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Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by hornetboy1, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. RookeryDad

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  2. Rontaylor

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    I saw Jordan Mutch on loan here in Vancouver. He Was not outstanding even at this much lower level.
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  3. The undeniable truth

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    So not Mutch good at that Mutch lower level ?
  4. Otter

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    Johnny Williams was signed by Sunderland on loan last season, he was on that Netflix series "Sunderland til I die". During his medical he talks to the doctor about his past long list of injuries. Then in the first match Coleman watches he gets injured and is out for months. On his first training session back, Coleman says to the other players that no-one is allowed near him. He did play out the rest of the season but the ship had long sunk by then.
  5. Is he still playing? I thought we sold him to Colchester forty years ago...
  6. folkestone orn

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    Game time will definitely reduce their value!
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  7. vic-rijrode

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    Affectionately known as "two-stroke" amongst some in the Rookery in the late 60s and early 70s. Presumably because of his one-footedness?

    Saw him score a great goal at Hillsborough in the relegation season of 71-72. We still lost....
  8. I think he scored twice that season - nearly ended up as top scorer...
  9. vic-rijrode

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    Yes, Johnny's only other goal for us was the winner against Portsmouth at Vicarage Road earlier in the season - one of 5 (yes five) games we won altogether in that relegation season from Div. 2. Talking of transfers (especially of central defenders), that Pompey game was David Woodfield's debut - signed from Wolves for a colossal £28,000 (now worth £78 million) in the week preceding the game. He lasted around 40 minutes before sustaining an injury which effectively ended his career (after a further 13 games for us in the following 2 seasons - on one leg.). Rumour has it that Jim Bonser, having shelled out the transfer fee, would not (or could not) afford to insure the player against injury.....
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  10. Probably already been commented on, but I've only just seen this on Sky Transfer Centre so for anyone who has not seen this: - Okaka and Zeaglar are being reported as going on loan to Udinese.

    Docoure is also being linked by Sky with a £50m move to PSG, however Grazier was interviewed on the same programe and has denied the Docoure rumour.
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  12. GoingDown

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    Do you know if Apollo 13 made it home?
  13. Happy bunny

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    Pity. He'd looked like a decent player
  14. Ágætis Byrjun

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    The Solanke transfer has already put me off the January window.

    Loan in a defender, my pick would be Mangala if fit, and wait until summer.
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  15. NemoNemo

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    The general January behaviour from the Pozzos is to loan in an out of favour player who needs game time and sign permanently in the summer (cleverly, Deulofeu). We only spend money on young players with potential and to get ahead of the competition ( Doucoure, lukebakio, penaranda). I expect a CB loan deal and ‘next messi’ signing
  16. domthehornet

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    I fear his wages put him out of our price range
  17. Teide1

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    To try and get something out of Dave Woodfield he was made coach after hopping around on one leg for 13 games, however I seem to remember reading that signing for us was one disaster after another, when he moved into a home in the area, he tripped over a paint pot and ruined a carpet!
  18. Steve Leo Beleck

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    Disappointing lack of rumours so far this window. Booooooooo
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  19. hornetboy1

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    Idle gossip is not tolerated on this forum. Best not to post anything without a letter of authenticity from the Queen or else you’ll be in their sights.
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  20. Do your own research etc.
  21. davisp2

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    Liverpool can keep Origi
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  22. davisp2

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    Edit. Sign him up
  23. hornetboy1

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    Just announced on SSN, that Odion Ighalo is flying to England so he can hold talks with any interested Premier League clubs.

    His club want to recoup the £20m they paid us before selling, so I doubt we'd be interested.
  24. carboy98

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    I thought I'd read that he's available on a free?

    His scoop, when he was in that purple patch of form, really was a beautiful thing to witness.
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  25. The undeniable truth

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    You say that but are forgetting "Pereyra to Chelsea/Torino", "Doucs to PSG", narrowly missing out on Drysdale to Coventry...
  26. hornetboy1

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  27. Hornet4ever

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    Would anyone here take Iggy back or still prefer Vydra?
  28. Knight GT

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  29. StuBoy

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    Not sure we'd get Vydra back now, especially as he's currently tearing up the Premier League at Burnley like he did at West Brom, oh wait a minute.... !
  30. carboy98

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    Am hearing Forestieri and Assombalonga are Gino's preferred targets this window
  31. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth Squad Player

    Which means he's almost certainly after Vydra given he keeps his cards close to his chest. Ties up with what I'm hearing from the man at Esso. Initial 6 months loan with option to buy for £25m
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  32. Ray Knight

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    We should not rule out anything. Aside from Deeney being more effective over the last few games the cupboard is pretty bare. Okaka has gone; Gray is injured and ineffective again; Success (ditto), which leaves Penaranda under pressure to become match fit and a world beater ASAP. If we are serious about a top ten finish we need a striker as well as a CB.
  33. Oscar calling

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    We could offer £10m plus Gray in exchange.
  34. UEA_Hornet

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  35. Markoa$

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    I would take him back. Yes his form went way off etc, but I think playing under Javi and the system we play now, would suite him. Much rather see him coming off the bench than Okaka.

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