Great section! Greetings from udinese fans!

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    AAA SORETE! PROTONE Academy Graduate

    Good to see you already created a section for the "pozzo's family supporters"... :) So this year goals should be:

    FOR UDINESE: CL tournaments
    FOR GRANADA: a "quiet" season in the liga, without waiting the last minute of the last match for a confirmation
    FOR WATFORD: setting up the team for the first positions and why not, try to reach premierleague (maybe too early...but hey, see what happened with Granada? you should tell it to those people of th watford supporter trust, which just mention the last season of Granada....
  2. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    Perhpas Obelix would like to talk some sense into the Watford Supporters Trust for us?
  3. hornmeister

    hornmeister Administrator Staff Member

    For us a quiet season of mid-upper table attractive football, with further investment in facilities and academy and no media or bloopers will be sufficient.

    for 2013/14 however nothing less than champions league:sign15:
  4. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    2014/2015 Champions League semifinals:

    Udinese, Watford, Granada and a poor team with nothing to do are there.
  5. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    Fingers crossed for Udinese to get through the pre-qualifying stage for the CL and through to the group stages proper. Would be a welcome boost financially for the club and also attract players.

    For Granada a season of consolidation in La Liga slowly attracting better players and building on their youth development programme in Andalusia.

    Warm and sincere wishes from all us Hornets for those aims to come to fruition.
  6. wfcwarehouse

    wfcwarehouse Strangeland

    I'm loving our new Spanish and Italian friends! This is surreal, but I'm genuinely excited about what the future holds.
  7. nascot

    nascot First Team

    This is the most surreal time to be a Watford fan.
  8. wfcwarehouse

    wfcwarehouse Strangeland

    Without a doubt.
  9. luke_golden

    luke_golden Space Cadet

    It's pretty brilliant though. Even if for some reason it all fell through (which surely it can't, having gotten to this stage), it would still be remembered as an incredible time. Genuinely loving it.
  10. The PozzMan

    The PozzMan Squad Player

    I'm loving it, but at the same time am quite not sure how to almost take it in.

    With all of the misdemeanors of other owners over the past decade alone, I'm still quite stunned in all honesty!
  11. hollywood

    hollywood 1881/singing section organiser

    A very warm welcome to both udinese and Granada fans.

    As you can see, we are a friendly bunch!

    If it falls through for any reason, I for one will from now on look out for both teams results and wishing them good luck.

    Maybe try and get more of your friends to come and say hi !!
  12. Academy Graduate

    More greetings from yet another udinese fan! Excellent section!
  13. The Rous

    The Rous Reservist

    I think it's completely surreal and I'm still not sure how to take it.

    I think the real excitement will start after the announcment though.. If it goes through this could be the most entertaining summer in a long time.
  14. hollywood

    hollywood 1881/singing section organiser

    What the bet there are now supporters that wished they got the early bird season ticket price !
  15. El distraído

    El distraído Johnny Foreigner

  16. TheDon

    TheDon First Team

    The year I give up my season ticket to hopefully go off to Uni, we get bought by massively rich owners.
  17. Rikkomas

    Rikkomas Academy Graduate

    "Massively rich owners"?

    You do know that Pozzo is recognized as one of the tightest businessman in world football?
    He moves only for $$; buy low sell high

    As a youngster you know that in Udine the pressure is not high (compare to other big city teams) you earn a correct salary (low for italian standards) but in normally 3 season time (if you're good) you can have your chance to join a big spending club

    So be aware that a lot of players will change shirts and most of all don't get too attached to them (you'll see them flying away soon)

    But at the end I can say that personally I'm super happy with the management; results are arriving, some players decided to stay in Udine (Di Natale, Pinzi, Domizzi experienced player that just want to finish their career in a family run team without much pressure), the safe is full of money and our scouting system is world class

    Negatives are that communication with the supporter is most of the times poor (they have to cover all their maneuvers) and as soon as you think you have a star in your team he will join the likes of Juve, Milan, Inter, Napoli or Rome (I wish we were selling abroad our old heroes)

    I think that for Watford they will have a different approach; you look more solid as a team and you have a good talent school.
    I don't think you'll join the "calciomercato" roller coaster like Udinese but he will try to establish a solid group of experienced players (4/5) to give a base to the youngsters to have an impact in the Championship

    If all goes well you'll just need to replace 2/3 of the young players year in year out (keeping in mind that if you need Udinese can loan some raw talent to support the system)
  18. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    In our local paper is says they won't come with millions and keep the same of sort bond deal Bassini had.
  19. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    Maybe so, but somehow I think WFC will become a much more stable club financially if the Pozzo's take over.
  20. LPC213

    LPC213 Reservist

    When we have a Ligue 3 outfit join our quartet for the Preseason Pozzo cup in July, I will be truly happy.
  21. Academy Graduate

    Well put! I fully agree...
    I can only say that I (a dutch guy living close to Udine) really enjoy a small tema like Udinese that thanks to an excellent scouting network gets outstanding results. I really think also Watford can benefit from this. Our only worry might be that the Pozzos, having different clubs, don't succeed to fully commit to any of them.
  22. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    My dear colleagues I don't think any of us here at this end are expecting a huge influx of funds.

