Hello from Udine!

Discussion in 'Pozzo's Place' started by monicav, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Dusbero

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    Hi Monica,

    Wondered if I could get your opinion on Balic and Jankto. Are they showing good potential? And Ali Adnan, he was dubbed the Iraqi Gareth Bale but doesn't seem to have played much.


    Do udinese fans hate us now?
  2. reids

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    My name's not Monica but I can help. I haven't seen much of Balic so can't comment (although for Udinese to spend €4m he must have something they like!), but Jankto shows great potential, he's just had a superb season that's already got scouts from big clubs eyeing him up - the kids got class.

    Yes, most Udinese fans do hate us (who can't see the bigger picture), I believe there's regular banners stating such things like this : https://twitter.com/archiert1/status/820666388205408256?lang=en
  3. The PozzMan

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    According to one of the replies, Watford is a nickname for Gino.... although I'm not so sure.

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