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Discussion in 'The Team Bus' started by Steve Leo Beleck, Jul 10, 2017.

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    Still don’t know where Stuparevic or Sema will be next season. I guess Navarro is currently destined for Watford with Estupinan and Suarez.
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    Slightly surprised by that. As you say he seemed the most likely of our loanees to make it after Cucho, Suarez and Estupiñan, although the fact he has struggled to be be a regular for a second division regular at nearly 24 would imply he isn't really that.
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    Dahlberg started for Häcken today and it's currently 0-0 (70mins).

    Antsène FC, who I'll now presume as the one supporter who speaks for the whole Häcken fanbase, seems encouraged so far.
    He/she/them has this to say;

    Antsène FC @TreeAtTheBack · 25m
    Very relieving to see Pontus Dahlberg looking sharp despite not player
    [sic] any football whatsoever since joining Watford in 2018

    Some other joker is impressed too;

    Nordic Football Pod @nordicfootpod · 15m
    MASSIVE save from Dahlberg to keep this 0-0. Brilliant stop from the #WatfordFC loanee to deny Almqvist.
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    Guarantee Dahlberg will have the rest of his contract wasted, barely play any football at all (perhaps the odd loan to some nothing team) and never play for us. Following that he’ll go on to have a fantastic career and we’ll rue our mismanagement of him while we have some 3rd tier freebie in goal.
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    A couple of decent moments there especially considering he's been out of action for so long. Looks like his acne is clearing up nicely to. Good for him.
  7. Teide1

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    I’ve never understood who suggested he should take over from Dennis Compton and David Beckham as the Brylcream Poster Boy!
  8. The Recluse

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    Another of the young South Americans has left the portacabin at London Colney permanently.

    Juan Camilo Becerra (Maya) has signed a 3-year deal with Espanyol B.

    edit: deleted my original post as I've just remembered the move was rumoured last week.
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  9. reids

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    2 goals for Ryan Cassidy tonight in the EFL trophy
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    Yes Accrington Stanley beating Leeds youngsters 7-0 at the moment!
  11. UEA_Hornet

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    An assist too.
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    Do these count as his official goals in professional football? Nice to hear him getting off to a good start, even if it was against a bunch of kids
  13. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

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  14. Otter

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    Yes they do count.
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    Is Harry Kewell the Leeds Utd U21 coach by any chance?
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  16. Teide1

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    No but, Harry Kewell is the manager of Oldham who signed Callum Whelan who is in their first 11.
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  22. simpleMASH

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    Transfermarkt seems to have this one wrong. Hemel have said in their tweet that he’s 20 years old.
  23. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Crikey, sounds like he's been travelling with the Hemel Hempsted squad and appearing in their kit for weeks without even a peep from Watford about it. Disgusting. Just shows how much other clubs are trampling all over us.
  24. The Recluse

    The Recluse Reservist

    It was seeing Hemel list him as 20 which made me check. I'm sure both them & WFC are correct even though independent sites I've looked at other than transfermarkt have him down as 21. Mind you, one site (SofaScore) not only have the different birth date but also a picture of someone with a completely different skin colour!

    Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 12.28.39.jpeg
  25. Anything less than €25m at the end of this and Gino has bent over backwards again.
  26. reids

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    InStat and Wyscout both have him down as 21 (14/5/99) as well oddly!
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  27. miked2006

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    After he appeared over the summer in the background of an Instagram clip too. Just makes me sick.
  28. The Recluse

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    A piece on the number of players in the lower leagues of Spain from English clubs. I don't think the writer, Rafa Aranda, is very happy about it.

    The ‘Watford Phenomenon’ that sweeps Second B
    While the Premier League uses League players, Second B is filled every year with transfers and transfers from the British leagues.

    Gareth Bale, Reguilón, James Rodríguez, Rodrigo, Ferrán Torres, Thomas, Llorente or Nelson Semedo are some of the players who have bought a one-way ticket this season towards the Premier League, which is increasingly attracting more and better players from the big league suspenders. To the point that Leo Messi has been very close to wearing the Manchester City shirt. However, in the Spanish Second B the opposite effect occurs, year after year many players come from British football in the form of transfers or signed after having previously chained several transfers.

    Without a doubt, there is a team that dominates this market to perfection, Watford, which has been using this formula in recent years to train its players and revalue them in Spain. There are the examples of Luis Suárez, sold to Granada after assignments in Zaragoza or Gimnástic de Tarragona, or Estupiñán, transferred to Villarreal after passing through Mallorca or Osasuna.

    Generally, the aim of these moves is for the players to get seasoned and fill up with minutes, although there are exceptions of veterans looking for accommodation after trying their luck in England. However, it is surprising that in a country where teams have very high budgets, the largest in the world, they opt for the bronze category of Spanish football as the ideal destination. Last season 19/20, 25 players arrived from the island to Spain, while this season 20/21 there have been fewer, 13, because some have ended up rescinating with their home clubs to stay in property.

    Watford and Leeds, the great beneficiaries of the connection

    It is a phenomenon that is repeated year after year. Except for specific cases, the usual trend is that the big teams in the Premier League, which have their own league of subsidiaries or reserves with players under 23 years of age, choose to cede their players to Second B teams. Last season there were 13 transfers and 12 signings, of which seven were from Watford and five from Leeds United.

