New kit madness - Stevenage with a whopper

Discussion in 'General Football & Other Sport' started by Moose, Jul 3, 2019.

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  4. Moose

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    Yes, if you also enable Macrons.
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  5. What


  6. Arakel

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    Honestly, I'd take BK over our chain of gambling sponsors (and I despise fast food in general).

    Dreadful shirt design though.
  7. RookeryDad

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    I confess I see Burger King more.
  8. RookeryDad

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    Local man, Steve Easterbrook, is the CEO.

    Easterbrook is on the right.

  9. Stevohorn

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    I sense a return to the dark days of 1990's abstract kit design.

    Check out this selection of kits for next season..

    Cambridge United away-{77BFDFA4-A017-4864-96E2-43ABFC88CF2F}
    Ipswich away-
    Plymouth away-
    Chelsea's new home kit that they wore against us last game is supposed to illustrate the shadows from the different stands at Stamford Bridge???,home-kit

    and finally a rework of the "classic" Hull City tiger print kit-
    Which tbf is the pick of the bunch.
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    Wow. That kit is really something else.
  13. Bwood_Horn

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    I saw this on someone on Friday. Something I did find amusing was that red 'tab' on the collar says 'CFC' on its obverse side - in a very similar font to what Kentucky Fried Chicken use. It looked really, really cheap and nasty.
  14. The undeniable truth

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    Excellent !

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