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Discussion in 'Pozzo's Place' started by rojiblancohorizontal, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Brilliant news. Deeney's rumoured move to Granada much more likely now. I can see him terrorising those Spanish defences.
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    I cannot farking believe it, What a wonderful feeling :)
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    Fantastic outcome. I genuinely believe this gives us an extra edge on our chances of staying up. It's tiny but it all counts. When does the new Soanish TV deal start? Could be a big windfall if Watford and Granada stay up for 2016/17.
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    Incredible! .... here's me with the worst stop start stream ever not knowing what the hell was going on ... cut to scenes of depor fans celebrating like crazy and then my browser stopped. I honestly thought Almeria must have scored (the last I knew it was 2-2) sending Granada down and the last thing I expected was Depor pulling back 2 goals. ... then I got the stream back, saw Athletico looking happy and Granada fans on the pitch, presumably in protest.

    But hang on ... why are they smiling? - WTF has just happened?

    Well done Depor for the result of the season and well done the Pozzo's for masterminding Granada's escape.
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    Where are the flares? #nopyronoparty
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    I believe Deportivo stayed up as well, no?
  11. G man

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    This is probably a ridiculous question but having just looked at the table how come the team below them has the same points a better goal different and goes down? Do they do it differently over there.
  12. feliuk

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    yes they do. read a few pages back.
    head to head results and if more than 2 teams a mini league of results between those teams
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    Oh okay thanks. Makes sense now
  14. Aberystwyth_Hornet

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    Roj's explanation on p16

    "2 teams with same score: Goal Average on games between both teams (Goals away doesn't count double as it can happen in a cup, it's like both only score 1 point). Granada vs Deportivo would make Granada be on top. Granada vs Eibar would make Granada be on bottom (both got 2 points [2 draws] so we must see the league goal average -> Eibar has a better score than us)

    +2 teams with same score: You have to do a "mini league" between all of them. In Granada-Eibar-Deportivo case it turns like this: Deportivo (7pts [2 wins against Eibar, 1 draw against Granada]), Granada (6 pts [2 draws against Eibar, 1 draw & 1 win against Depor]), Eibar (2 pts [2 draws against Granada])"
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    Fantastic escape for Granada, they looked dead and buried just a month ago, and credit to Deportivo for clinching survival with them coming from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 at champions Barcelona - great season all round in the end for the Pozzos.

    But I hope to god and for the sake of some of our older fans that next season isn't anything like as stressful for us as it was for them! Apart from two short unbeaten runs at the start and the one at the end that made the difference, they only picked up 17 points and 3 wins from 30 games, including a 13-1 aggregate hammering by Real Madrid. Even a Leicester-like season I'd prefer us to do without, I just want us to be comfortable and stay out of the relegation zone as much as we can.
  17. Timbers

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    I would take that if if means we stay up to be honest! Newcastle imploding, Sunderland not being able to score and Boro going are all that would save us I feel still.
  18. sherlock

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    Really it's amazing. Granada collected 8 points in the first 4 games, 10 points in last 4, and a pathetic result of 17 points in the 30 games in the middle.
    I'd like if Roji could tell us what happened. A team capable of such (short) bursts of efficiency on the pitch should not fear for relegation until the last minute. The previous manager had lost the dressing room maybe?

    Anyway, I hope the Pozzo's keep Sandoval after the miracle he made. Hopefully the next season might be less painful with him from the start.
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    Well done rojiblancohorizontals. That was very close and didn't finish in the way expected at all.

    If I was an Eibar supporter I'd be pretty pissed off right now. Deportivo did well to draw. But against a Barca side that made nine changes? What's that all about? The Copa del Rey final's not for a week. That would be protested against here and rightly so.

    And in the mini-league of three Eibar had the best goal difference of the three. OK, I understand there's a different system in Spain. But why? Why overcomplicate it? The season has 38 games. How come, when the chips are down, only some of them count? Silly really.

    It seems to me that a whole lot goes down in Spain (including selective 'incentives' to 'try harder' that wouldn't be acceptable here (rightly so again)) and it doesn't smell good. All euro leagues are competed for under UEFA jurisdiction I believe. How come they can't demand an end to dodgy practice across the board?
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  21. rojiblancohorizontal

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    I'll try to make a synthesis, but its going to be long (Thats what she said):

    Start of 2014/2015 season: Granada is looking for a new coach, all of the names you can hear and read in the news are that kind of misters that like to attack. Finally, after some troubles (specially with Rayo Vallecano trying to hire Jemez) Granada signs Caparros, a experimented coach, who likes to trust in the B teams (He brought to the elite Ramos, Llorente, Muniain, Reyes...) but also an ultradefensive coach.

