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    Builders thinking they’re safe ...
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    The Hindenburg over New York shortly before the disaster.
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    Muff's ground on fire perhaps?

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    Probably some grassland fire in these horrific temperatures.

    One of the deadliest snipers in history. Lyudmila Pavlichenko.
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    Yuri Gagarin at Star City with the present made to him by the French government after his visit in 1965 a Matra Djet. Matra were involved and still are with the aerospace industry as part of Aerospatiale-Matra. Yuri had by this time become rather bored as an ambassador and a desk job. He loved to fly and was intending to get back into Korolev's attempt to get the Russians to the Moon. A very humble man the strain of numerous trips abroad and women throwing themselves at him left his marriage strained as well. On his trip to the UK he later remarked he felt most comfortable when meeting the huge crowds of the public, a meeting at a Steelworkers Union laid on for him (he was a steelplant worker for a time in the Soviet Union) rather than the showpieces set up for him. The establishment were surprised by the warmth the British public acclaimed this Soviet hero and hastily laid on a banquet with Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

    Gagarin never drove the car much. He said it embarrassed him to be rewarded thus and it passed into the museum at Star City before being sold to a private collector a few years ago. Sadly Gagarin was killed gaining flying hours to return to active service for the cosmonaut programme along with his close friend and trainer Nikolai Seryugin. In the recent past it is likely caused by a near collision with another jet and wake turbulence resulting in a flat spin in the two seat trainer they were flying at the time. With the death of the genius Korolev a year later his deputy Mishin took over but could not get the N1 rocket the equivalent to the Saturn V to work with one especially disastrous launchat Baikonur that killed many personnel. Unlike the R7 Semyorka of Korolev which remains an established launcher in newer variants.

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