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Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by Steve Leo Beleck, Jul 10, 2017.

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    The problem is which club will buy him ? We don't want to be saddled with deadwood. A very average player. We've been had for once and so have Sunderland.
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    Nobody will buy him. Let his contract run down and release him. He's garbage. Same for Oulare.
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    On Saturday evening I went to the Northern Ireland U19 v Serbia U19 game. Both sides had one Watford player each.

    Recently signed 'wonderkid' Filip Stuparevic was starting on the left of a front three for Serbia. He had been on the bench in their previous game v Kazakhstan last week and got subbed on.

    The two halves of this game were completely different, the first half NI played excellent and Serbia were poor and the second half was the complete reverse.

    Stuparevic got subbed off at half time and he was absolutely dreadful, probably the worst player on the pitch. He's a very scary looking player too, constantly screaming at the linesman and getting right in his face. He constantly gave the ball away however he did have one moment were he used a bit of skill to get past someone.

    Tom Leighton, born in Scotland, was playing for NI U19s. He moved to Watford from Motherwell and seems to be quite highly rated at the club. He played in a back three but he wasn't great either in truth but not as poor as Stuparevic. One of the other CBs, Kofi Balmer, plays in the Irish Premier League (awful standard) for Ballymena and he was much better than Leighton and the other CB who plays for Rangers youth team. I imagine Balmer will get a move across the water soon.

    Overall a disappointing night for Stuparevic and Leighton!
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    What about you?
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    I actually enjoyed it, I go to all senior home games and the majority of away games plus any U21 games I can get to. This was the first time I had seen the U19s play so it was interesting seeing the contrast. I'd be very surprised if more than a couple NI U19s made a decent career in football. There was one in particular though, Ethan Galbraith, who plays for Manchester United's academy and he was streets ahead of the rest!
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    Leighton has rarely featured for the development side so far this season, (I don't know if that's because of injury or ability) and his contract runs out at the end of June along with several others*, so it'll be interesting if he's kept on by the club or not.

    *The others that I know of are Andrew Eleftheriou (21), Joy Mukena (19), Ashley Charles (19), Harry Forster (18) and Dion Pereira (19).
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    Galbraith is a decent player. Constantly featuring in a very talented youth side.

    It’ll probably be a rough time for you over the next decade however as ROI have a very talented youth side coming through.
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    Made easier for them as they can approach anyone on the island or Ireland! We have a few decent young players getting game time in the football league at the minute so I'm optimistic about the future at least
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    There can only ever be one Albert McLenaghan.
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    Let’s hope so!
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    Not the worst afternoon's work for Dodi Lukebakio

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    Get him back in January. Does he play left or right midfield?
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    Centre forward today. Fortuna used his pace to catch Bayern on the counter.
    I think he plays wide, more often on the right, in either a forward three (often) or midfield four (rarely).
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    An astonishing sight potentially in Belgium this evening as the lesser seen Obbi Oulare has been named on the bench for Standard Liege. He'll then share the pitch with ex-Hornet (in name only) Uche Agbo who's come on as a sub for them.
    Should St. Liege use him he'll be up against Eupen's own WFC loanee, Sulayman Marreh.

    I think he'll sign for St. Liege permanently either in January or at the end of the season provided his come back from 7 (seven) months out goes without too much more disruption. For him personally, I really hope he can stay fit to make the move and get some kind of career going. I don't know why but the longer he didn't play the more I want him to succeed.
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    Thanks Oxhey. Do you think he’d be too attacking/ill disciplined to play out wide in Watford’s current system?
    Maybe play him up as a 9 after today’s showing!
  19. oxhey67

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    No idea I'm afraid. I catch up on these games via twitter or written match reports translated via Google. I watch very little live football these days other than the WFC U23/Development side and the Women's team.
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    Here's the Lukebakio "Dreierpack". Some effortless finishing. Looks great.
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    Obbi came on.

    As one, the 27,000+ in the stadium were heard to cry;
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    I was watching the Bayern vs Fortuna game this morning. Changed the channel after 30mins to watch the Man City West Ham game. In the opening 10minutes Lukebakio had them on toast. He absolutely bolted past Alaba. Similar to Bale for Spurs against Inter some years back. He hit a wonderful curling effor from outside the box that would have nestled nicely in the bottom corner had Neuer not made a great save. He nut megged Sanches (yes the terrible player who Swansea signed on loan from Bayern and was going to send the swans into Europe) and made him look like a idiot, which he didn’t like so fouled him.

    After that Fortuna sat deep, didn’t do anything and conceded twice. So I thought, game over and watched Man City West Ham.

    It will be interesting to see if we bring him back in Jan. His stock has certainly risen after today. I would imagine he will get called up to the Belgium squad at the next international break.

    Going to be one of those decisions for Gino. Bring him back and see what he can do in the Prem. Or sell him while his value is high. I honestly think we would get somewhere between £20-25mil for him right now.
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    From who?
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    Bayern interested apparently, of not before, probably now
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    Certainly showing moments of class.
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    Least our overseas loan players actually play - Williams and Sinclair are on that bench for their teams whilst Alex J cannot even get into the Bristol Rovers squad ..
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    Sinclair scored a penalty last night after taking the ball from a Sunderland youngster.
  31. UEA_Hornet

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    What, like a child in the crowd?
  32. nornironhorn

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    Possibly the ball boy
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    Another blank for Cucho as Huesca fought a valiant 1-0 defeat to Real Madrid. Still stuck on 1 goal for the season.

    Fortuna Dusseldorf also lost 3-1 but our boy Lukebakio scored from the penalty spot. That's 6 in 12 in the Bundesliga, 10 from 14 in all comps. Worth noting Fortuna are rock bottom (as are Huesca) so the goal return is doubly impressive imo.
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