look at themselves.
  14. The trouble is enough people think that way and a snowball starts to roll.
    The same person, pre virus was telling me I was a fool to never wipe down my desks with antibacterial wipes as there would be germs festering all over them. I pointed out that the next time I planned to eat my dinner directly from my desk surface or lick it clean I'd bear that in mind. As I'd not been ill in 2 years working there and had never seen my wife or father, both of whom are/were high up in the nhs, use an anti bacterial wipe, I was prepared to take the risk.

    We are all wired differently i guess.
  15. Filbert

    Filbert Leicester supporting bloke

    I completely understand, I’ve had the feeling of walking into a supermarket, seeing the empty shelves and thinking ‘if you can’t beat ‘em....’

    I still don’t get the logic of buying thirty frozen veggie sausages instead of one box though.

    I was in a foul mood last night anyway, let’s all take it one day at a time and try to keep healthy. It sucks, it’s hard having such uncertainty but know I could be far, far worse off.

    Like you say, you can’t give up on others. If you stop looking for the good in other people you’d probably stop looking for the good in yourself.
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  16. Otter

    Otter Gambling industry insider

    As long as the government aren't forced into issuing ration cards.
  17. lm_wfc

    lm_wfc Squad Player

    If it goes on long enough and the food supply is actually affected they will need to.

    Half the country have no toilet paper because of some pictures or shortages in Japan (where it's made in China). If there's actually a food shortage I think the British public have shown they can't be trusted to act responsibly.
  18. hornetgags

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    Well the Brexiters did tell us they made it through the war, so guess we'll have to see if that spirit prevails.

    I can just see this being sung in the underground stations.

    Covid has only got 2 polypeptides
    The other is in the Albert Hall
    His mother, the dirty genome
    Allowed nucleocapsid protein to phosphorylate

    Everyone join in.
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  19. There was a guy, well into his 70s I’d say, with 6 bags of flour in his trolley in Waitrose this morning. When a shelf stacker challenged him he insisted he needed it all. 5 bags were taken off of him and put back on the shelf.
  20. hornetgags

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    Spoke to my sister yesterday and she said there had been looting in London, but all I've seen is the Sainsbury video.

    Anyone else heard this?
  21. Cassetti's Beard

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    Looks like it was just one incident in South London, 4 blokes in the early 20s trying to steal alcohol - all arrested nearby. There's a lot of 'fake news' on twitter circulating with videos of the 2011 London riots.
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  22. Wexford-yellow

    Wexford-yellow Academy Graduate

    Panic buying seems to be a problem over there but I'm not really surprised to see it.
    Eight weeks ago the virus was just an article on the news, now its sweeping the continent and feels almost like armageddon so people are naturally shocked by its speed and effect which creates uncertainy, ( people say dont do it but they didnt see this coming so do they really know is the feeeling )
    We dont have such a big issue with it here, a panic the day the school closed but that can be put down to the sudden announcement and parents rushing to get last minute supplies before being locked down with the kids, other than that shelves are well stocked with some items going short for short times like last weekend there were no eggs or onions in our local supermarket (maybe egg and onion sandwiches are the answer)
    I must say I am surprised by some of the negative reporting on some news channels. Yesterday they reported about school closure with the attitude from most of the inconvenience it causes whereas here the attitude was of course this is a problem but we need to knuckle down and do it.
    Maybe it's the rural area I live in but it seems to be more about protecting others and doing the right thing by them, which means not hoarding and depriving others of essentials.
    But these are scary times and people are scared, gobshites, but scared never the less
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  23. Went to Tescos Tring v early this morning at 6.15 (not the oldies slot before you shout....). Seemed to have everything except bread and t rolls. Stacks of fresh fruit and veg, milk, fresh meat, paracetemol fact everything. Just bought normal weekly stuff. Forgot mothers day card so will pop in on way back from barbers this morning to see if there's anything left and any bread has arrived. No-one being stupid.
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  24. Otter

    Otter Gambling industry insider

    I saw this yesterday,


    I probably use 80 tins of that stuff in a year. How thick are some people?
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  25. Bwood_Horn

    Bwood_Horn Squad Player

    Don't even f**king joke about this.

