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  1. Avispón

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    Our boys in Spain

    Osasuna 2-1 Vilareal. Pervis Estupiñán played 90 mins
    Leganes 1-2 Levante. Marc Navarro unused sub
    Zaragoza 0-2 Cadiz. Luis Suarez played 90 mins
    Ponferradina 2-0 Mirandes. Matheus Aias played 90 mins
    Don Benito 3-0 Granada B. Matheus Santana came on 58 mins
    Sporting b 0-2 Ibiza. Kwasi Sibo unused sub.

    All of the following didn't get in the squad

    AE Prat 1-2 Cornella. Juan Camilo Becerra
    Hercules 4-1 Barca B. Jaime Alvarado
    Talavera 0-2 Badajoz. Kingsley Fobi
    Cordoba 1-0 Cadiz B. Mamadou Mbaye
    Lucence 1-1 Marbella. Juergen Elitim

    I dont know if any of these players were suspended or injured but the Spanish second division b is a similar level to Kings Langley or Hemel Hempsted so if they can't make the squad they don't have very bright futures.

    Basically the only 2 players with a bright future are Luis Suarez who on the Zaragoza forum are saying is the next Diego Costa and that will be playing in the Champions League in a few years and Pervis Estupiñán who seams to be a good prospect for Watford in years to come.
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    Anyone know why Wilmot keeps missing out on the Swansea squad?

    At this rate, he Wilmot make it here.
  3. The Recluse

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  4. The Recluse

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    Just did a bit of digging.

    Becerra has struggled to get into the Cornella side so may just be out of favour right now, similar to Wilmot at Swansea.
    Alvarado is in the Colombian u23 squad for games on the 10th & 13th of October.
    Fobi was in the travelling squad but disappointingly didn't make the match day squad.
    Mbaye has struggled for game time since he got a red card at the beginning of September.
    Juergen Elitim's omission was a surprise as he's made an impact of late. I can't find him in any Colombian squads so I'm guessing he's injured. He was substituted in Marbella's game on September 29.
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  5. wfc4ever

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    They have 2 of their own in defence and then Van Der Horn who is quite experienced.
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  7. The Recluse

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  8. The Recluse

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    Both Harry Hudson (Cray Wanderers) and James Hoskins (Northwood) have been recalled by Watford from their loans.

    Northwood have conceded 14 goals in their two most recent games and sacked manager Steve Dash on 9/10/19.

    Hudson has received rave reviews at Cray and many well wishes upon his leaving. Supporters and those connected to Cray are saying he's an international player of the future while nearly all plaudits praised his mentality, work ethic and ability.
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  9. lowerrous

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    Does he have relatives from San Marino?
  10. The Recluse

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    A selection of the comments on twitter for Harry Hudson:

    Cray Wanderers
    From all at @OfficialWands a big thank you to @_harryhudson for your fantastic 2 months with the club. Without doubt there are big things heading your way in your career with the mentality, attitude & talent you have. Definitely a future captain & international player.

    Cray Wands Youth u18 2019/20
    Go and smash it mate, good luck from all of us at the u18s

    Thanks for a great spell at the Wands Harry. You fitted in from day one and were such an asset. Big things await you in the game but never forget our club. #TheWandsFamily

    Tony Russell
    H, we loved having you in. You are a credit to @WatfordFC. Such a Top man & player. Can’t wait to watch how far you go in the game pal. Make sure you come & see us whenever you can.

    Colin Head
    (Colin is a reporter for the Kent Sports News)
    He’s been fantastic every game I’ve seen him play in for Cray. Great future ahead for the young man.

    Joe Vines
    (Joe is the 1st team attacking set-piece coach at Cray Wanderers)
    Want to thank @Oriza8Riza and @WatfordFC for letting @OfficialWands borrow @_harryhudson these past few weeks. A fantastic player with an unbelievable mentality who gave us the ultimate respect of playing his heart out every game. We wish you the best H, don't be a stranger.

    Nathan White
    (Nathan is 1st team coach at Cray Wanderers)
    Can’t wait to see what’s next for you @_harryhudson. Thanks for all your efforts.
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  11. The undeniable truth

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    Wow. I guess Cray are some way down the pyramid but can he start for us next Saturday ?
  12. luke_golden

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    Whatever level it’s at, it’s nice to see some plaudits coming his way. Good on the lad.
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  13. The Recluse

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    There's a bit of a buzz about Luis Suárez at the moment so here's an interview published yesterday in El Pais, a Spanish-language daily newspaper based in Madrid. (In places it doesn't translate well).

