Jack Charlton - 1935-2020

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    R.I.P. Sir Jack, condolences to Bobby and the rest of the family, you were a true hero!
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    Sad to see Big Jack go, I was hoping we could sign him next season as I'm sure he could still have done a better job than our current CB's :D

    Rest in Peace Big Jack
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    RIP big Jack.
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  5. AndrewH63

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    For those of us in our later years, we remember Jack Charlton as a basic but solid player. But for many on here he will be remembered as an international manager who wonderfully over performed for the Republic of Ireland. Older Watford fans will remember his hard well drilled Sheffield Wednesday who competed against Graham Taylor’s first team. And previously his Middlesbrough team. Another great England manager lost by the idiots who overlooked both Charlton and Clough. RIP big Jack
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    Will always be a hero in Ireland. His impact on the Country as a whole is hard to explain to non Irish folk. He took a no nonsense approach in life and was highly respected for that. He brought our national “soccer” team to heights that are not likely to be seen again. Liked the odd pint too! There is a genuine and deep sadness in Ireland with numerous tributes in the papers and on TV and radio. As strange as it seems, his loss will clearly be felt in England, but the sense of loss here will be on a different scale. Sport has a great way of getting into people’s psyche and, bizarrely, Big Jack, whether intentionally or not, did wonders for Anglo Irish relations. It is a sad day and the end of an era. RIP to an English and Irish legend.
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    Another of Leeds stalwarts who have passed by the wayside recently with Norman Hunter and Trevor Cherry. Uncompromising and no nonsense on and off the pitch. Born in Ashington a mining village and learnt his football with his brother in the narrow alley ways behind the houses. A village that also produced Geordie legend Wor Jackie Milburn and latterly not of the same class Martin Taylor who graced this club for a while and our very own favourite official Michael Oliver.

    Despite strained relations later on Jack with our kid Bobby the finest central midfielder produced by England:​


    Taking the Republic to two World Cup finals is no doubt the reason he is loved so much in the Emerald Isle after having failed to qualify for every previous tournament by blending in experience with Frank Stapleton and Kevin Moran with the 'foreign' legion like Ray Houghton and David O'Leary. One has to wonder again whether the dementia he suffered from is a result of his profession or age. It is a demeaning disease in all it's various pathologies.

  8. zztop

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    Brother Bobby has been in the wars, health-wise, I think over the past decade or so, too.

    He has had a "Parkinson's like" shaking for some time.

    Condolences and best wishes Bobby.
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  10. folkestone orn

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    The 'Jack Charlton- the Irish years' documentary is well worth a watch on YouTube. A great character and gent.
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    It might be an urban legend or have been exaggerated over the years but hey ! it doesn't
    matter as far as I am concerned it is true .....
    the story of Jack asking what the commotion was outside the England changing room after
    the '66 match . When told that the Argentinians are trying to get in to fight , Jack is reported
    to have said "let them in !!!"

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