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Discussion in 'The Team Bus' started by Steve Leo Beleck, Jul 10, 2017.

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    Wilmot’s been thrown on at HT with Udinese 1-0 down away at Milan
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    And they got a draw out of the game .
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    To those who are interested in the Watford loan updates I post, I'm afraid for the time being I'll be stopping. Some things come before football. COYH.
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    Thanks for all of the work oxhey67 and good luck!
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    Oxhey67 hope to see you back here soon, good luck and thanks for the updates!
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    I saw Dodi Lukebakio live in action today as Fortuna D*sseldorf won 2-1 away at Hertha Berlin - Dodi looked decent, but blanked, faded, and then was subbed on 68 minutes. The two sides started next to each other in the table, with Fortuna's win seeing them leapfrogging Hertha in to 10th and continuing a good run of form.

    Lukebakio started on the left of a 4-5-1/4-3-3, with Fortuna sitting deep and looking to counter quickly through the two wide players. Hertha fell in to their trap, with a relatively high line and sluggish defending. Lukebakio was played clean through on goal, one-on-one, twice in the first 20 minutes. However, he showed absolutely zero composure, and skied both chances - I doubt even Deulofeu would have done worse in the same positions.

    Hertha perhaps were a bit more wary of his threat after that, and he didn't get any further goalscoring opportunities. He still looked one of Fortuna's livelier players, but he is much less effective at dribbling in tight spaces than he is on the counter. Given supposed concerns about his attitude, his defensive work was surprisingly sound and diligent. Although, there were a couple of occasions when he played very loose passes on the edge of his own box after winning the ball back, which against better opposition could have been severely punished (suicidal passes of the kind Doucoure is unfortunately still liable to come up with every now and again).

    I think he looks good enough for the Prem (certainly he'd do better than Sema), and his game has definitely progressed since his pre-season with us, but I'm not convinced he's ready to nail down a starting spot. His all-round attacking play is likely a step down in quality from Pereyra or Deulofeu (except perhaps if we're solely set up to counter), and he seems another player who struggles to last a full 90 minutes. However, he would probably be more solid defensively than Pereyra.

    Funnily enough, it was another Belgian winger playing for Fortuna that really caught my eye - Benito Raman. He played on the right of Fortuna's system, opposite Dodi, and got both of their goals. It seems he only got a regular starting spot for them this year, but he now has 4 goals and 3 assists from his last 6 starts. He kind of reminded me of Hughes, but with a bit extra. Very tenacious, comfortable with both feet, direct and tricky. Also showed the composure in front of goal which Dodi lacked. Only 24 years old as well. If our scouts have been paying attention to Fortuna's matches, bringing this guy in for £5mil-£8mil, plus Dodi going back on loan for another season, could be a worthwhile deal.
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    Good write up thanks .
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    So I see Wilmot started the other day for Udinese, in their 2-0 defeat to Lazio. Did anyone watch the match?

    He didn’t play in their most recent draw. I’ll keep an eye out tomorrow to see if he starts against Atalanta.
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    Cucho won't be at Huesca next season, though it seems he also isn't planning on coming to us:
    'The plan is to stay here in Spain, and other are some options in the Primera División',said Cucho about his plans for the near future. He reiterated that the Under-20 World Cup which he will play in will be a shop window to attract clubs willing to sign him

    Doesn't sound too promising for next season at least, though no mention of whether he wants to come to us in the more distant future
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    That's a shame for a lot of regular posters. They are building the team around him and that other guy who'll never play another game for us - Lukebakio.
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    Luckily I'm ahead of the curve and have already demolished the team I'd built around El Cucho after he didn't score many goals in La Liga and lost his place in a team that's about to get relegated.
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    From what I've seen Cucho isn't ready for us yet anyway. It will be good for him to get time at a slightly better La Liga club where he might have more goal-scoring chances, and more opportunities in general to show what he's capable of.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Lukebakio was here next season though, certainly if he's willing to be a rotation option.
  16. Avispón

