Illness After Astra Zeneca Vaccine ?

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    Around Half the adult population vaccinated now. That’s impressive as we started slowly in December and we aren’t out of March yet.

    this will lead us out of this pandemic.

    If you are one of the very very very VERY few people who experiences an unusual reaction speak to your GP as you would with any other illness. I know it’s hard to get through. I know you have to listen to 10 minutes of twaddle about Covid when you call. But if you are actually properly unwell persist.

    Again to restate. If you get Covid and go to hospital you have an 11% chance of a blood clot. These vaccines have a lower chance of causing that than random. It is more likely that Andre Gray will score a triple hat-trick from a 2 minute cameo than you get a blood clot from the vaccine

    All medicines have some side effects. Vaccines and these ones including AZ are very very safe in comparison to other vaccines and drugs commonly prescribed. This vaccines is also very effective in vaccine terms. Ignore the scare stories based on very very limited data and numbers played up for internet clicks
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    This should be printed in great big 'FO' letters on massive flags or banners and flown from every GP surgery, hospital. clinic and pharmacists in the land. Purveyors of witchcraft alternative therapies should have it tattooed on their foreheads as a condition of them continuing to bilk the gullible 'practice' their 'craft'.

    Like many (on here) I am fascinated by the early attempts at Antarctic exploration. This was probably stoked by watching, as a young child, a film on the BBC ("Horizon"?, "The World About Us"?) about Australasian early attempts to map the coast due South of Oz. One mapping run went '**** up' and the were 'forced' (as they were Ozzies and Kiwis it could have been a drunken bet) to eat their dogs particularly focusing on the 'healthy and nutritious' dogs' livers. It's highly probable that vitamin A poisoning was an attributing factor to the party's deaths. Vitamin poisoning is a real thing.
  4. Exactly why I steer clear of all this "One of your 5 a day" nonsense. I'd rather be taken by alcohol abuse or heroin than poisoning by strawberries.
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    Had my AZ yesterday. Felt fine until overnight waking up with lots of aches. But a couple of paracetamol all that required.

    Vaccine centre very well run. Feels great really. A terrific achievement of science and I’m grateful to all involved.
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    Thought you would have had yours weeks ago @Moose. ;)
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    When you had yours?
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    What's not widely known but big, big players in the field of biosensors are food companies. We did some POC work for A Big Company on biosensors for astaxanthins. During informal talks with some of the company's 'bio-medical' 'consultants' they let slip that "...5 a day..." is good but 5 different colours a day is far, far better.
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    M&Ms for dinner tonight.
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    Followed by at least 5 of these:
  11. Bwood_Horn

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    Actually thinking about it, in this current consumer market, they've probably been coloured with 'natural' plant based compounds...
  12. Useful to know, thanks. Lager, red wine, Guiness, Rum'n'coke, & Gin it is tonight. Plus some chips. Got to take health seriously.
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    Don't forget the fags.

    [ANECDOTE] One of my many failed attempts* to give up/cut down on the fags was to switch to those Sobranie Cocktail things. They were really expensive and strong (compared to 'normal' smokes) and I felt (and looked) ridiculous openly smoking the bloody things in Liverpool. Quite a *few* times I was asked WTF was I smoking and when I explained what and why I was, pretty much, universally met with agreement that it might work. Funny thing was I went from seeing nobody smoking the bloody things to, within a few weeks, seeing them fairly frequently in the city centre pubs, clubs and bars...[/ANECDOTE]

    *Over a decade now of non-smoking.
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    Mawsons death by Vit A poisoning is disputed if you read the report.

    Excess of most things can cause poisoning and death, including water toxicity causing hyponatremia, and oxygen toxicity.
    Death by drinking too much water and breathing too much oxygen is a real thing.

    Purveyors of vitamins are not practicing witchcraft. Lol.
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    I did try to say that Mawson wasn't killed by *just* by Hypervitaminosis A and the OZ Journal of Medicine I linked to pointed that out.
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    Ho ho ho !
    Let this sink in
    In 30 years time , those that are young ,then ,will be blaming millennials, like you, for their woes.
    For clarity, they won't be thinking that fat,like you, tattooed 50 year olds are the coolest dudes that ever walked. Honestly.
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    RIP Alfie Mawson. Always injury prone and clearly one too many this time.
  18. Sahorn

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    We almost signed him!
    Dodged a supplement bullet there.
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    Go my jab on Wednesday. Earlier than I was expecting.

    Out of interest what arm did you decide on when you had the jab. Was it your 'non-dominant' arm? I heard/read the non dominant arm may be better because if the jab arm aches you got your dominant one that still works.
  20. HappyHornet24

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    Doctor administering the jab decided for me. Asked if I was left or right handed and then jabbed me in the opposite arm.
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    I'm not a millennial [​IMG]
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    The general consensus among colleagues, friends and family seems to be you are more likely to get an adverse reaction to the first Astra Zeneca dose than Pfizer and more likely to get and adverse reaction to your second Pfizer than your second Astra Zeneca.

    I wonder if mixing vaccine types will become a thing in future with a combination of two different vaccines. Maybe when we enter the routine of annual boosters the discipline of if you start with one vaccine type you stick to it will break down.
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    Something for me to look forward to then.
  24. AndrewH63

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    Hope not for you. My 80 year old mother reported a very sore arm after her second Pfizer. But still had the strength to finish off a bootle of Sauvignon blanc. Others did suffer cold like symptoms. I have no idea what a reaction to a vaccine indicates.

    I have an annual flu vaccine and have no noticeable side effects, but my reaction to the Astra Zeneca, was like a heavy cold coming on. I had to stop work and went to bed for three hours on the afternoon after the evening first dose. But those symptoms had disappeared within 36 hours.

    Having had the rabies, yellow fever and other vaccines for travel to Africa, this was the first vaccine that I had a noticeable adverse reaction to. But in the context of the pandemic it is a minor inconvenience, nothing to put you off having the Astra Zeneca vaccine.
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    I wondered the same - the above article explains it in layman’s terms for us non scientists.
  26. I had the OAZ yesterday. I'm feeling a little meh this morning - dull headache, a bit achy, but thankfully I'm not dead yet.
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    Finally booked in at Stoke Mandeville, only took ten days to sort.
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    I received my AZ this morning at Roche in WGC.
    Very efficiient and friendly.
    I was in and out in five minutes and three of that was Alex,one of the two on the station I sat at,recognising and being impressed with my 'Batigol' t shirt and consequently chatting about football.
    I shifted my weights to yesterday and have today as my rest day and feel ok,if a little hazy. I did take a couple of ibuprofen before the jab.
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    Congrats. I gave up on 13th April 2003, the day after the FA Cup semi final loss to Man U at Villa Park. I smoked so many that day that it kept me topped up for some time.
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    Wasn't it Southampton? Perhaps they are still affectiing you...
  32. Diamond

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    There's a lesson for us all right there. Smoking kills (brain cells).
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    I got an SMS yesterday inviting me to book my first jab. I'm registered with Callowland surgery but it is now a joint surgery with the one in Bushey where I will get it. It's a little sooner than I thought for me, I turned 45 earlier this month. I'm booked in for Saturday 10th April.
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    So the idea that no under 50s will get the vaccine until after the end of April is clearly complete nonsense.
  35. Otter

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    I guess like most things in the NHS it's a bit of a postcode lottery.

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