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Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by hornetboy1, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Steve Leo Beleck

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    Well taking just the most ridiculous point about the profit. The transfer isn't complete at this moment, as you can't sign a South American player under 18. The clause being discussed would kick in if the transfer isn't completed in the end. So we'd get the reported £18 million as compensation. We wouldn't pay £8 million and then immediately be forced to sell him for £18 million, he'd simply never be our player!

    The blog author has completely misunderstood the way the clause has been reported everywhere else.
  2. carboy98

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    Nobody knows. It's impossible to make any proper analysis without knowing the actual terms of the contract. Even then, the vast majority of us aren't professional International Football Law Practitioners.

    Just sit back and enjoy the overheads.
  3. miserableoldgit

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    and that is my point - it is a situation we have never encountered before and i simply don't read his analysis the way SLB does - clearly we don't pay the full fee just to get the clause money - that is bonkers and i did not take that as a conclusion, although the analysis from others as to whether we get 20m plus the cash we have put down so far or just the 20m is all over the place in the media - who knows other than Duxbury/Pozzo and the braziians . My position is similar to Carboy, it is interesting, open to interpretation if you don't have the agreements in front of you and don't do football transfers with brazil for a living but that the paper we are discussing set out the position pretty well. Like Carboy i intend to sit back, watch and enjoy - - seems our worst case is an 18m profit or a cheap ish player who does not live up to the hype and best is a world beater
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    Personally I think this break clause does not exist. I think it was made up by media after the player had played a few games and scored a few goals and so rumours were created. The Pozzo's have done many other deals in the past and we have never heard of such a clause before.
    Our owners never announce signings until they are concrete and in this case they announced the deal over a year ago on the official website. That says it all for me .
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  5. Leonidas

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    Break clauses do exist in those contracts of european/brazilian clubs when they sign U-18. The reports about the clause in Brazil were in Globo Esporte that is very reliable.
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    So you want to make a spxnk omelette?
  7. wfcmoog

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    Big fan of your chocolate.
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    Big test now. In a weakened Flu team v Flamengo.
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    1 goal in his last 4 games now, don't want him anymore.
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  11. wfcmoog

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    What happened to selling at peak value? Would have got £20m two weeks ago and now he's worthless. This is Scott Loach all over again.
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  12. I think the break clause is figmento of peeps imginachiono

    I bet you never knew I could speak Brazil
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    Been rubbish at Leicester. No thanks
  14. Arakel

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  15. GoingDown

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    Utter piffle.
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    Overhead costs or overhead kicks?
  18. magic

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  19. Since63

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    Keep him on a tight training regime or we’re in trouble.
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    JP in 2 years:

  21. hornetboy1

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    Don't take the p1ss guys. They are lovely people. His step-dad is proudly wearing a Watford t-shirt. It looks like definitely coming to Watford, and that's all we should be celebrating.

    The report says he has two options. Either to come in January 2020 or June 2020 and the decision will be made between club and player as to what is best. It also mentions the break-clause but the fact his parents are being looked after so well I think it's all going smoothly.

  22. I Blame Bassett

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    Great to see The Mamas and the Papas back together!
  23. hornetboy1

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    Never in doubt
  26. BigRossLittleRoss

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    Does Troy qualify for Brazil then ?
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    Embarassing comments relating to an extremely loving and caring mother. what does your mum look like? This incredible woman gave birth to and raised the best young talent currently playing in Brazil. Her son could have a major impact on our future and you are making negative comments about her appearance. Shameful. Have u ever seen the crowd at the vic? not exactly film stars, A listers and catwalk models are we?
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    Hmmm. Thicccc.
  30. wfcmoog

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    Looks like Zak's and the fish and chips shop could swing it. @Squibba don't be stingy with those saveloys.
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    Didn't one of the papas marry his daughter?
  32. My mums a catwalk A lister film star.

    So am I.

    That's why I'm shallow.
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    JP's daughter?
    Maybe one of the Papas married the daughter of the other Mama and Papa ? Surely not his own.

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