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    Jaime Alvarado who we have on loan at Hercules of Alicante has been selected along with Cucho Hernandez for the Colombian U20 team for the U20 World Cup in Poland
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    Dodi just missed a penalty...
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    What a terrible penalty it was. I’m watching the game and for whatever reason he thought he was Pogba. That’s what you get for taking a stupid run up. Idiot. Sell him. Don’t need fancy Dan’s like that at our club.
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    If anyone needs to watch a match on the box, this Thursday is the start of the under 20’s tournament in Poland.
    Poland v Colombia 20:30 live on freesports uk.
    We have 2 loanees in the Colombia team.
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  20. Are Columbia allowed to loan players then?
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    Cucho and Alvarado?
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    Penaranda & Williams Velásquez in the Venezuela squad for Copa America.
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    Williams Velazquez who's been playing in the Japanese second division this season?! Christ, they must be in desperate need of defenders.
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    Cucho and Alvarado playing for Colombia vs Senegal starting just now
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    What channel is it on?
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    Sorry, only just noticed this. I was watching it via some Mexican water. It didn't seem to be on any UK channels.
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    Senegal won 2-0 and generally looked the better team, albeit both their goals were penalties.

    Cucho was very much playing as the lone striker for Colombia, as I'm sure Burnsy would be happy to hear. However, he was hardly involved at all. He showed a couple of nice touches early on when receiving the ball to feet, but he also appeared to have somehow acquired Success' habits of throwing himself to ground at the faintest whiff of contact in order to try and gain a free kick (but generally failing), and also faking head injuries. He won a couple of flick-on headers that went nowhere near anyone. He generally buzzed around without ever really looking threatening. In the second half he was basically non-existent and it was telling that he was subbed off at 73 minutes while Colombia were 1-0 down and still trying to get back in to the game. Maybe I'll be proven wrong one day, but I honestly don't see it with him; I reckon Success is even a better forward prospect still.

    Alvarado looked a kind of a Cleverley-type midfielder - sound technically, some decent passing, took some okay corners. Fine all-round, but nothing especially stand-out. I reckon he's a bit too limited and we'll never see him in a Watford shirt.

    The stand-out performers were all on the Senegal team. Three of them impressed me in particular:

    - Their right-back, Dionkou, who it turns out was signed a couple of years ago by Man City for their academy. Good dribbler and good energy.

    - Their right-winger, Ibrahima Niane, who scored 10 goals last season for Metz in Ligue 2, mostly as a sub, to help them finish top of the league and gain promotion. Delivered some very good crosses and was involved in most of their best play. Scored their first penalty. Hard to tell if he's ready to be a regular in the Prem (though I'n sure he'd be better than Sema already), but I'd imagine Metz would be reluctant to sell anyway given they just got promoted. Definitely one to keep an eye on though.

    - One of their central midfielders, Dion Lopy. Still playing in Senegal, which is remarkable given that he seemed their most technically accomplished player. An obvious comparison perhaps, but he had quite a similar style to Doucoure in that he was keen to sniff out any loose balls to make interceptions, then break forward quickly to start an attack. Scored their second penalty. Lost some intensity to his game in the second half though. Could be worth a punt as a development player if he's cheap. One other big question mark, without wishing to resort to stereotypes, but transfermarkt somehow claims he's 17, while as it is it rather seems surprising that he even qualifies for an U20 tournament:

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    Good match report. Thanks Lower!
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    Cucho gone off in extra time in Colombia's tie v New Zealand.
  32. lowerrous

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    Match finished 1-1, Colombia through on penalties.

    Cucho looked a bit livelier vs New Zealand than he did against Senegal, but I still wasn't hugely impressed. When he receives the ball to feet in space then he usually does something decent with it, including hitting a couple of good long range passes. However, a big problem is that those moments are few and far between, and for most of the match he struggled to get involved again. Whenever he was up against one of the NZ CBs he'd lose the 50-50 duel and be easily dispossessed. The NZ CBs did look surprisingly decent, albeit one of them only plays for Hamilton Academicals. He had to drift out wide to the flanks to try and get more involved, but then the problem was it left no one in the box to get on the end of crosses.

    Still don't see him as any better than Success.

    I thought Colombia's best player was their left winger Sinisterra, though he already joined Feyenoord last summer. NZ were unlucky to go out, they seemed comfortably Colombia's equals. It was very surprising. Their captain, Bell, played like a Kiwi version of Mooy; albeit he missed his pen in the shootout. Pijnaker and Cacace also impressed in defence.
  33. I Blame Bassett

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    Did they really have a left winger called Sinisterra?!
    How funny!
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    Probably left-footed.
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  35. Shirt # 666.

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