New Publication Exploring Watford FC's History

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    A pictorial & anecdotal magazine called The Watford Treasury focusing on WFC's history will be launched at the Graham Taylor memorial game against Sampdoria on August 4th.

    I have to say, if the images are anything like the cover (see bottom of post) then it should be a visual delight..

    A new magazine which explores Watford’s history is set to be launched at the Graham Taylor match-day next month.

    The Watford Treasury, produced by editor Colin Payne, is an independent publication which explores the Hornets’ history through a series of pictures, stories and collections.

    Featuring 100 pages, the magazine will be priced at £5 and will be produced three times a year.

    Supporters will be able to purchase the first edition on the Graham Taylor match-day against Sampdoria on Saturday, August 4, with the magazine being available to buy outside Vicarage Road Stadium and from the Watford Museum Gift Shop. Copies will also be available to order as well.

    Payne believes the publication will provide Watford supporters with a unique look at the club’s history, with the first edition set to reflect on the 1968-69 season, where Watford won the Division Three title, among other topics.

    He said: “We’ve given a lot of thought to it as there’s never been anything quite like it, not just at Watford, but any club. The support we’ve received from the club has been so positive, and I think there’s an appetite to see Watford’s past presented in such a tangible way. Hopefully this will be reflected by fellow fans of the club.

    “For me the catalyst for the magazine was the ‘Hornet History and Old Stuff’ Facebook group. Within weeks of it being started it was apparent that there was a genuine appetite for not just historical themes, but the memorabilia and images that were appearing. Through this, collectors and supporters got together, and the idea of a quality magazine focusing on Watford’s heritage was hatched.

    “It soon became clear that it was a labour of love, as are all the best creative projects. The enthusiasm for it has become contagious. No one involved is making a penny, and yet the eagerness to be involved is remarkable.”

    Payne also went on to praise the efforts of the Watford Museum for their support with the project and hopes the magazine will be well received by the club’s fan base.

    He said: “We were aware that the emphasis needed to be on the quality, be that the images, the writing, the presentation, even the paper it is printed on. Everything needed to be as good as we could possibly make it.

    “This has been aided no end by the fact that from the very beginning Watford Museum have given us full support, from allowing access to their collection, offering rooms to meet, advice and any assistance we have needed. The magazine is truly collaborative and with it comes a feeling that in our own way we too are contributing to that heritage.

    “The result is we have been able to produce a really impressive magazine that not only looks fantastic, but is something that is a pleasure to read.

    “Volume one includes articles as diverse as the John Goodall story, a personal recollection of the 1968-69 season, a look back to when a horse show on the Vicarage Road pitch was considered totally acceptable, as well as a host of other topics, many featuring some fantastic memorabilia and seldom seen images.”
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    Hopefully it will be able to be sent abroad... Absolutely love the sound of this.
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    It will :)
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    I miss my old Metro
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    I’m sorry to have to admit that I’ve never been to the Watford Museum, even when they have held special WFC exhibitions. It’s really quite remiss of me.
    I shall however be buying this excellent publication.
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    For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, The Watford Treasury is now available from the Watford Museum or can be ordered from here:

    It’s a thing of beauty!
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    I received a copy today (didn't want to buy on a match day and ruin it before I had read it) very good, thicker than I expected, plenty of photos I've never seen, going to enjoy reading it on a 11 hour flight I have coming up!
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    Just to inform anyone who missed it that volume two of the Watford Treasury publication is out now. It will be on sale along Vicarage Road tomorrow.. also in the club shop, at Watford library or via mail order. There is also a subscription service.
    5 quid for a glossy 100 page magazine (well book really) with never before seen photos and excellent articles concerning all aspects of the clubs history. Free with Volume two is an exclusive Hornet Heaven story in a 28-page illustrated supplement.

    You'd be crazy not to!
  11. £8 on the website. A bargain for £5. £8 is just outrageous.
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    That includes postage of course. Living overseas i paid £11.50.. but i still see that as good value considering what it would have cost to send.
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    Got mine yesterday. A very good read and something any serious Watford fan must have.
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    I've been a fairly jocular Watford fan over the years, would I enjoy the book?
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