Jadon Sancho & Manchester City - Under Investigation

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  2. Guy

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    The main issue here is the short sightedness of the football league clubs voting for the EPPP regulations for a bit of cash. We voted against it.
    It virtually means the category 1 big clubs can virtually walk into any club and pay peanuts. Has led to many clubs closing down their youth development. Next one for us will be Ryan Cassidy.
  3. If it turns out that Man City acted illegally* in payments to an agent/family to induce a 14 year old to change club, then I would have thought that it was quite cut and dried that Watford had been denied opportunity - so the £7m Dortmund paid plus the rights that Man City hold on any sell-on would be a fair compensation I would have thought.

    *pretty certain that they did
  4. Since63

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    I'm not sure the same situation applies as
    Not sure it's the same situation with Cassidy as he is over 17 & has signed a contract with us...Sancho was only 14 & so was in a legally different status. Of course, he could still walk away when that contract ends in 2020 & we just get paid the panel-assessed compo.
  5. wfc4ever

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    Probably find a way to charge or fine us...
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  6. The Voice of Reason

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    Thanks for this info, I noticed a small article in another paper about Man City and illegal payments and I was going to raise the Sancho case on here, purely as speculation that we might have a case against City.

    Nice to see that my speculative idea might possibly have been right.
  7. Bore

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    Well we have seen today clear evidence that Man City will be favoured.

    I am guessing that the Prem league will find a way to fine Watford and compensate Man City. If Prem had balls they would fine Man City big and give Watford the Dortmand fee plus any sell on fee

    Fat chance after today
  8. RookeryDad

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    But I think we have the most astute owner & one of the most tactically aware managers.

    Just the sweaty oafs on the pitch to address.
  9. Burnsy

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    I think we would need to rely on UEFA/FIFA coming down hard on City for anything to come of this - that way the FA/PL would be forced to act accordingly.

    If it comes down to the FA/PL, they are experts at ‘hand-wringing’ for fear of upsetting the perceived bigger clubs. The whole Everton/Silva thing is an example.
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    Surely the Sancho deal is a domestic matter as it was a transfer between two clubs in the same country? In which case, FIFA/UEFA won't have any involvement in the investigation or potential sanctions.
  11. Since63

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    May depend on whether the rules preventing 14 year olds from having agents & banning "inducements" being paid to families to encourage a youth player to move to them are FIFA/UEFA rules, or purely domestic FA rules.
  12. Rontaylor

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    Is a contract signed by a 14 year old or on his behalf enforceable?

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