Marco Silva Tapping Up Complaint

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    But the ground is south of Rickmansworth Road! and so is the majority of the town, well all the town centre.
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    But Oxford St isn't in Oxford.
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    10 new managers in the last year? (Ill double the actual figure for dramatic effect) That's outrageous. The league should do something.
    No wonder they are so unstable. No one want that job as they keep sacking managers early.
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    These numbers fit the narrative perfectly.
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    If they don't want him, they'll forget him and poach somebody else. Warnock might be tempted by a top 7 club
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    And they lose again.

    Silva out
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    Silva In!

    Until the day after they come to the Vic.
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    Hope they keep him long enough to play us, a nice easy 3 points with the snakey in charge
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    Me too!
    I've ordered 16,000 plastic hissing snakes!
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    I've ordered 500 £50 notes with Silvas face on them.
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    We're almost there.
    Who's getting the watches?
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    Probably but also the classic thicky footballer fault of being resistant to change.
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    How long before Everton start tapping up Javi!
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    I knew the loyalty card system was a bad idea.
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    Apparently it's being talked about on the Everton forums!! There is a big divide already, with many fans not happy with Silva. This could go very wrong very quickly. They have Fulham at home on Saturday, lose that, and the rumblings will be very loud.
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    If I was the EPL panel I would give the club a suspended 3 points deduction and final warning. Moshiri as the owner and directing hand should get a significant fine and Silva should also be fined if there is any proof of breach of contract. Don't believe Everton are the only ones engaging in tapping up but going after another club's current manager is beyond the pale. It undermines the integrity of the competition and was unnecessary.
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    Looks like more tapping up going on at Everton one of their academy people has been suspended, the club definitely have form in this regard!
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    How on Earth did you teach all 16000?
    Nominated for Teacher of the Year.
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  24. fuzzy73

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    To be fair the house is only the equivalent of us tapping up with a large Twix
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    It looks as if the dispute has been settled between clubs.

    Exclusive: Everton agree to pay Watford compensation of £4m and avoid Premier League inquiry over hiring of manager Marco Silva

    Everton have finally resolved the long-running dispute with Watford over hiring Marco Silva as their manager after agreeing to pay compensation which is understood to be around £4million.

    The deal will head off the need for a full independent QC-led inquiry being launched by the Premier League with the organisation having insisted that it wanted the issue sorted out.

    Watford made a formal complaint to the Premier League last year believing Silva had been ‘tapped up’ by Everton. The Premier League employed a law firm to interview all the parties involved in the case to establish what should happen next with the hope that a resolution would be reached.

    The range of possible sanctions, if the case went to an inquiry and it found against Everton, included a points deduction but the hope was always that it would be settled through a financial arrangement. That has now happened.

    Watford were left furious by Everton’s attempts to bring in Silva in November 2017 following the sacking of Ronald Koeman. Watford had started the season strongly under Silva, who had arrived in the summer on a two-year deal from Hull City, and were in the top four after eight matches.

    Everton targeted Silva as Koeman’s replacement but Watford rejected their approach, turning down up to £10million in compensation for the Portuguese who did not have a break clause in his contract.

    Silva wanted to go but was adamant that he was not distracted by Everton’s interest and continued to focus on his job at Watford and did not act improperly. Everton also insisted they did not make an illegal approach for Silva.

    In the event Watford’s form deteriorated to such an extent that Silva was sacked after a run of one win in 11 matches on Jan 21 with the club just five points above the relegation zone.

    Watford clearly pinned the blame for their collapse on Everton’s interest and the disruption it caused. "The catalyst for this decision is that unwarranted approach, something which the board believes has seen a significant deterioration in focus and results to the point where the long-term future of Watford FC has been jeopardised,” the club said in a strongly-worded statement when Silva was dismissed.

    Everton eventually turned to Sam Allardyce who was then sacked at the end of last season with Silva taking over on a three-year contract.

    In July, Watford released a statement insisting that their case against Everton was less about receiving financial compensation than making a stand over what they believed to be a clear breach of rules on alleged ‘tapping up’ with damaging consequences.

    It has now been agreed that there is no need for a full inquiry to take place, much to the relief of the Premier League who had hoped the matter would have been dealt with as part of Watford’s sale of Brazilian forward Richarlison for £40million to Everton last summer. But that did not happen.

    At that time the clubs never came close to any agreement and complaint over Everton's conduct and so the case was placed in the hands of lawyers appointed by the Premier League to examine the evidence and basis for any charge.

    Watford replaced Silva with Javi Gracia and are eighth in the Premier League, four points ahead of Everton, with the Spaniard having been rewarded with a new extended contract for the impressive job he has done.

    Life has not gone so smoothly for Silva at Everton who has been under increasing pressure after a disappointing run of form – with nine defeats in 13 matches - which included a defeat at Watford in the club’s last Premier League game.

    Silva received a hostile reception at Vicarage Road during that game because of the circumstances under which he wanted to leave Watford.

    Despite the run of form it is understood that Silva retains the backing of the Everton hierarchy, led by majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri. However Everton have a tricky run of homes games to come with Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United the next four teams to visit Goodison Park.
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  26. oxhey67

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  27. So why the hell did we bother fighting it if we were just going to accept a few quid and let it go away anyway?

    Didn't they offer £8m to start with?

    Feels like we've lost our bottle somewhere along the line on this one.
  28. Guy

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    Really disappointing outcome. Maybe backed off following pressure from premier League, imagine they didn't want adverse publicity? 4m sound a bit low, weren't we offered more?
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  29. Levon

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    I feel like Watford have 'backed down' to an extent here. Maybe we just relented? The fact that Everton agreed to give us compensation, despite hiring a then-unemployed manager suggests that they wanted to avoid the investigation - which in itself suggests there may have been something to be found. I don't know whether or not Everton called us and offered, or that was how much they were told to pay, or what. Having been snooping on the Everton forum, they seem to think they've had the rough end of the deal here.
  30. Ray Knight

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    It has established a precedent regarding poaching managers mid-season. Is anyone going to try it on with Watford in the future? The Pozzos are not to be messed about.
  31. hornetgags

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    We've always said it was never about money.
  32. Burnsy

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    Strange. Always thought it wasn’t about finances and was more on principal.

    Maybe Gino just felt it was drawing a shadow over the club given the events of the last game. I really think the club wouldn’t have been happy with the publicity given the quiet nature of the owner.

    Still, £4m is an admission of guilt on Everton’s part. Just a shame it’s and ‘unofficial’ one and will allow their more clueless fans to claim they did nothing wrong and are just paying to make us go away.
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  33. Teide1

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    4 million for the coffers is not to be sniffed at!
  34. Davidmsawyer

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    Well the report says "up to £10million in compensation" but that was when he was our manager.

    At the very least this fully vindicates Watford.

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