1. Just been coming along A41. Queue back to the Red Lion from McDonalds at Sandy Lane because of people queuing to get their McNuggets.
  2. nornironhorn

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    Seems to be the same for any of those fast-food places these days.

    It's baffling as they are all disgusting.
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  3. You'd have thought that they might have used the lockdown to wean themselves onto decent food, but nearly every car I motorcycled past had a fat woman with a Meriden facelift at the wheel, so I suppose culinary skills are thin on the ground.
  4. UEA_Hornet

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    People worried as the death numbers drop they might miss out. Gotta build up that obesity, right?
  5. Guy

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  6. Smudger

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    They have been so inculcated by advertising. What do you do when you are free ? That's right fill yourself with fast food. The indoctrination starts with shameless advertising of unhealthy food to children and goes on from there. I doubt very much that people will change in their attitudes unless something even more severe than this pandemic occurs. Queues for coffee no doubt too.

    Those marvellous wastrels of feral chavland were out in force on Brighton beach yesterday and no doubt on other beaches as well. Ageing themselves prematurely and many displaying the physique of a beached whale blubber and all. And when they left allowing the locals to survey piles of rubbish lying about. All about my rights. Not a peek about ones responsibilities. No doubt some of these cretinous morons will be clapping tonight for the NHS oblivious to the fact their behaviour is one of the reasons a second spike could be coming pretty sharpish.
  7. Cassetti's Beard

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    can't wait for maccys to reopen near me!
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  8. Knight GT

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    I don't mind McDonalds to be honest. I don't eat it on a regular basis or anything like that but queuing for hours just seems ridiculous. If you're that desperate for a burger why can't you cook one at home
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  9. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Another post where I agree wholeheartedly with the first paragraph, but not the second so much.

    You correctly identify that the poor people, in their innocence, have been preyed upon by corporations and sophisticated advertising tricks and artificial demand creation. Who doesn't know McDonald's dogwhistle jingle? It's all pervasive.

    To lay the blame for that bad education at the feet of the badly educated, doesn't make sense. They're victims of it really, in the same way as drug addicts are the victims of the traffickers. Of course McDonald's is not to blame for all their antisocial behaviour, but it chips in its part to an all encompassing environment of consumerism, selfishness and egocentric (rather than community) behaviour.
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  10. StuBoy

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    Looks like Southend beach was rammed today, litter everywhere too. What a bright bunch the English are...
  11. Same. And KFC.
  12. a19tgg

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    I’m a veggie so Macdonalds is largely irrelevant to me, but even when I ate it occasionally I’d rather they allowed me to dip my balls in their deep fat fryer than queue that long to buy it.

    Its not due to traditional advertising anymore though. If you’re on Instagram or Facebook and follow lad bible or anything remotely similar, you’ll have seen their regular posts that make an utterly mundane thing like Macdonalds that cost about a fiver and is generally eaten in about 5 seconds flat, into the equivalent of a once in a lifetime treat at a Michelin starred restaurant.

    It all started a few years ago with a ‘cheeky Nandos’ making it into the chav lexicon and has ballooned from there. Now half of all social media content is about how amazing chicken nuggets are.
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