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  1. This guy is an 18 year old Chelsea winger who played in Englands U17 world Cup winning team and he is attracting interest from lots of clubs.

    At present Chelsea are trying to get him to sign a new 5 year contract with them, but he is stalling because he wants promises of more 1st team football, which he thinks he is ready for, however Chelsea are not willing to offer him that at this time.

    I was wondering if we could either pull off another Chalobah type swoop for him, or if we cannot get him on a permanent deal, maybe we could try and take him on a long term loan as we might be more willing to promise him more 1st team PL football, which is what he wants?

    It's just a thought, what do you lot think?
  2. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    Could do with a 7th winger in the squad.

    It's a yes from me.

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