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Discussion in 'Yellow Pages' started by hornmeister, Dec 20, 2017.

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    Indeed they did, I had sold some shares at a profit and then sold the rest at a loss. All in all I ended up about 20% down on this but it’s not the end of the world. It was a speculative one to start with, but it was pretty disappointing in the way they were managed. I feel very sorry for local people who had invested their entire pensions in it.
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    I don't think they went bust. They couldn't get market finance for their mining plans so the share price plummeted as they had no way to achieve their goal without outside investment. The company was bought by an international mining company and delisted. I suppose it would have gone bust if there had been no takeover though.
  3. Optimistichornet

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    yer they offered something ridiculous like 4.5p a share in the end. i had sold some at the ath which was over 40p a share. wish i had sold more, but i was very disappointed with the way the company was run in the end.

    im doing quite well in some gold miners at the moment, i will post some details later.
  4. Hopefully should start to see a little bit of life in my Martsons, Young’s, Wetherspoons etc now pubs can open-ish
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    Gonna take at least a quarter before we know how badly hit these companies will be and if we get another spike many will go belly up.
    Big risk imho, but of course this also gives potential big reward.
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  6. I invest for fun more than anything, and never big. For me its like gambling on sport only less luck and more research. I never invest more than I'm happy to lose. and I leave the important stuff, like pensions, to the professionals! My portfolio is split between lower risk Microsoft type stuff and higher risk stuff I've picked up bottom feeding. Bought some Lloyds the other day as a long termer and will be interesting to see how they do over the next 2 years.
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    I bought 3,000 Lloyd’s shares at 30p in 2008. Opted to use dividends to buy more shares. In 12 years they are back to about 30p but at one point were hovering around 75p. I now buy through a self investment share ISA. At one point i was going for shares with good share owner benefits. but these are scaled back now. So i now pick companies with strong balance sheets, on the basis that cash now will be important to ride out the depression. Just bought Burberry. Still have some hopes for Royal Mail, if they can push through and start to gain a big slice of the parcels market.

    I only use spare cash, again as much for the fun of trying to out perform cash savings. My dad used to buy shares. As soon as they went up 40% on the price he paid, he sold, never chased the top price. Never checked the price again. as he said never get so greedy you turn a gain into a loss
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    Mrs Diamond used to work for Lloyds. She was given shares as part of a sharesave scheme back in the 90's. They were as sh*t then as they are now.
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    Also something that's piquing my interest lately.

    Mainly the growth is Tesla stock.

    Anyone invested in NIO?

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