Granada v Udinese

Discussion in 'Pozzo's Place' started by Meh!, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Meh!

    Meh! Pre-Dictator

    Just about to kick off!

  2. Meh!

    Meh! Pre-Dictator

    Udinese red card... in a friendly... between Pozzo clubs?!

  3. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    Success on fire!! (Its over, 2-0, Granada CF wins)
  4. sherlock

    sherlock Tippytappy footy expert

    Wow, couldn't watch the game but I've read the live comments afterwards and it seems Udinese was horrible or Granada very good.
    I'm beginning to be worried. Congratulations to the cousins anyway.
  5. PhilippineOrn

    PhilippineOrn First Team

    So, we have beaten Granada and drew with Udinese. Udinese have just lost to Granada. Does this make Udinese the weakest link? :naughty:
  6. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    We all know he is the weakest club and we have to help him :sign13:

    @sherlock Udinese paid the red card, this Granada is created to have the ball, so in the second time (With Khrin and Ruben Perez together) the ball was moving fast and Udinese hardly could do a thing except getting tired every minute.

    Apart of that, it is true that tonight Granada CF was kinda better but... Its preseason, we lost against a Morocco team and now we win a great Serie A team... Only sensations.
  7. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    As has been mentioned before by me and others, we really should have an annual "Pozzo Cup" tournament!

    It could be a 4 team tournament, with the 3 Pozzo teams, who would take turns as the hosts and a different guest team would be invited to join us each year, probably from the host teams country?

    Come on Pozzo's make it happen!
  8. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    Match video

  9. Meh!

    Meh! Pre-Dictator

    What was the red for?

    Seemed to be half time and the ref just went after him and sent him off?
  10. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    Seems he said something to the referee, quite absurd in a friendly match.

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