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    Mamadou Mbaye.

    He caused problems last season for Oxhey67 when he was tracking the loan players and it seems he's now causing Cadiz B CF, NK Inter Zapresic & Watford FC similar headaches.

    It was reported in the local press in July and August he was to re-sign for Cadiz B after an unsuccessful loan in Croatia with Zapresic. The Spanish side were happy to get a player who had turned out for them in 2017/18 before an injury curtailed his time there, though it was never mentioned if it was a loan or permanent transfer, nor where he was signing from. Strangely, Cadiz themselves have never announced his signing.

    Come the 25th of August, Real Murcia are defeated 2-1 away to Cadiz with Mbaye taking his place in the centre of defence. After the game there were some rumblings from the visiting side as to the eligibility of the Senegalese defender with enquiries made to the Spanish Federation. Cadiz are reported to have said they signed the player on August 13th and he was registered to play from the following day with the authorities seemingly backing their claim.

    A little head scratching begins with the news coming from Zapresic saying they held the players registration before his move to Spain despite his move there last season being only a loan.

    Mbaye played the following week when his side travelled to Yeclano and lost 2-1, with the big defender getting his marching orders for a second yellow just before the hour mark. Still there was talk from Murcia about his availability for the side nicknamed 'The Yellow Submarine', just like Villarreal.

    The talk has now gotten a little louder with the release of Watford's squad lists which has Mamadou 'Momo' Mbaye registered as a player in the u21 & scholars group, making any claim laid down by Zapresic previously, as to Mbaye being theirs, false.

    Real Murcia and their lawyers are now looking to verify the situation existing between the English, Croatian & Spanish sides with an intent to appeal Mbaye's legality to play for Cadiz.
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    Hold on. You’re not Oxhey67 reincarnated?
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    Am I Oxhey67? No.

    Related? Yes.

    Does he have input to what I post? Yes.
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    Essentially you’re his social media manager? Nice.

    Glad to know he’s contributing. Always enjoyed his (and now yours) posts about the young players.
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    Glad to hear he's OK.
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    @Sort of OK

    Can you confirm or deny this? Are you also Oxhey?
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    No way Oxhey would accept the complete lack of fact, knowledge and attention detail contained in my posts from himself.

    I know know my level and it is a long way from the majestic loanees thread of last season.

    Miss the fella though.
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    Looks like Penaranda made his debut over the weekend for tinpot wonders Kas Eupen vs mid-table stalwarts Zulte Waregem. Points were shared, with Zulte going down to ten men just before half time.

    Pena played the full 90 and has posted a couple of instagram stories showcasing some 'unbelievable tekkers' from the match. He did look quite impressive in the 30 second clip.

    Standard Liege next up.
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    Golazo and an assist for our version of Luis Suarez, who is on fire in the Segunda Division with 4 goals in his first 5 games. Getting some very good press in Spain for his start to the season too. Move over Cucho, there's a new great hope in town...

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    Maybe one day he can play for us and make the same impact as former Barca target Penaranda and former record signing Success. One can but dream.
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    Very good goal. Promising that he looks useful with both feet.

    Strange to see Shinji Kagawa now playing down in the Segunda Division.
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    Penaranda vs Obbi Oulare?

    Giraldi will be whacking off to that one.
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    The 2 biggest young stars in European football. The next generation’s Messi vs Ronaldo ?
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