How Watford's digital overhaul has helped the FA Cup finalists to keep punching above their weight

Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by reids, May 21, 2019.

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    So this is who has been responsible for some of the stupid, fate tempting social media posts since the semi final. The "anyone actually want to get into europe" tweet just before the Arsenal game was particularly idiotic.
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  4. Happy bunny

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    The best thing is that according to this article, we've earned £10 million more from selling Richie than we thought we had.

    Must be pity money from Everton after these social media stunts went pear-shaped.

    Still, positioning us as a delusional bunch constantly getting ahead of ourselves should play well in the Qatar market
  5. CarlosKickaballs

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  6. Cassetti's Beard

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    That's the dream, more twitter followers and retweets.
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  7. Absolutely. Those shirts won't sell themselves in the Far East market. Is the Chinese language FB account up and running yet ?
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    That's how it works on the forum.
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  10. hornmeister

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    Quite the contrary, we all have certificates proving it. Strict vetting procedure here.
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  11. reids

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    Which leads to more money, which leads to players - the last line was pretty interesting:

  12. R4E

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  13. UEA_Hornet

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    Yeah but why was it idiotic? It's social media, the idea is to engage people. As that article alludes to, there's no traction in naff highlights videos and club shop promotions. Getting people talking about and noticing us online does much more good than harm, even if to the diehards it sometimes seems a bit cringeworthy.
  14. GoingDown

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    I'm just annoyed we were picking the Watford FC Twitter account to play games after this. Gracia clueless as ever.
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  15. wfcmoog

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    Because it was our own petard on which we were well and truly hoist.
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  16. wfcmoog

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    If you can monetise gloating Wolves, Leicester, West Ham, Everton and Arsenal fans taking the piss out of our club, then indeed, it was a masterstroke.
  17. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    I have to admit, I didn't read the article linked in the OP. Maybe that answers it all and the concept of being a public embarrassment on Social Media is the holy grail for the modern Premier League club.
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  18. Arakel

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    Wolves, Leicester, West Ham, Everton and Arsenal fans have always taken the piss out of our club. Who gives a crap?

    I find the club's social media comments quite funny, even if they backfire. Beats the same tired old dross, and the metrics show their approach is working.
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    Gino should monetise the forum by charging lurkers a sub.

    Then he'll ask certain posters to finesse their output for key markets.

    Americans are noisy. RC. Check.

    The Irish live & breath the craic. Kels.

    The Communist Party of China likes a Marxist tortilla rapped around a state capitalist enchilada. Moose (note: may need to tweak the dials a little there).

    Alternatively, Gino could just bottle the forum & sell it in small, expensive bottles.
  20. Burnsy

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    I think (and only in my opinion) that there is a way to be engaging and perhaps even controversial, without putting pressure on yourselves. The club have taken things in a new direction, and as such will get it right but sometimes wrong in the ‘bedding in’ period. My opinion is that this tweet as a stand-alone thing was ill-placed and far too arrogant. If it was designed to attract even a modicum percentage of outside support, it missed the target.

    There’s doing things to ‘differentiate’ yourselves as the article says. But there is also doing naive things in the hope they get (false) traction. We did the latter. The following wasn’t big enough for enough people against the clubs in question to find it amusing.

    Social media is a great way to grow support in this era - but you have to have built the following (WFC or elsewhere) before you can get arrogant to that extent.
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  21. Supertommymooney

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    Social media?

    Do they play in one of the former soviet states?
  22. I Blame Bassett

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    Eau de Rookery?
    Bunny No.5?
  23. Bloke

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    Liked for the impeccable grammar
  24. R4E

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    The club are advertising for a new person to run their social media output.
  25. lowerrous

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    And what better example of such content than getting mauled 6-0 in a cup final?

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  26. hornmeister

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    I'd go for it but my release fee is too large. Admin was a savvy negotiator. I might throw my toy out of the pram and refuse to moderate.
  27. lowerrous

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    Yeah would've been good that. But no, no, getting massacred in a cup final is still more rewarding than finishing 7th instead would have been. :rolleyes:
  28. lowerrous

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    Could be a typo of Medina in Saudi Arabia.
  29. Step back and leave it in the hands of your agent. He has the incentive to find a way to get you a move or a new deal here.
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    They should chuck out the best stuff on here with added emojis.
  31. wfc4ever

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    American dream not worked ?
  32. hornmeister

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    dead m8 RIP

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