Nice money if you can get it...

Discussion in 'General Football & Other Sport' started by wfc4ever, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Crazy. But that's the advantage to running down your contract. The money Juve might otherwise have had to spend on a transfer fee goes to the player instead. Its about £80m over 4 years - I bet that works out cheaper than if they'd signed him last summer.
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    At first glance thats outrageous.

    Spend longer thinking about it though, and its even more outrageous.

    Is he on more than Ronaldo?
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    Highest paid British player ever
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    According to Gabriele Marcotti it's more like 7.5m Euro net which is £250k a year. Still a lot but not quite the same.
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    Huge sum of money. Considering that *in my opinion* he's not THAT good a player. He wouldn't get into my "Best 11 of the current premier league players". There are plenty of better central midfielders than him - arguably one of them is at our club.
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    There comes a point when clubs really have to take stock and look at what they are actually doing.

    Ok, Juve can afford this, or else they wouldn't be doing it, but should they be paying a player £400k a week, which is more than all the top names in the game, apart from Messi?

    Don't they realise, the next big name they sign would want a similar deal? In effect they are increasing their wage bill for ALL future players they sign from now on.

    Is Ramsay that good? Sure he's alright, but he shouldn't be one of the highest paid players in world football.

    Because they got him on a free transfer, then they feel they can give a lot of that money directly to the player. So what is the knock on effect of that? Maybe lots of players will be happy to run down contracts, leave for free to get a big payout. Again, short term thinking. Where does all this money come from in the first place? Yes, that's right, transfer fees.

    So if the trend starts to occur where players only move after their contract finishes, they will only want to sign short term deals and transfer fee trading will become unusual. Where will the money come from to pay these inflated salaries? Ok, TV companies will provide a large chunk of it, but I don't think that will cover it all.

    Bigger clubs will always be rich to varying degrees, but clubs a little further down the chain will suffer, as many rely on transfer fees to make ends meet.

    I liked Ramsay's goodbye message:-
    He wrote: "You welcomed me as a teenager and have been there through all the highs and lows I've encountered during my time at the club.

    "It is with a heavy heart for a heavy wallet that I leave after 11 incredible years. Thank you."
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  8. Don Cowie has a lot to answer for...
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    A week.
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    Do you mean net as in after tax? If so what difference does it make, Juventus are still forking out 400k a week irrespective of what Ramsey actually ends up with. It’s still an obscene amount of money for an average player.
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    Getting paid more that £1k a week for playing football is a joke to be honest.
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    Sir Bobby Charleton highest wage was in 1972 as player/manager for Preston North End at £250 per week, which would relate to around £3000 per week now!

    Out of a work force of something like 23 million people today I am sure around 22.75 million would be delighted to earn £3000 per week!

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