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    All deleted! What was the gist? Sounds like it might have been funny
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    'Never good to see'
    Stratford Twitter (ST) claimed the referee was on first name terms with the opposition but surname only with Town players.
    (Graham Taylor once said a similar thing about a referee - Graham Poll if I remember correctly - when Watford played (possibly) Arsenal. Something along the lines of a natural bias for the people you're friendly with as opposed to those you don't know at all).

    'Stratford not enjoying their evening'
    ST may have been alluding to the ref's incompetence with regards to two sending offs sandwiched between a penalty conceded.

    'Stratford's twitter feed is a joy to read right now. No holding back'
    ST said something along the lines of the opposition have scored their third(?) with the referee (name checked) just about managing to stop himself from joining in the goal celebrations.

    'and then...'
    I don't remember what happened then.
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    It was Jeff Winter he said that about after our first away game in the PL at Sunderland. GT thought Winter, who is from the north-east, acted as though the Sunderland players were his mates.
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    At least I got the Graham Taylor bit correct!
  5. Steve Leo Beleck

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    Sema scoring the winner from an Okaka assist for Udinese. Look how they flourish when they get away from our ****** club!
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    ******* hell!

    He's barely played at all for JEF United Chiba but Williams Velásquez is in the Venezuelan squad to play Japan on November 19.

    Oh, wait. It's IN Japan. Sensibly, the Venezuelan FF are saving on an air fare for a more obviously talented player. Austerity rules the Venezuelan Football Federation.
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    The U23 African nations cup is underway and we have 2 players out in Africa

    Kingsley Fobi played full 90 mins for Ghana yesterday: Cameroon sub 23 1-1 Ghana sub 23
    Tonight is Tom Dele-Bashiru’s Nigeria v Ivory Coast.
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    Cameron Green is getting regular games at Braintree Town but now has a new manager after Glen Driver quit the club last week. Driver has returned to Southern League Premier Division Central outfit Leiston.

    Braintree have given the job to 23 year old defender and club captain Jake Hutchings with former Braintree manager George Borg helping him out.

    Hopefully having played alongside Green, Hutchings will keep playing the Watford left-back for the remainder of his loan which is due to end on December 31st.

    As an aside, Green is one of only two recognised left-backs in the u23s, Lewis Gordon being the other, with a current trialist playing there in the recent game against Ipswich. Harry Hudson has also filled in there since he returned from his loan at Cray.

    There also seems to be a shortage of right-backs at the moment with centre half Mason Barrett filling in when Jamal Balogun needed replacing.
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