    The Vicarage Road team, which has been trained by the Spanish Javi Gracia or Quique Sánchez Flores recently, loaned last season to Sibo (UD Ibiza), Fobi (CD Badajoz), Jaime Alvarado (Badalona CF), Juergen Elitim (Marbella CF ), Juan Camilo Becerra (UE Cornell*) and Matheus Santana (CD Don Benito) and transferred to Mamadou Mbaye (Cádiz B). In the latter case, he was close to leaving the cadista team unable to sign in the next market windows upon being sanctioned.

    As for the Leeds of the Spanish Víctor Orta and Gaby Ruiz in the sports direction, they yielded Kun Temenuzhkov (La Nucía) and Rafa Mújica (Villarreal B) and transferred Alejandro Machuca (Ibiza), Oriol Rey (Valladolid Promises) and Hugo Díaz (Getafe B). The rest of the players on loan who changed England for Spain were Jordan Holsgrove on loan from Reading to Atlético Baleares, Armando Shashoua on loan from Tottenham to Atlético Baleares, Bojan Radulovic on loan from Brighton to Alavés B, and Iván Guzmán and Agus Medina on loan from Birmingham to Cornell*.

    Regarding property movements, Samuel Shashoua (who had already been on loan) transferred to Tenerife by Tottenham, Donovan Wilson and Ryan Leak from Wolverhampton signed by Real Burgos after having been on loan at the club, Raúl Uche signed by Valladolid Promises from Leicester City, Joshimar Quintero to Spanish B from Chelsea or Yunus Musah from Arsenal to Valencia Mestalla. Then there are two more specific cases such as the arrival of Urko Vera, from Oldham Athletic to CD Guijuelo, and that of Oscar Borg, from Braintree Town to the Arenas Club.

    Second B teams end up signing the loaners

    If this 19/20 season there have been fewer movements, apart from an atypical market marked by the pandemic, the main reason is that many players stop chaining transfers due to exceeding age or because they remain in property in the destination club. For example, Watford continues to yield to Sibo (Ibiza) and Matheus Santana (Recreativo de Huelva), while Fobi has left to go to Recreativo Granada and Juan Camilo Becerra the same to go to Spanish B in property.

    Other players who repeat assignment are Kun Temenuzhkov to Real Unión this time and Iván Guzmán to Cornell*, while Anderson Arroyo makes his debut arriving from Liverpool to Unionistas and Ahadme from Norwich to Oviedo Vetusta.

    Finally, Jordan Holsgrove has left the assignments and has signed for Celta B, and Armando Shashoua has also stayed at Atlético Baleares from Tottenham. Spanish B have signed Nabil Touaizi from Manchester City, Nicolás Santos returns home to Racing Santander from Fulham and Moha Ramos returns to Real Madrid Castilla after his stint at Birmingham.

    Even in Third there are movements from England

    There are also players who do not find a place, for whatever reason, in British football and find a place in Spain, albeit in a much more humble football. For example, Albacete B have signed Flavien Boyomo from Blackburn Rovers and Águilas FC signed Andrias Edmundsson from Sunderland. In addition, last season Juanito came to CD Gerena from Newcastle, José Garrido to Ibiza Sant Rafel from Fulham, and in the form of a loan, Jiahao Wang from Wolverhampton to Granollers.

    These data are only from last season and this one that is about to start, but it is something that has happened in previous years, and many of them end up reaching higher categories, case of Juergen Elitim (Watford) already in Ponferradina, Matheus (Watford ) who was fantastic at Mirandés de Iraola, or the many players who are coming to Girona from Manchester City. All of them with the illusion of reaching what Luis Suárez has achieved, who will play the Europa League this season with Granada. The Channel Tunnel, direct from England to Spain.
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    If you have 6 minutes & 26 seconds of your life you wish to waste you could do worse than watching the highlights of CSKA Sofia versus Beroe from Saturdays game.

    I've watched it twice now but then my life is emptier than an old hags withered breast.

    Adalberto Penaranda (#17) & Jerome Sinclair (#24) are in red and feature fleetingly in the somewhat erratic editing of the 1-1 draw.

    One particular highlight deemed worthy of showing is Sinclair playing a forward pass to an offside Penaranda, so as you can imagine it isn't thrilling viewing. Our young Venezuelan does provide a cracking corner for CSKA's equaliser though and his dancing feet feature early on too. It's also good to see someone has finally had the balls to tell him dressing like an overgrown flounced-up pageboy while playing football makes you look an utter ****, so his oversized shorts and too-long socks have been pared back somewhat. Good move Albert.

    There is also a brazen crutch shot at 3 minutes 46 seconds for those of you who enjoy that kind of thing.

  30. The Recluse

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    Nothing official from either club but it looks like Dante Baptiste has replaced Myles Roberts as goalkeeper for Wingate & Finchley.

    He's making his first start tonight and his temporary club seem happy with him at the moment...

    Presumably Baptiste will be on a youth loan.
    Roberts was on the same loan type, returning to Watford on October 14.

    As a side note, Watford U23s played at Wingate & Finchley for the 2018/19 season.
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    Disappointed to see the word crutch wasn't a typo, I was looking forward to seeing someone get hit in the balls lol
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