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  1. NathWFC

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    Got a fine from UKPC on Saturday, and have seen some conflicting stuff about whether these fines actually have to be paid or not and whether there is a risk if you just ignore them

    Anyone have any advice?
  2. Diamond

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  3. Bwood_Horn

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    As the MSE fora as @Diamond suggests - but a warning about posting - they're an exceptionally precious group of individuals.

    Do not ignore as UKPC have a habit of forgetting of the PCN for five years until they start proceedings for their "debt" by that time you've moved on and they win a summary decision with a CCJ etc...
  4. Moose

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    Unless you have solid ground for challenging the fine, the first settlement is always the cheapest, galling as it is.
  5. Diamond

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    Yes, they definitely are, but only, (IMHO), because the very same questions are raised over and over. All the information is there, you just need to read and research before posting your issue and telling them what you intend to do about it, then they'll guide when they see you've done your homework.

    It's not that different to uni students coming here and asking us to fill out yet another badly thought out fans questionnaire, we jump on them now. That's what the MSE people do with stupid/badly written/non researched posts.
  6. Diamond

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    I'm surprised at your stance comrade. We never pay these shower of b*st*rds.
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  7. Moose

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    How have you got around enforcement?

    I’ve played four, won two. On the first occasion the ticket was clearly wrong. Eventually the council gave in (it had conflicting signage) and on another occasion I paid, complained to the site owner that it was unclear and they refunded me. On the two others I had overstayed (on one occasion by 90 seconds) and paid up right away to avoid escalation.

    I’ve ignored plenty of inconvenient tariffs in the past, but I feel like this would just be inviting hassle. But keen to know how it could be done.
  8. hornmeister

    hornmeister Administrator Staff Member

    Only ever had one ticket.
    For parking in a parking spot behind a council van that was obscuring the no loading sign.
    Was there for 5 mins at 8:30 on a Saturday morning. The place was dead, was nabbed by some spotty youth operating a camera. If I'd been an hour later would have been fine. The galling thing was it was a paid for parking spot I went to the machine and the sign said no charge before 9:30 so I quite wrongly assumed that parking before 9:30 was therefore allowed.

    Decided to have a rant at Harrow council but paid up at the discounted rate £30 I think. I was picking up a load of tiles in the previous meistermobile, in the grand scheme of things just added a bit to the cost of my kitchen renovation.

    I actively avoid shopping in the borough of Harrow now.
  9. Diamond

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    Council issued fines are normally concrete and need paying asap unless an obvious mistake has been made.

    The private parking companies are cowboys who need playing at their own game. They're all so incompetent that it's really not hard to find a get out clause that stands up to scrutiny once you get to the appeal stage, (polpa). At the very worst, if everyone did everything in their power to avoid paying for as long as possible then it would cause them huge issues.
    Junior Diamond got parking tickets 2 days in a row in a PPC controlled car park and it was 50% her own fault and 50% naivety, (she was a new driver). I got her out of both but it cost a lot of time and effort researching the MSE site quoted above.
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  10. Bwood_Horn

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    Two...what a lightweight.
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  11. Ybotcoombes

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    I once ignored a parking ticket (about 20 years ago) based on some very bad advise about private car parks not having access to DVLA data to trace drivers , turns out they do . Turns out the second bit of advice to ignore it as they won’t take you to court was also bad.

    £10 parking fine cost me over £200 in the end
  12. Bwood_Horn

    Bwood_Horn Squad Player

    Before POFA 2012 the advice was ignore them as the PPC's only weapon was to issue threats of litigation that were then passed onto debt collection agencies who also could only issue threats. The DVLA database access is a very interesting story as most of the PPCs have had their usage of it blocked or severely restricted at some stage.

    Last year's fashion was 'doing' the PPCs for data protection misuses. But even when the PPCs have got to court their performances have been farcical - so much so that the name of the legal firm 'doing' the work has become a verb...
  13. Bwood_Horn

    Bwood_Horn Squad Player

    Bumpity bump.

    I'm currently in 'dispute' with UKPC (and our development's management agents) over my present car not displaying permit (as the permit was in my previous set of wheels that was nicked last summer). I've been given to choice of 'buying' a new/replacement permit for £9.95 from the MA or for £9.95 (+VAT) from UKPC. Advice I've received is:


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