(loaned Out) Adalberto Penaranda

Discussion in 'The Team Bus' started by reids, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. Relegation Certs

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    Yes please don't get me wrong, I agree entirely and think he's a complete dud with a bad attitude, but our current strikers set the bar so low he's still the best option, imo!
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  2. Rookery Refugee

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    No idea about his attitude, just that he's been injured a lot. I'm going to over-infer based on what happened vs. Tranmere. GP and NP have decided that the best "last chance" for Penaranda and some of our other "technically gifted but not fit enough" players is to get them here under the "loving" ministrations of Pearson, Shakespeare and Mullins and either get them ready or get them gone. Sent from the mobile client - Forum Talker
  3. fuzzy73

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    We can compare that against how much we sell him for this month
  4. The gurning idiot wanted to develop him as a striker. Same with Sarr. As with Sarr we might find he’s a revelation played in the wide position. Worth a punt trying him there anyway before binning him off.
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  5. Steve Leo Beleck

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    What about when he took a massive run up to a free kick at Woking and hit a pea roller that barely made it out for a goal kick?
  6. RS2

    RS2 Academy Graduate

    That still makes him the best free kick taker at the club.
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  7. hornetfan

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    “None of our managers wanted him here or played him when he was in the UK. ” Javi Gracia was the only manager (or first team coach) while Penaranda was here at Watford, but he clearly had reservations (judging by his comment that Penaranda still needed to be more consistent) after he scored a great goal against Coventry in the EFL Cup.

    He played regularly during his first season at Granada, where he was very well regarded and mentioned by Zidane (the Real Madrid manager) in glowing terms. He scored 5 goals and became the youngest foreign player to score 2 goals in one game (breaking Messi’s record in La Liga)

    He failed to break into the first team at Udinese at the start of the next season so he went on loan to Malaga after only six months. There he did not play very often, but the principal reason was injury. He broke his metatarsal in the final of the FIFA Under-20 World Cup (where he made a considerable impression), which meant that he missed the complete pre-season and the first part of his first full season at Malaga and then he suffered other injuries. There may have been an attitude problem because I remember that the Malaga coach expressed frustration about Penaranda when he was recovering from the injury.

    He came to Watford when he obtained a work permit, but he appeared only in two FA Cup games and one EFL Cup game. Part of his first season at Watford was again interrupted by injury so he may be injury prone, but he is quite tall (1.86 metres according to Tranfermarkt) and he is still only 22 years old. He was sent on loan to Eupen (where he had one short-term injury) to gain more game time, but the reason (according to Belgian website GrenzEcho) that Eupen are negotiating to end the loan is that they need a goal scorer to avoid relegation and Penaranda failed to score in his five appearances. He appeared to be played mostly as the main striker and I believe that previously he has usually played as a midfielder or winger. Perhaps there was another underlying issue, but the language must have been a problem for him because I think that he does not speak Dutch, French, and German and I suspect that his English is very limited.

    I am writing this comment largely from memory so I hope that my information is accurate, but I wanted to contribute to the discussion. I think that Penaranda has great potential, but his progress has been interrupted by injury and there may be an issue with his attitude (although I do not know). I hope that he now stays at Watford because I believe that he has been moved around too much and he needs to settle at one club. Nigel Pearson could be the coach to sort out the problem if there is an issue relating to attitude or confidence.
  8. Yes he showed a lot of promise in his first season at Granada. That was 2015. It's now 2020. He's done nothing since. Other than a great goal against Coventry in the Mickey Mouse cup.
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  9. hornetfan

    hornetfan Academy Graduate

    Not entirely fair to write that he has done nothing since the 2015-16 season. He left Malaga early (before the official end of the 2017 season) to join up with the Venezuela U-20 squad and he was one of the outstanding players in the U-20 World Cup in May/June 2017. Penaranda was a major factor in Venezuela reaching the final for the first and only time. Unfortunately, he broke his metatarsal in the final (as I have written) shortly before he missed the penalty against England and that injury really set him back in the following season. He may never fulfill his potential, but he is still relatively young. He will not be 23 until 31st May this year. I think that it may be worth giving him a little more time to develop.
  10. NathWFC

    NathWFC First Team

    There is literally no way he can be worse than Gray, and for that reason I am more than happy to see him come back and integrated into the squad ahead if it's at the expense of that fraud of a footballer.
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  11. Steve Leo Beleck

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    Yeah he's crap. One of those young players that looks good when they burst into a team full of confidence but revert back to true level soon afterwards. At Granada he was fast and direct but had terrible decision making, same as Success. Doesn't surprise me one bit they're both floundering around doing nothing with their careers a few years later, you can't coach footballing intelligence.
  12. EB Hornet

    EB Hornet Reservist

    Partly yes. There's been a number of times the ball has been at someone's feet when we're in desperate need of a goal and I've wished for that moment it was him rather than Gray or Success.

    I'm sure one of the players or coaches once said he was the best striker of a ball at the club, might have been best finisher, either way he obviously has some positives to his game.

    Anyway, not trying to convince others, just my own feeling.

    The other one is cucho! Hope he's here next season as well
  13. Jumbolina

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    Gray and Success have been so underwhelming in their limited game time that I’m quite happy for Peneranda to replace one of their places in the squad. If we could sell one of them that a which is doubtful.

    He may be a dud, but the output can’t get worse so let’s see what he can do.
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  14. Relegation Certs

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    Yeah this seems spot on to me.

    If we were a goal down on 70 minutes and a sub was coming on, who would fill you with more confidence, Gray or Penaranda?

    The answer to this question should be very straightforward.
  15. Aymondo

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    Not writing off the kid yet, think he is a special talent, just has to realise it on the pitch, hopefully he is fit and gets a run of games back here, would take him over success, gray, sema and that ilk any day
  16. hornetboy1

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    He's back

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  17. Great. The cavalry.
  18. UEA_Hornet

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    I thought the first time I saw him we'd been sold a pup. And this picture proves it.
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  19. GoingDown

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    Genuinely thought the foot was a dog he'd brought with him.
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  20. Simmos

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    Seems to be getting himself acquainted again with the physio room
  21. A square peg in a round hole in the grinning idiots 442

    Wide forward in Nige's formation should suit him better, but its up to him to show he deserves a place at the club
  22. davisp2

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    He will light up the U23s team
  23. leighton buzzard horn

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    Out of interest, what is that based on? I've not seen him play other than his cameo against Cov, so I'm interested to know if there is any substance to him or if he is another who is all hype.
  24. I recall he looked ok at Newcastle in the cup, nothing special but ok. Not Gray levels of okay more Chalobah meh oohh urrgh levels of okay. Okay like. Ish. Worthy of another look, which didn't happen.
  25. Guy

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    Problem with loaning out players generally as I see it is that players don't get continuity of coaches and get treated as bit parts.
    Pretty sure that must affect player development
  26. RS2

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    If he's refused to train at Eupen then I'm not sure where we go from here. He doesn't seem to want to make an effort when he goes on loan and I can't see him being involved here in the immediate future. Maybe he needs a loan in this country where we can keep a closer eye on him?

    I don't know how good he really is but he clearly has some talent. It's just a shame that it all seems to be going to waste during the years when he should be playing regularly.
  27. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    I don't think he will be a Pearson type player if he is missing training etc!
  28. GoingDown

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    It's ok, there's no evidence of that. It appears made up on this very thread and I wouldn't worry.
  29. RS2

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  30. Where does anything say he refused to train?
  31. reids

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  32. fuzzy73

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    Footage of the Eupen manager getting the news...

  33. luke_golden

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