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    Kingsley Fobi has been added to Ghana's U23 squad for their upcoming Africa Cup of Nations qualifier versus Gabon on 23/3/19.

    Fobi, along with nine other overseas players, join the original 24-man squad made entirely from homegrown players.
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    The Kenyan full squad was named on March 1st for their Africa Cup of Nations qualifier versus Ghana and it includes former Watford U23 player David Sesay.

    He was released by WFC last August and joined up with Harry Kewell at Crawley Town and, while Kewell has since been relieved of his duties, Sesay has gone on to make at least 13 appearances in the 1st XI.

    He's the same age as Fobi and both play right back.
    Fobi was captain for Ghana at age group levels yet now struggles to get game time for Ibiza while Sesay was never mentioned as a future star at Watford yet is now in with a chance of his first full international cap.

    Such are the difficulties in judging young players either in our own academy or those who are bought while starring at age group levels internationally.

    Sam Sesay, David's younger brother, is currently in the Watford U18/Development Squad set up.
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    Appreciate all the effort you put into these Oxhey67, read them all.
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    He was quite highly regarded in fairness, he got a pro deal a year early too.

    Not sure what happened to him though, maybe didn't develop as expected
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    I didn't realise that about his contract.
    A quick search and a piece from the official site stating he'd signed his deal also mentions a period out through injury.
    I guess that could have stalled his development (I don't know how many games he played once fit again) and the clubs faith in Andrew Eleftheriou at right back at the time may have contributed to him being released?
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    Ben Wilmot selected in the England U20 squad for games against Portugal & Poland on March 21 & 26 respectively.
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    Interesting article.
    Thanks for posting.

    Hope he does well at Wimbledon and is loaned up the leagues and who knows where he could end up?
    Long way to go to be in Watford’s squad I would imagine but it would be great to have one of our own if he gets there.

    Positive comments about Troy helping the youngsters nice to see.
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    Apparently West Bromwich have been looking at him ahead of a summer move.
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    Sulayman Marreh will make his loan move to Belgian side KAS Eupen a permanent one in the summer by signing a 2-year deal.
    Currently out of both Eupen's and Gambia's teams for personal reasons, he had intimated several months ago he would look to sign permanently for someone at the end of the current season. By the wording of the article below it looks like Eupen had an option to buy in the current loan deal.

    Translation of the article in the link above;

    Sulayman Marreh will definitely change from Watford to KAS Eupen

    Gambian international Sulayman Marreh will also be playing for KAS Eupen next season.
    The KAS Eupen has drawn the purchase option in the contract with Watford and committed to Sulayman Marreh until 30 June 2021.
    Sulayman Marreh is 23 years old, 13 times international Gambia and came to KAS Eupen last summer on loan from the British first division club Watford.

    As a defensive midfielder Sulayman Marreh has immediately won a place in the starting eleven of the KAS Eupen and has played this season for the KAS Eupen so far 21 games.

    KAS Director General Christoph Henkel is pleased about the extension of the cooperation with Sulayman Marreh: "Sulayman came to us as a young player at the age of 22 and has perfectly integrated himself into the team and into the club.
    "He was one of our top performers this season and helped to ensure that we were able to secure our league status in the Pro League at an early stage and that we will once again start in the highest class next year.
    "We are pleased that Sulayman Marreh has chosen KAS Eupen. With him we can build on a strong and reliable midfielder."
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    Loan update.

    Tuesday 19th March;

    To save you clicking the link here's what the update consists of.

    The Sulayman Marreh news as in the post above (#962).
    Ashley Charles not in the match day squad for Barnet tonight in a game they won 1-0 vs. Harrogate.
    The end.
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    No updates today other than it's been confirmed Ben Wilmot didn't get any minutes on the pitch for England U20s yesterday in the Elite League game against Poland.
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    The Deulofeu effect.
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    I know! That's why I mentioned it - he's a defender!!!
    Mind you, on the heat map I've put on that tweet he's hugged the left touchline so much he may well have been running the line!

    As a team, Mallorca only made 7 tackles during the game and 2 of those were unsuccessful. Strangely, they managed to give away 13 fouls. Statistics eh?
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    Don't be too hard on yourself 30% of nothing is still nothing!

    Thanks for the updates, enjoy reading them!
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  33. Keep up the good work Oxhey it's nice to see what our potential new stars are up to and those who are out of favour like Okaka, who seems to be doing OK at the moment.
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    Go on Cucho!

    Cheers Oxhey
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