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  2. Such bad luck. Just when he was getting back on track and putting in some great performances. Really hope he comes back from this. Without doubt he's good enough for a career at a very high level if his body will hold out.
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    If this is the same ligament previously injured I fear for his long term prospects.
    If it's a different ligament (anterior, posterior, which leg?) then he can come back again.
    Will WFC support him still?
    Great player, I wish him a full recovery.
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    Can’t believe he’s 25. His best season was our promotion season and since then just a walking injury. I imagine his contract won’t be renewed when the time comes.
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    You'd think we'd at least extend his contract through his rehabilitation as it will run out about halfway through. I can't imagine he's on megabucks and seems like the honourable thing to do, just to give him the best chance of finding another club.
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    It would also be a great PR move by the club too. Hopefully it happens and he ends up with a decent career
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    Poor guy. But as many have said, you have to think his body jut isn’t up to the rigours of professional football. Even if he recovers, quite how he would mentally trust his body would be tough... As one of our own, I do think the club should be extending his contract until he’s back to some sort of fitness. Unless Aberdeen have seen enough and have enough faith that he will recover and sign him on a pre-contract. I’d say that’s doubtful though.
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    Some encouraging words for Tommie in this piece as it sounds as if Aberdeen could be interested in signing him once he has recovered from his current ACL injury, subject to Watford's plans for him. It also states Watford will be fully behind his rehabilitation.


    Aberdeen boss McInnes would give injured Hoban ‘every support’ to come back to Pittodrie

    Dons boss Derek McInnes today confirmed signing centre-back Tommie Hoban could be an option when he returns from his injury nightmare.
    Hoban is set to be ruled out for up to nine months having sustained cruciate ligament damage in the recent 2-2 draw with St Mirren at Pittodrie.

    On loan from Watford, the 25-year-old will undergo surgery and then his parent club will oversee his rehabilitation.
    That rehab will extend far beyond the summer when Hoban’s contract with the Premier League outfit expires.

    The fresh injury was another cruel blow to a player who has been dogged by misfortune in recent seasons.
    Hoban has only recently returned from five months out following surgery on a dislocated shoulder sustained early in his loan spell at Pittodrie.

    He missed the whole of last season following surgery to cruciate ligament damage – thankfully not to the knee injured against St Mirren.
    The only minor positive to take from two years of crushing setbacks.

    So impressed had McInnes been with Hoban he was considering moving for the defender when he became a free agent this summer.
    The time-frame may have changed but that is all. McInnes is convinced Hoban has the determination and willpower to recover from this latest blow.
    And when he does, signing on at Aberdeen will be offered to him as an option.

    McInnes said: “We will be here for Tommie when he comes back from this injury.
    “We would give him every support to come back and play if that was his choice.
    “I don’t know what Tommie’s plans are or what Watford’s plans are for him. But Tommie is certainly someone we have enjoyed working with.
    “Although we haven’t had him fully fit for a long period of time he has certainly impressed us all with how dedicated he is and with his performances on the pitch and in training.
    “Tommie will go and get the operation and Watford will pick it up from there.
    “However, there will always be a place for him once he’s back up and running if there’s an option to do so.”

    In an emotional message on social media, Hoban admitted he was struggling to come to terms with a second cruciate injury in less than two years.
    McInnes is “heart sorry” for the defender and at the injustice of another injury to a player who puts so much into his career only to suffer setback after setback.

    The manager said: “Good things should happen to good people, especially someone as committed as Tommie.
    “I have come across a lot of boys while a player and as a manager where you need to question their commitment, how much they want it and if they take it for granted sometimes.
    “Then you have a boy like Tommie who absolutely dedicates himself to being a footballer and lives his life right.
    “He is in the gym an hour before we are set to train just getting himself ready to go out and work.
    “He trains at a high standard every day and gets everything from it.
    “These are the boys you feel heart sorry for the most. Tommie could not do any more, which is why it is particularly galling he has now picked up another serious injury.”

    Hoban sustained the injury when his studs appeared to catch in the pitch and he fell awkwardly, twisting his knee.
    It was only his ninth appearance for the Dons.

    McInnes said: “Tommie is a good player and we were fortunate to get him in the first place.
    “This is the knee he has never had any bother with.
    “If it had been the same knee that he had problems with then there would maybe be that wee bit of understanding.
    “But for him to then get that same injury on the other knee is just really difficult for Tommie to accept.
    “He has been strong enough to get through it before.
    “Tommie has shown he is a good player and shown a high level of performance and that is on the back of injuries.
    “Unfortunately he has not really got a good run at it.
    “It is how good he could be if he can go and get that run. Hopefully he will come back from this injury and show everyone.”

    Watford boss Javi Gracia has confirmed the Premier League club will fully support Hoban through his recovery from the knee injury.
    Gracia said: “I’m very sorry for Tommie because he is a very good professional with a great attitude.
    “Now it’s a very difficult moment for him, but we will be here to try to help him.”
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    Good luck to him, I hope he gets fit and gets a good deal somewhere.

    PS - they could of got a picture with him in for the article.
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    He's in the crowd behind the players
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    That's Vydra
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    Good luck to Tommie Hoban who is leaving at the end of his contract.
  15. Yes. Can't help thinking what might have been. Hope he stays injury free.
  16. Hugely unlucky not to have had a career in the prem, more than good enough to fit in considering the state of the CBs we’ve had over the last 2 years
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    To Tommie, when you read this, I just want to say thank you for everything. I'll always have that clearance off the line against Brighton which led to one of my favourite Watford goals.

    All the best and drop me an PM if you need to.
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  18. Another potentially great career ruined by injury, thank you and good luck Tommy.
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    A career blighted by injury. Really hope he manages to stay injury free in the future. He deserves it.

    All the best Tommy.
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    Good luck Tommie.
    You deserve an injury free career.
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    Liked not for the heartfelt tributes, but because you got his name right.
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    Sad day, even when he wasn't playing, he was always just there. Terrible shame when you consider that a fit Tommie Hoban could have waltzed his way into the current team

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