(Loaned out) Juan Camilo Hernandez

Discussion in 'The Team Bus' started by reids, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Least it will be warmer and he will probably stay fit..
  2. Steve Leo Beleck

    Steve Leo Beleck Squad Player

    Huesca's coach has already jumped ship to Espanyol and his top target for next season is... Cucho Hernandez. He's trying to get him on loan without an option to buy and Spanish press seem to think we'd be prepared to let him go on loan again:


    Shame if true but we were always unlikely to get a work permit. At least if he goes to Espanyol, it's a bigger club, with a coach he knows and he will probably start most games in La Liga. Plus, there's the added bonus that Jurado can teach him everything he knows!
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  3. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Hopefully he will command a reasonable loan fee now there's a bit of competition for him.
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  4. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    Good move I think if we can’t get a permit.
  5. hornetboy1

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  6. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    Makes sense if there was no chance of us having him.
  7. can claim a Spanish passport this time next year I believe?
  8. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    Hope he isn't as disgusting a cheat as his senior football side.
  9. TomWatfordFC

    TomWatfordFC Academy Graduate

    Featuring as their main striker in pre season which obviously bodes well for the coming season. All he needs is minutes and hopefully he can get them. Scored in their friendly today (even our strikers can do that) but all good signs for the future.
  10. TomWatfordFC

    TomWatfordFC Academy Graduate

    Arguably the biggest game of his career so far today. Kicks off at 5 against Barcelona, leading the line for Huesca. Good luck to the kid!
  11. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Scored inside 3 minutes!
  12. nornironhorn

    nornironhorn Administrator Staff Member

    And he scores the opener! (Losing 2-1 now though).

    Was only from a yard out but reacted well to flick it in
  13. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth Squad Player

    it ended up 8-2 !!
  14. Who to :D
  15. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    Been called up to the Colombia senior squad for the 1st time today.
  16. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    This is very good news. It will greatly improve Watford's chances of getting a work permit granted if he plays.

    [​IMG] Celebramos la buena noticia de la convocatoria de @cucho1099 con la @FCFSeleccionCol absoluta para los amistosos frente a USA y CRC (11 [​IMG] y 16 [​IMG] de octubre).
  17. Squibba

    Squibba Predictor Choker 14/15

    I don't know much about him, haven't watched him play a lot but have followed football long enough to know the right "hype" signs and everything about this kid seems to be positive. Seems about as close to a guaranteed future star as you can get based on everything I've seen & heard so far.

    I really hope we get to see him a Watford shirt one day. After the Richarlison sale surely Gino knows one 20 goal season for the kid and he's instantly commanding £50 million +
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  18. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    He's an exciting player. Small but very strong. The player most similar to him in our squad is Gray, but he's got a much better first touch. He's not afraid to shoot. A natural goal scorer. I think he'd fit perfectly in our squad for next season, but he will need to time develop. Premier League is a tough league, but he has all the attributes to do well for us.

    Scored a couple of goals against Barca B last season, including a cracking free kick and nicked one in their 8-2 loss to Barca earlier this season.
  19. Squibba

    Squibba Predictor Choker 14/15

    I’ve heard a mix of Tevez and Aguero is the most accurate description and that is bloody mouth watering.

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  20. lowerrous

    lowerrous Squad Player

    Jeebus calm down - he's not even scored a goal yet in La Liga, nor is he currently a nailed-on starter for Huesca.
  21. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

  22. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    Yes he has. And yes he is. He’s literally started every game but for one this season.

    Fair enough to say people should temper their expectations though. But the signs are promising and it’s widely reported that we’ve already turned down big money from Barcelona for him - so I’d say it’s fair people have high hopes and excitement about him?
  23. WatfordTalk

    WatfordTalk Squad Player

  24. RookeryDad

    RookeryDad Squad Player

    If Barca want him, is there any commercial benefit in his playing for WFC?

    Wouldn’t we only see him at The Vic if he is to be sold to top Prem team?
  25. oxhey67

    oxhey67 Squad Player

    Cucho's reaction to being called up for Colombia


  26. Squibba

    Squibba Predictor Choker 14/15

    Jeebus - wrong twice.
  27. BigRossLittleRoss

    BigRossLittleRoss Squad Player

    has this **** not been sold to Barca for 25 mill yet?
  28. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

  29. carboy98

    carboy98 First Year Pro

  30. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth Squad Player

    Will never play for us unfortunately. Just look at him as an investment who's eventual sale may enable us to buy another 2 or 3 Oulare's and maybe a Berghuis or two.
  31. Relegation Certs

    Relegation Certs Squad Player

  32. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    I’m not sure. I think that may well have been the initial thought but you would hope that Gino looks at our striking options and realises that a season at least with us should be the order of the day.
  33. Steve Leo Beleck

    Steve Leo Beleck Squad Player

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  34. hornetboy1

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  35. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    Watford’s head coach said: “In this moment I am focused on the players I have and Cucho is at another team. I know he is playing well but I am concerned only about the players we have here.”

    Never. Gonna. Play. For. Us.
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