    Luis Suárez, the samarium that breaks it in Zaragoza in Spain

    In such a short time, Luis Suárez, the Colombian, homonym of the Barcelona gunner, has been giving what to speak in the second division of Spanish football and in Zaragoza, his club since mid-year.

    The 21-year-old samarium, who went four seasons ago to a test at the Sampdoria of Italy and ended up being acquired by the Watford of England, lent first to Valladolid B, then to Granada and the Nastic of Spain, and finally to Zaragoza, where he has been playing since mid-year, he already has six goals in eight games, which has earned him to be the striker with the best scoring start of his club, since the time of Argentine Diego Milito in 2007.

    The good news for Suárez continued the weekend with the oath to the Spanish Constitution, which gives him nationality and that enables him to play as a community in Europe and be called by the selection of Spain if necessary.

    Suarez spoke with El País about his great football moment and the upcoming challenges in international football.

    -How were your beginnings in Santa Marta?
    My love for football is from an early age; since I have reason I am with a ball in my feet. Fortunately things have been given to me, I made very good processes in teams and schools in Santa Marta and today I am reaping all that work that was done since I was little.

    -How do you get to European football?
    The situation is given by Luis Felipe Posso, who was my previous representative; I get a test at the Sampdoria of Italy and there I see the company of Gino Pozzo, who are the same owners of Watford and Udinese. At that time they also had the Granada of Spain, an agreement is made and that's why I stay once in European football.

    -Was there support or doubts in your family when you have the option of going to Europe when you are very young?
    Nothing was said, the truth is that the decision was entirely mine because it was my dream. And so it happened, some things were fixed and I could come without problem to European football.

    -What kind of striker are you?
    I am a fast forward, that I look for spaces, that I have the arch between eyebrow and eyebrow and that can play for the bands. I am a auctioneer and I do well in the definition. I have no problems also playing a little in the midfield.

    -What is the striker who you most notice?
    I really liked the Brazilian Ronaldo Nazario, the ‘Phenomenon’, because he was a magnificent player and as a striker he is the best of all time without any doubt.

    -With Falcao, your countryman, have you spoken?
    No, the truth is that I am not fortunate enough to meet him, I have never talked to him; but I consider it a reference because within the area it is a determining player, it looks for the spaces and when it has them it defines very well.

    -He has seven goals and considers him as the best starting striker in the last 12 years with Zaragoza. Is it a goal that has been proposed or is everything happening naturally?
    If true; Fortunately I have seven goals in this beginning of the championship with Zaragoza, it is the same amount of goals last year. I am happy with this great start, which is the best of my career, here people are happy, enjoy my goals and that motivates me to move on.

    -Which striker of those who went through Zaragoza compare it?
    The comparison is always there, but they tell me that I can become like Diego Milito, the Argentine, who is an idol here and who also scored many goals.

    -What dreams have you fulfilled so far?
    The dream of arriving in Europe came very early, so now the goal is to get to play in the First Division against great teams and great players. I go step by step and I hope that this option will be given very soon.

    -You swore the Constitution that gives you the Spanish nationality. If given the option, why would Selection play: for Colombia or for Spain?
    Right now I have not decided anything because they have not called me from either side, I have not had any contact with anyone in that regard; For me the dream from an early age has always been to play with the Colombian National Team. But I don't want to close the door to Spain because it has also given me so much. However, the desire is to play for Colombia.

    -And there has not been any contact with the coach of the Sub 23?
    A few days ago I was chatting with Professor Arturo Reyes, but the call to the team could not be made, in addition they have never written to me of the Colombian National Team or of the minor and less of the major categories.

    –With the strikers in the majors, do you think you have possibilities?
    There it is very complicated because right now there are many good strikers, who are at an incredible level, so it would be hard to work harder and score many goals to get the coach's attention.

    –With which Colombian players do you speak frequently?
    I have a lot of contact with the ‘Cucho’ Hernández, we agree in Italy because we are from Watford; I also talk a lot with Adrián Ramos because at the time I was the subsidiary of Granada and he came to the first team.

