Newcastle United 0-3 Watford FC - 25/11/2017

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  1. Unhappy bunny

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    I think they're of similar standard. Kiko is quicker, Janmaat's crossing is better. Both are OK defenders, but not great. I'd rather see them play together than have Carillo in the team, but at the moment I'm very happy with Hughes.
  2. Relegation Certs

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    Yeah that's true, plus janmaat always has a goal in him. I agree carillo is one of our weaker players. A shame really, as he started off looking really good.

    Hughes is definitely the surprise of the season so far. I wont lie, I'd written him off before he'd kicked a ball mainly because he was english, came from the lower leagues and looks a bit frail. Glad to have been proved wrong! I do feel though that one poor game and he'll be out of the first eleven, whereas someone like richarlison would be given a second chance.
  3. The Fish

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    Loved him to start with, but when it transpired that McClaren wasn't suddenly any good at football management and the relegation loomed large he bottled it. Lascelles (all of 21 at the time) had it out with him about his gutless displays.

    Decent footballer, prone to a moment of madness or two, let us down badly as we neared the drop and won't be forgiven as quickly as, say, Andros Townsend will be.

    Daft isn't it really; we hated Sissoko until we sold him for a fortune and he was total garbage for Spurs, now he's a source of amusement. We loved Wijnaldum, then didn't like him much, and we're now kind of ambivalent to him. Don't much like Janmaat, but honestly if he'd shone for you we would absolutely loath him.
  4. Unhappy bunny

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    Thanks, Fish. A good footballer lacking heart, then. That would seem to tie in with his seemingly rather low pain threshold.
  5. LondonOrn

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    Why were those two playing on both wings? Injuries?

    What you’ve said about Newcastle being a few players short of a decent side has always echoed my thoughts post-Robson, the fact that two mediocre managers have got you to your only top 7 finishes since his sacking suggest there’s potential at your club which is almost never fulfilled. You’ve always had decent players and on your day can put a good run together and beat anyone even when you’ve been relegated, but something constantly makes you underachieve, for reasons best known to yourselves.

    Loved my first trip to SJP, I can see why it’s so high because it needs to be very compact to be where it is. A bit unique a big stadium being right in the city; from the outside it looks more like a giant hotel, but no less impressive
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  6. The Fish

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    Yeah, he'll launch into tackles and bomb up and down when things are going well, but he's no warrior when things aren't.

    Yeah, partly injuries, partly Benitez' preference for inverted wingers.

    To be honest, Robson's departure was handled so, so poorly. I could kind of understand wanting to bring in a younger manager who could maybe bring some of the jumped up young stars in line. Unfortunately Shepherd installed Souness and thus began a cycle of pretty awful managers. You know who we could have appointed had we had our head's screwed on? Jose Mourinho, already had a great relationship with Sir Bob, could have transformed the dressing room mentality, but hindsight and all that.

    We're often called a sleeping giant, but to be honest, we're so far behind the clubs at the top of the table it'll be some time before we wake up. Ashley has destroyed our wide-eyed, naive, boundless ambition of the Shepherd & Hall era. A decade of austerity, of lies and embarrassment drove a wedge between the club and the fans. Were it not for Benitez' appointment I don't think we'd be in the top flight and I don't think we'd be getting the crowds we are.

    Times are pretty good for you at the moment, squad with decent character, some quality players, a likeable talented manager and a real sense of striving to achieve. Where do you reckon you'll end up this seasona dn what's the longer term goal?
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  7. Unhappy bunny

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    Where? About where we are now, perhaps one place higher if we can overtake Burnley and hold off Leicester and Brighton.
    Longer-term? Entertaining football within a context of financial stability (selling and recruiting well), with odd moments of glory in the Cups and maybe Europa League.
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  8. Relegation Certs

    Relegation Certs Squad Player

    Missed this. Interesting point of view. Its funny that you have such strong feelings towards him, as I doubt many watford fans have any feelings for him at all really! but I can see how that would change in the circumstances you describe. I dont think he'll be with us much longer anyway. I guess you lot dont want him back then...