    If Zola is appointed manager he may ask for one or two players and that's about it. Any other loanees will inevitably be brought over from Udinese with the names you have mentioned like Ekstrand for example.

    All we are happy for is that any remaining debt is settled and that the academy gets it's top classification which means EPL clubs cannot steal our kids for less than they do now. Arsenal, Tottenham (they took one player last season for nothing), Manchester City have all been trying to take some of our academy players recently because they are aware of how good our Academy is.

    In time to get the East Stand rebuilt and mount a playoff campaign say over the next two seasons. We are pretty realistic and down to earth fans here and we have seen the mess many other clubs like Portsmouth and now Birmingham have got themselves into.

    Which is why we have been very disappointed that when Graham Taylor left the club in 2000 as manager , Vialli managed to take us from having an £11M surplus into deficit which we have been struggling to overcome since.

    We are quite used not getting attached to players either. We have made extensive use of the loan system bearing in mind our finances, to make loan signings from the EPL and our managers have had a pretty good track record in this department.

    Players like Cleverley for instance. And we know as soon as we get a decent player in or produce one they will disappear. An example would be Danny Graham now at Swansea. Bought him for a relatively small amount of money developed him and then sold him on. This has been the model for us now for a while.

    If we buy players it is through scouring the divisions below us and taking on players who have been overlooked or for one reason or another not managed to fulfil their earlier potential.

    I'm pleased someone like Pozzo.snr is taking over with his track record in business and football club management. There are far too many clubs run in an improper fashion without regards to finances and keeping them on a stable footing.

    I don't think this acquisition will take the Pozzo's focus away from Udinese particularly in light of the upcoming CL campaign but as they see it will be a long term benefit to all the clubs they have under their umbrella and developing the youth they acquire through their extensive scouting network.
  23. Udinese

    Udinese First Year Pro

    Very sensible comment.
    I agree completely with your last sentence.
    We don't know Pozzo's plans, we can only deduce them from his acts, and by now, all I can see for what is happening is a positive synergic alliance, which could bring benefits to all the clubs.
  24. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    I basically agree with smudgers comments, but I think that over time should Watford become an established Premier League club, it is possible that your concerns may have some foundation?

    Hopefully Pozzo's focus will be equal for all three clubs, but as the Premier League is financially more lucrative than either Serie A or La Liga, he might be tempted to focus more on Watford for greater financial gain?

    However, lets hope that he will not favour one club over the others, and remain focussed equally on all his family!!!
  25. Udinese

    Udinese First Year Pro

    true, there is this possibility, but it will take time before we reach that point, and by that time many things might have changed... he might also have extended is colonies in other countries... :naughty:

    I can speak only for what we have experienced until now, both Udinese and Granada received an equal distribution of the resorses according to the different aims. Realtively speaking the process in this way could become slower, but in reality it turn out to be quicker than we thought for both of us. But even if it would become slower, it would still mean growth for all of us.

    Back to your question, Premier League might be more lucrative now, we do not know what could happen in the next few years, with many things are going on, like financial fairplay looming over european teams, big clubs threatening an european superleague and so on. Actual lucrative appeal could not be the same any more in few yaear's time. As far as I managed to understand Pozzo in 25 years I doubt his aim is the incomes deriving from one league or the other (too unpredictable) his system is based on the revenues deriving from buying cheap, increase value and reselling with a substantial capital gain. The "incerase value" phase is a key phase for his system, therefore Udinese, Granada, Watford are essential, and the more they are stable finantially the more expensive he can sell, the more these teams are stabilized in their respective Peremier Leagues, the more they consolidate themselves in top positions the more value the players gain, and also the window for potential buyers becomes wider. That's his business, which is extremely clever because is based on a balance which brings benefits to everybody, although the ultimate target might not be to win championship or the CL. Udinese supporters know that very well and it is sometimes reason for debate, but Pozzo knows very well that winning bring prestige and maybe some more money, but needs investments which not necessary can bring results, while his chicken farm is a garantee of regular capital gain.

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