Lenny Pidgeley and Marvin Sordell

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    Sorry to hear about the illness of two of our former players. As someone with long standing MH issues myself, I understand how difficult it is to talk about and how much ignorance there still is in society.

    I remember an article about Mark Bosnich, years ago, arguing that as a rich footballer he couldn't be really depressed.

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    This was awful from Farnborough;

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    They've since clarified:

    I think we can be a bit more forgiving to a non-league outfit than, say, a top flight club with media/PR people everywhere.
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    Lenny Pidgeley is from a big, well known Surrey gypsy family. His uncles are the fighting Frankham's from er, Newmarket and Bushey.

    No wonder he wanted to keep this from his own mum and family as they're not that PC as Tyson Fury's occasional proclamations let slip.
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