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    I think the problem for Udinese is that players coming from across the globe may want to play in England rather than Italy these days as Serie A with the exception of Juve and Inter who have restored some pride Italian football has fallen over the last 6-7 years. In fact, statistics say that The Championship is more watched than Serie A. I am also assuming that it is more of a draw to live in London than it is Udine for young foreign players, additionally, Udinese's salaries are considerably less than Watford players as well ( possibly not now we have been relegated). But my point is maybe Udinese are not really a great attraction anymore for young promising players.
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    it's all true what you say.
    we know that playing for udinese is not attractive.
    It is normal that a player who has a choice decides to play in the Premier.
    so it's normal to be a little jealous.
    We would like Pozzo all to ourselves.
    it is with him that we complain, because he has not been able to do as Atalanta has done now, which has slightly increased the salaries, kept the key players, and increased the budget for the transfer market.
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    Forestieri plays for these bums now??
  4. Yes. Where have you been ?
    Zeegelaar left out pending his emotional return to the Vic to free up the £5m sale of Sema to Peterborough.
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    Well I never.

    Zeegelaar started actually. Hauled off after an hour with another of our ex bums ocacka.

    You're probably spot on with the sema rumour mind.

    Anyway, happily udinese got spanked at home by the ten men of a team I've never heard of.
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    A dreadful start to the season for them. Another defeat yesterday making that three losses out of three with no goals scored.

    Tough times for the Pozzo's. Between their two clubs, 7 league matches played, only 2 goals scored and none by a recognised striker.
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    They will have a plan. Never been relegated.
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    Greatest scouting network in the world you know...
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    Hello Watford B. Repeating the sins of the son.

    Rodrigo de Paul plays the part of all the malingerers that don't want to be at the club.
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    6 ex watford stars playing for those parasites today. Just fuqin LOL at those leeches.
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    Pussetto with the last minute winner set up by okaka.

    Kill me now.
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    Do you know what's good business? Selling a player for £6m, getting him back 4 months later, for free and then having him score goals for you, along with two players of the calibre of Pereyra and Deulefeou's quality to boot. Top, top negotiating from the Pozzos. Wouldn't want to be the sucker club on the other side of that brilliantly shrewd bit of dealing.

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