    Had to pop into the Sainsbury local to get washing machine water softener powder* (had to settle for the over-priced Calgon tabs). Customer (wearing mask) berated cashier for not putting out toilet paper delivery out immediately she's seen arrive - 'slight' girly cashier says company orders are to put it out later. Woman goes off in huff. There's a bloke in front of me and I point out that wearing the mask is, essentially, useless. Bloke laughs and agrees and 'asks' (quite aggressively) cashier if she's going to be putting the toilet roll out now? I notice he's got nitrile gloves on so I point out they're also essentially useless due to the massive increase of risk for cross-contamination he tries to 'front up' to me so I glare at him (just like Paddington Bear) he backs down and goes away.

    *Advice from WFC supporting washing machine engineer who replaced a 'beater bar': "...put in whatever powder you want mate - make sure you always use Calgon. Without it you might get 3 years out of it - with it: well over 3 years..."
  26. HappyHornet24

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    Never mind panic buying, there is something even more distressing now going on. Over-emotive social media posts about school leavers.
    I usually avoid Facebook like the plague but have volunteered for a couple of local groups set up there to help elderly/vulnerable people with shopping/dog walking/remote companionship etc. Because of this I need to go on to FB to check the updates and to see if I’ve been contacted with a help request. Each time I go on, I am faced with yet another of these postings:

    “If there’s a school 2020 leaver in your life, give them a hug. To them, the cancellation of school is not a holiday. It’s wasted time they don’t get to spend with their friends the last few months before they finish school. They’re anxious, realising they may never be able to walk the halls for the last time or attend their prom. They’re sad hearing their prom they’ve been waiting on all year has a chance of being cancelled. The last day of school is now this Friday and many of their friends won’t be in... a day that they have been planning for. They’re sad that the sports seasons, events and concerts that they’ve practiced and prepared for, for so many years, may have come to an end before they’ve had the chance to take the field, court, or stage one last time. They don’t know how or what they will be assessed on as their GCSE’s are cancelled - everything they have been working hard on for many years and that they know is important for the next phase of their life. Show them support and love them during these hard times. #classof2020

    If you are the parent of a 2020 student , copy and post on your wall with their pic!”

    Get. A. Grip.
  27. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    It doesn't help when celebrities post videos of them looking bored as **** singing songs thinking genuinely that's what the little people need.

    Sadly, this is what we've become. Desperate for likes even in a crisis. Let's get a trend started.

  28. We went to our local Morrison's this morning to try and get some meat for the weekend, and would you believe it they had just had plenty of meat delivered, but the butchers were unable to cut it up because they had no HOT WATER in the store.

    This was because they had builders in the store doing renovations and someone had turned the water off the night before, but forgot to turn it back on before going home. Therefore they were not allowed to butcher the meat until they had HOT WATER back on and they were waiting for maintenance staff to come in and get it up and running.

  29. hornetgags

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    You have to be souless not to be moved to see them suffering in their fully staffed and stocked mansions, starved of the media attention they need to survive.

    Thoughts and prayers.
  30. Robert Peel

    Robert Peel Reservist

    Along with the death of religion, I'm also hoping that snowflake attitudes and creating false impressions of your life on social media will be killed off as a result of the pandemic too.

    Rationing and some harsh rules might be the culture shock we need. I'm not overly optimistic though.
  31. hornetgags

    hornetgags McMuff's lovechild

    People filling up numerous shopping trolleys and leaving them by the checkout to continue shopping.

  32. Are you RELATED to Tim Martin of WETHERSPOONS? It was an HONEST Mistake! They will doubtless GET IT sorted out as SOON as possible!!!. Can't go without MEAT!!
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  33. Going to have to disagree with you on this. Kids today work far harder than we ever did; the pressure that has been piled on them over what is basically a third of their lives to get the exam results to go to a decent uni to get a decent degree to get a decent job (any job) is immense. They haven't had the chance to acquire the perspective that you and I might have developed over years of working, bringing up kids, paying mortgages. To them the grief and distress is very real. Give them a break.
  34. HappyHornet24

    HappyHornet24 Crapster Staff Member

    I have a 16 year old myself who’s in her GCSE year so I know the deal. I’m not questioning what they’re feeling, nor am I questioning whether we as parents should support them - I’m questioning the need for parents to publicly emote about it on FB. And I stand by that 100%.
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