    To win the first trophy in the entire history of our club hopefully.

    For what it's worth, I dont really mind newcastle at all, and dont really get the anti-feeling you seem to get from a lot of fans. I guess it stems from the keegan era. I think you'll stay up on the basis that there will be 3 worse teams.

    That being said, I would be happy to see you go down, but only because you have the potential to be a bigger threat to our premier league status given the correct owner/manager than other teams in the league. For the same reason I'd like to see everton go down. The more "big" clubs that are struggling the better from a team like watford's point of view.
  9. The Fish

    The Fish Academy Graduate

    Think that's all any of us can really aspire to these days. I know Leicester won the league and all that, but that's an aberration, most of us are more likely to see our clubs relegated than actually win a domestic pot.

    Deluded Geordies, eh? :rolleyes:
  10. The Fish

    The Fish Academy Graduate

    Nah, he's decent, and a step up on what we've got, but you never move forward by going back.

    the anti-feeling owes much to the picture painted of us by the media. Sky sports love a camera in the face of a devastated geordie, 606 and talkSport love getting some knacker on air to declare "BANEETEZ'LL GERRUSTHALEEG!" after a fortunate point away to West Brom. The pundits they wheel out talk incessantly about the expectations up here (survival is a lofty ambition I suppose), this whole anti-cockney nonsense (I guess I missed the part where we absolutely hated Rob Lee, Andy Cole, Chris Hughton, Malcolm Macdonald etc. ), rather lose 4-3 than win 1-0.

    And because we're in the media a disproportionate amount, other fans get sick of us. I mean we've won nowt in half a century (other than the 2nd tier and the inter-two-bob), we've not challenged for a top flight title since Sir Bob, we've not challenged in the domestic cups for a decade, we've been a bottom half side for the past decade, so why the hell are we on tv so much? Why are we talked about on 606, Football Focus, talkSport etc? I get it, I'd be hacked off if I was a Stoke fan, or West Brom, or Watford.

    I think we'll stay up, I reckon 3 of Palace, Swansea, West Ham and (should Pards work his magic) West Brom will drop.Huddersfield will struggle in the second half of the season unless they spend a bit. Ditto us and Brighton. Watford and Leicester will down tools the minute they hit 40pts.
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  11. Unhappy bunny

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    Just all the others, then!
  12. LondonOrn

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    Could happen but I very much hope under Silva we will buck the trend and push on for a top 10 place, even if a European spot is well out of reach. I still have painful memories from that trip to Hull last season and the second half performance where most of the team appeared not to give a sh1t, not to mention the five straight defeats that ended the season with a whimper, and the alarming deterioration of our performances post-Arsenal cup game in 2015/16 from a team that was already declining since Christmas (more understandable, as the team was clearly knackered as QSF didn't rotate players sufficiently). This time even with injuries we have depth in the squad, and a team that are playing with passion and commitment and for their manager and fans.
  13. The Fish

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    Oops, I meant Burnley, sorry.
  14. PhilippineOrn

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    Has the True Geordie retired?
  15. Bwood_Horn

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    From the ever wonderful P O P B I T C H:
  16. Bwood_Horn

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    Your shameful comparison of these geniuses to that turd Lawrenson may have led to this. I hope you're satisfied.
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  17. GoingDown

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    He's moved on from Newcastle specific talk. He's now doing other stuff like commentating on boxing matches between YouTubers, discussing politics and interviewing people you've never heard of that for some reason are defined as famous.

    In other words, the big, annoying **** has sold out for the money.
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  18. If anyone wants to lift any of the opening post for this year's match thread, I'd be honoured.
  19. Mollyboo

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    Wow. You could probably cut and paste the whole thread.

    If ever a team could be accused of treading water, surely it's Newcastle?

    The only difference is how much better we are - more balanced, fitter, more focused.

    This has "cricket score" written all over it.
  20. Otter

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    If Gray didn't have a 'mare last season that would have been a cricket score.
  21. Mollyboo

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    Hahaha, I thought I was the only one on here anal enough to put an apostrophe before "mare".

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