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    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

    It doesn’t annoy me and I’m impressed at the lengths some go to in researching these players. I just don't understand why.
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    I do a report on the players in Spain every now and then basically as I have lived in Spain for 25 years and speak the lingo, it isn’t hard work to find the details. Mallorca is my local club so I will be watching Cucho Hernandez if I go to the stadium.
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    I like and appreciate the updates, keep them coming please
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    Penaranda's loan could be cancelled, apparently. That went well.

    Edit - just seen this was also posted in his team bus thread
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    I was disappointed Harry Hudson wasn't in the squad to face Tranmere but if there was ever a chance he could have been, I understand now why he wasn't.

    The young centre back is on loan at Billericay Town and made his debut on Saturday.

    No idea of the details.
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    Me too @Avispón. keep up the good work!
  7. Avispón

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    Our boys in Spain

    Marc Navarro: after being operated on at the end of October he finally made his comeback playing 19 mins in the Spanish cup game v Murcia that Leganes won 4-0

    Kwasi Sibo: scored the winner for Ibiza, Ibiza 1-0 Las Palmas Atletico, he also got to play 13 mins in the big cup game v Barcelona which Barcelona were lucky to win Ibiza 1-2 Barcelona with a Griezmann goal in the 90th min

    Kingsley Fobi: scored the winner for Badajoz; Amorebeita 0-1 Badajoz and then went on to score in the Cup this week against top division side Eibar, Badajoz 3-1 Eibar

    Jaime Alvorado Hoyos: has left Hercules and has joined Badalona

    Juergen Elitim: is a first team regular for Marbella who are currently top of their group in division 2b

    Mathias Aias: another big cup upset, Mathias scored the first for Mirandes, Mirandes 2-1 Celta

    Dimitri Foulquier: getting lots of minutes for Granada

    Pervis Estupiñan: hasn't missed a game for Osasuna this season, another one who will be in the last 16 of the Spanish cup Recre 2-3 Osasuna
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    The 95th ******* minute :mad:
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    Suarez started on the bench for some reason in Zaragoza's Copa del Rey tie vs Real Madrid. Rested?

    Seems a bit odd anyway, he came on at 60 minutes when they were already 2-0 down, and they ended up losing 4-0.
  11. The Recluse

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    Goalkeeper Adam Parkes has joined Havant & Waterlooville on loan for the rest of the season.

    Interesting move as he's been a mainstay for the u23s this season.
    Contract up in the summer.

    Just the 4 keepers left for the u18/u23 squads now.
  12. The Recluse

    The Recluse Reservist

    Harry Hudson remains on loan at Billericay Town.
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    Matheus Aias scored the first goal as Mirandés defeated Villarreal 4-2 to reach the semi-final of the Copa del Rey. He is a 23 year old Brazilian on loan from Watford. He does not normally start for Mirandés in the Segunda Liga, but he scored a penalty in a 2-1 extra time victory over Celta Vigo and two goals in a 3-1 victory against Sevilla in the previous rounds of the Copa del Rey. All three victories are viewed as cup upsets because a Segunda Liga club has defeated La Liga sides, although teams do not always play full strength sides in the Spanish Cup.
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    Earning rave reviews apparently.
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    Filip Stuparevic has rejoined FK Vozdovac on loan for the rest of the season.
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    Mirandés (from the Segunda Liga) lost 1-2 away at Real Sociedad in the first leg of the Copa del Rey tonight, but Matheus Aias (a 23 year old Brazilian player on loan from Watford) scored the goal for Mirandés. It was his sixth goal in the Copa del Rey this season.
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    It's a bit odd though that he's only really doing well in the Copa del Rey, whereas in La Liga 2 he is hardly being played and has managed just 2 goals in 547 minutes (equivalent to roughly 1 goal every 3 games, while Luis Suarez is currently on 1 goal per 1.7 games in the same division).
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  20. Markoa$

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    It is interesting that he is flourishing in the Copa del Rey but not so much the league. The good news is, I honestly thought this was going to be another player on our books that never made it. However he is really making a name for himself this season, along with Luis Suárez and Estupiñán. I saw a Spanish article the other day on Estupiñán and bottom line they were saying he has been the best LB in la Liga this season. How true that it is, I don’t know. Will be good to have him and Masina as our LB options next season anyway.
  21. lowerrous

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    The fact that Aias still isn't being picked in the league suggests to me that he might still be a bit of a flash in the pan, but it at least means that should we decide to cash in on him we should still get a decent fee. One way or another I doubt we'll need all of Cucho, Suarez and Aias, so it'll be interesting to see which one(s) the club decides to use here, and which get end up getting sold.

    Without wishing to start another large thread or debate about the issue, but if Pervis really has been the best LB in La Liga this season, then I wonder what the chances would be of him being recalled by us just to play in the Championship.
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    Wednesday 19th feb Mirandes v Zaragoza. 9 goal Mathias Aias v 15 goal Luis Suarez one to watch on Hesgoal or other streaming service.
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    Suarez isn't in the Zaragoza squad is he? Didn't he get injured in the last game?
  24. hornetfan

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    'Cucho' Hernadez (in La Liga), Luis Suárez and Matheus Aias (in the Segunda Liga) all scored this weekend.
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    He's claiming we falsified the documentation. Trouble is we have form for that with the HSBC fraudulent letter, which will clearly go against us. I'm sure there must be some more supporting evidence that he signed for us, like a photo of player signing a contract or something like that. Why would Watford pluck a player from thin air and claim he had signed for them? It makes no sense they would make something like this up and go to the lengths of fraud over a player worth very little.

    It's over £26k, so seems a bit silly if this gets serious.
  27. Could buy 3 new CDs with that !
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    Well we registered him with the Premier League, which would be a ballsy move if it turns out to be a fake:

    Quique Pina (of Granada and tax fraud arrest fame) seems pretty annoyed too:
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  30. reids

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    He's also claiming that we never paid him which I imagine would be easy to prove one way or another.
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    On loan players at St Albans getting good reviews .

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