    -Do you already feel a player recognized by the fans of Zaragoza?
    Yes, this is a very soccer city and in my case as I am the one who is making the goals, because they recognize it easily, people greet me or ask me for a photo.

    -Do you make jokes for having the same name and surname of the Uruguayan of Barcelona?
    There are always the jokes of the teammates, but I want to be and I am the Colombian Luis Suarez, the one who at some time dreams of playing in the First Division and the one that people remember for their goals and everything they give on the court.

    -In the second division with which player have you met those you admire?
    There are many strikers who because of their age are already playing in the second division; there is the case of Rubén Castro, of Betis; or my partner, the Japanese Shinji Kagawa, who comes from Borussia Dortmund; also Adrián Ramos, who is in Granada and last year I faced him. They are very good players for the category.


    -Luis Javier Suárez Charris was born in Santa Marta on December 2, 1997. He is 21 years old.

    -He started at the José Otero school in 2010. Then he went to Versailles School and there he was directed until 2014 in Intercollegiate Games by the professor and journalist Dairo Pérez.

    -Then he was transferred to Lions of the First B in February 2015. He debuted in a match against America.

    -In January 2016, they arrive at Granada B after being signed by Watford and after a test at the Sampdoria.
  14. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth Squad Player

    We have been crying out for a striker who can do this for years. Always good to have a second career you can fall back on.
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  15. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Good to hear he can play anywhere across the front brow.
  16. The Recluse

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    It looks like Watford are trying their best to make sure the 4 keepers in the u18/u23 sides are getting game time.
    With Dante Baptiste (u18) and Adam Parkes (u23) the regular keepers in their age groups, James Hoskins and now Harvey White are having time out on loan.

    With Hoskins returning from Northwood, Harvey White has now joined Stratford Town on an initial one month loan.

    White joined the Southern League Premier Division Central side on October 11th and has already played twice, a 0-3 loss at home to Lowestoft in the league on Saturday 12th October and a Birmingham Senior Cup tie at home to Wolves on Tuesday 15th October. The away side won 4-2 on penalties after the game ended 2-2 after 90 minutes.
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  17. domthehornet

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    Jorge Segura will be returning to the club in January as Atlas do not want to sign him.
  18. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Will they provide him with a route to a new club?
  19. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    why doesn’t Dahlberg play for U23s?
  20. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

    They are looking at all clubs from A to Z to try and find him a new home.
  21. The Recluse

    The Recluse Academy Graduate

    Dahlberg definitely and obviously needs games but he'd be blocking younger players development if he were to play for the u23s too often. He needs a loan where he plays once or twice a week but the club seem particular about where he goes as several loans were turned down/didn't happen in January.

    The u23 games for the most part are glorified training sessions with very little sustained intensity and generally played at a slow pace. Okay for learning basic team play for young players but not ideal for any length of time for anyone as the jump in physical, skill and mental levels when playing 'real' football, ie. competitive, for points & win bonuses(!), is marked.

    When I saw Dahlberg a couple of times last season for the u23s it was a pretty pointless exercise for him. As a keeper there is no way you can impose yourself on a game unless the opposition are absolutely pummelling you (maybe play him against Leeds!) so for large periods he was stood around just barking orders. Saying that, he did play against Ipswich in a heavy loss and he didn't look good at all but in fairness, that day nobody did other than Dan Phillips.

    As he's not playing here I'd like to see him go to a non-league side until January (they have no transfer window this season!) and then try and find a higher level for him in the new year. The problem with that is finding a suitable club who need/want a keeper for a short period which suits all parties.
  22. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth Squad Player

    Shocking situation to put the guy in TBH. Regular for Gothenberg. Fringe of the Swedish international set up. Now he's not played meaningful football for how long ??? What was the point from our side and his ?
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  23. The Recluse

    The Recluse Academy Graduate

    He still plays for the Swedish u21s, twice last week without conceding a goal against Iceland and Luxembourg. It sounds like they were games without too much for him to do though, according to a couple of reports I read.

    A question for anybody actively involved in training;
    is it as important for a goalkeeper to play regularly as an outfield player? Obviously games are vital but can high intensity sessions be just as useful as games where they aren't called upon very often?
  24. Avispón

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    Our boys in Spain

    Bit late this week as I have been busy.

