[RUMOUR] Lucas Biglia

Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by Markoa$, Jan 14, 2020.

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    If anyone like Biglia it should be Daniele De Rossi who is a free agent. He could be a Cambiasso type that Pearson had at Leicester. Even though he retired from Argentina a little Six month Contract in the Premier could sway him. He's an absolute legend at Roma and would bring a wealth of experience to the squad. Yes he's nowhere near the player he was but the aura he would bring to the team and training could be priceless. It won't happen but I can hope.
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    You shouldn’t even hope. Playing for Watford at the bottom of the PL won’t be enough to make a player like De Rossi come out of retirement!
  4. If he's a midfielder, whose place would he take in the starting 11?
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    On merit nobody's. But unfortunately we have to think about the possibility of injuries. Neither Quina or Tom D-B looked ready to take the mantle permanently after the Tranmere showing. I just thought De-Rossi would bring a presence with him that could possibly help in all aspects of the squad. The younger players could only but learn from a player of his calibre. But as I said it wouldn't happen. Would it be worth the money to have his passion and experience even from the bench until the Summer. It has to be yes from me. Its not my money anyway.
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    You wouldn't think so. But stranger things of happened. Even getting him in to warm the bench just incase.
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    More likely to sign Paolo Rossi
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    What stranger things have happened than getting a 36 year old footballer, who was one of the best in the world at his peak, to come out of his recently announced retirement (due to injuries and wanting to spend more time with his family) to play for a small club in England battling relegation?
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  9. Anyone who says we are signing this guy is a Biglia.
  10. 7 years in the Belgian League. That's good enough for me.
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    Us paying 18 million pounds for Andre Gray for one and people on here still believing he should be given a chance.
    But I get your point.
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    Of happened. Apparently.
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    He was hardly stellar even when at his peak. Competent enough in a defensive framework that is solid around him and in a weaker league like the Belgian at Anderlecht who were the strongest team at the time in the Jupiler. One of the poorest central midfielders Argentina have fielded in the last few years. Take a look at the fabulous Redondo, Simeone, Cambiasso and Mascherano for instance and then look at Biglia. Average player who should have retired a long time ago.

    This is a silly made up story like most of the clickbait transfer sites. Even if it were true we would be better signing Richard Johnson again.
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    That’s not stranger.
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    With him and Troy up top we'd smash the pashun league innit. Almost as important as xg's.
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    Underrated comment
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    He sounds like a word Donald Trump would make up when trying to say one thing is bigger than another.

    Obama’s crowd was small, so small. My crowd was biglia, but you wouldn’t know it for the fake news. So sad.
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  19. Thank you. I thought so too. I've assumed 85% of the forum has me on ignore. It's the only possible explanation.
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    Soz m8 must have replied to the wrong post ;)
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    Biglia...Biggliade...Biggleswade....Big Lemonade...

    Hl3 Confirmed

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