    No La Liga games because of international games so Marc Navarro got a well deserved rest. Cucho Hernandez is still out injured

    Pervis Estupiñán made his International debut for Ecuador starting and playing 65 mins in the 6-1 defeat v Argentina.

    La Liga 2
    Was a bad week for Luis Suarez who played 90 mins in the away win Numancia 0-1 Zaragoza but missed a rather soft penalty at 0-0. On wednesday he didn´t start coming on as a 57 min sub and going on to lose Fuenlabrada 2-1 Zaragoza.
    Mirandes 2-1 Fuenlabrada. Matheus Aias came on in 69th min

    Segunda b
    Ibiza 2-0 CF Internacional. Kwasi Sibo unused sub
    Cornella 1-2 Villarreal. Juan Becerra came on min 78
    Badajoz 3-2 Villarrobledo. Kingsly Fobi not in squad
    Cadiz b 1-0 San Fernando. Mamadou Mbaye not in squad
    Villarrubia 0-1 Don Benito. Matheus Santana played 90 mins
    Marbella 0-0 Cartagena. Juergen Elitim out injured

    I cant find anything on Jaime Alvorado and Colombia sub21
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  25. Klein Lust

    Klein Lust Academy Graduate

    Who's Don Benito? Does he make 'pie in a tin' ?
  26. Avispón

    Avispón Academy Graduate

    Our boys in Spain

    Primera Division
    Getafe 2-0 Leganes. Marc Navarro not in squad
    Granada 1-0 Osasuna. Pervis Estupiñán played 90 mins
    Real Mallorca 1-0 Real Madrid. Cucho Hernandez still injured

    Segunda Division
    Real Zaragoza 1-2 Mirandes. Luis Suarez played 90 mins, Matheus Aias came on for the last min .

    Segunda Division B
    Ibiza 0-1 At Baleares. Kwasi Sibo played 61 mins
    At Levante 3-1 Cornella. Juan Becerra not in squad
    UCAM Murcia 1-0 Badajoz. Kingsley Fobi played 90 mins
    Talavera 0-2 Cadiz B. Mamadou Mbaye not in squad
    Don Benito 2-1 Real Murcia. Matheus Santana came on min 65
    Marbella 2-1 Recreativo. Juergen Elitim still injured

    Sub 23 Friendlies
    Colombia 3-0 Peru
    Colombia 0-1 Peru
    Jaime Alvorado played in both games
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  27. Rookery Refugee

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    Saw that Penaranda was out with a hip issue.
  28. reids

    reids Squad Player

    Mad that he's moved up an age group, watched all of Colombia's U20s games at the U20 WC and he didn't stick out as a talent at all. Unless they have a big lack of CMs I guess, but that seems unlikely.
  29. The Recluse

    The Recluse Academy Graduate

    Harvey White, the goalkeeper on loan at Stratford, was sent off tonight directly after letting a penalty in.
    Stratford reduced to 10-men when the ref sent-off the player who conceded the penalty. The spot-kick went in to make it 1-1 and White was then dismissed for pushing an opposition player down after retrieving the ball from the back of the net.

    Never good to see.

    Stratford not enjoying their evening.

    Stratford's twitter feed is a joy to read right now. No holding back.

    and then...
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  30. wfc4ever

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    Well as someone says on that Tweet someone will be in trouble !
  31. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Ben Wilmott just scored for Swansea .
  32. The Recluse

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  33. We hate 48

    We hate 48 Reservist

  34. wfc4ever

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    Estupinan scored tonight v Valencia.
  35. Avispón

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    Our boys in Spain

    not going to do a write up this week as all the lower league boys are rubbish, so just the big boys

    Marc Navarro was operated on a tendon injury on 25/10 and will not be back until at least January

    Osasuna 3-1 Valencia
    Mallorca 2-2 Osasuna

    Pervis Estupiñán played the full 90 mins in both games and as has already been pointed out scored the 3rd goal against Valencia, he also got an assist in the equalizer v Mallorca.

    I had a look on the 2 big Spanish fantasy leagues today and Pervis is the number 2 ranked defender in the AS fantasy League, and in the Marca fantasy league they have him at 13 million euros.

    Luis Suarez has gone from hero to zero after scoring for fun at the start of the season he has now gone 5 games without a goal with Real Zaragoza going down 4-0 away to Sporting last weekend
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