    Games start. Everything looks quite fine but suddenly everything collapses. A team with offensive players see how they can't play and, most talented players are in the bench so defensive players with no sense about how to treat a ball are in the main eleven. It's been said that in the 7th game against Malaga. We are winning 0-1 at the half time, players are saying in the changing room things like: "We must attack now, we are dominating, we can do this" then Caparros says: "No, we are 0-1, everyone have to defend, if you have the ball, throw it far away and don't attack more than 2 players". That game was lost 2-1 (against 10) and some of the best players broke with Caparros (Piti, Rochina, Arabi...)

    The team starts being a joke until Caparros is displaced half of the season. Resino comes back as the savior for the second time, but this time, he has no luck (In my thoughts, when he saved the team last time, it was simply luck), he keeps the best players not playing or away from their ideal positions. We lose key games (Almeria, Cordoba...) And after Espanyol everyone thinks we are in 2nd division.

    But suddenly Sandoval appears (What a crazy move from Pina changing a coach 4 games from the end of the season in a relegated team) and, for the first time in forever, we have a coach that: 1) Likes to have the ball and attack, trying to finish with a shoot every ball we have and attacking with 4+ players, and 2) As the modern football knows, a mister has to be also a psychologist, so he went to the best players (in the bench) and said things like: "Arabi, if you fight for us, I asure you 4 goal chances every match, and I know you need nothing else to make a goal every game" or Rochina: "I want you to move as you want in the field, I want you to create spaces and shoot whenever you want, you have skills and you can read a game, trust me".

    Suddenly players believe in themselves and we make the miracle.

    I hope Pina had learned and saw that a having a good coach that likes to attack and speak with the players makes everything 60% easier.
  22. reids

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    It's common sense. The team I coach, we haven't played a game yet (only formed in January) but I noticed last week in our practise games that we were playing the ball over the top/long though ball far far too often in our matches at the end of training. Keep possession and move as a unit = strikers run less = midfield + defense run less if the striker loses the ball up top = you now have more bodies forward to put the opponent under pressure in their half = you win possession back easier = you dominate the game and get better chances. It's just the logical way to do things.
  23. sherlock

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    Thank you Roji, now everything quite more clear.

    I see from that now this becomes the longest period in first tier (5 years next season) after the 1968/76 period.
    I hope and think that record of 8 consecutive years in first division will be broken, hopefully more easily than like this year.
  24. feliuk

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    Well Yes you would be, but then again Cordoba did the same thing and were without 8 1st team players I believe, they even took an U18 to make the numbers up. Barca's 'reserves' are a hell of a lot better than anything Cordoba took to Eibar.
    As for the head to head or mini leagues, that has been going on in Spain for a long time and teams know where they stand. I actually think this is a much better way than GD. It is what you have done v your direct rivals.
    I for one am very happy today, Depor have been at the other end of dodgy results and life goes on :)
  25. rojiblancohorizontal

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    Also, if Eibar wants to look for someone to guilt, they should look themselves. You can't do 5 points in 17 games and try to fix everything in the last match when you don't even depend on yourself. They could had win Getafe 2 weeks ago and they start loosing time with a draw so...
  26. El distraído

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    For anyone on Twitter, please show your support for Ruben Rochina of Granada by tweeting @revistadelaliga with #revistarochina.

    He's in the running for La Liga goal of the season!

    Whoops, I see that Messi has already won it.
  27. zztop

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    I can see that. I have often wondered about the fate of a team depending on GD which may have been unduly affected by, say, one higher scoring game. A mini league does make sense. But there were something like 80 odd combinations going into the last game. Now that is complicated!

    This Guardian article tries to put into perspective from the Eibar point of view.
  28. feliuk

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    It was 90 minutes of pure hell, but also wonderful excitement.
    it always reminds me of when commentators bang on about the premier league and how wonderful it is and nothing ever happens in other leagues, what utter sh!te they are talking :)
    2 of 4 teams to go down on last day with 81 different combinations, 2 of 3 teams to get to Champions league,
  29. Aberystwyth_Hornet

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    They tried to claim the Newcastle /Hull situation was exciting. Had nothing on la Liga events
  30. rojiblancohorizontal

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    It's been said that maybe ELCHE will be sent to the Segunda División due to lack of money. They owned money to the country, asked for some extra time and money to business (got it) and then wasted it into Jonathas (striker, his best player so far). Now they own more than 15M€ and 3 months of salary to their players. Obviously LFP, Spain and the other teams are quite angry and there might be some news on Monday.

    (If this happens, Eibar will stay in La Liga)
  31. csdxl

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    BBC reporting that this has now happened. Elche relegated due to financial irregularities, Eibar given a reprieve and will remain in La Liga.
  32. feliuk

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  33. El distraído

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    Heard today that someone has offered €100m to buy Granada. Any ideas if it's true?
  34. rojiblancohorizontal

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    Not true, it was an invention from a pseudo journalist.
    The same journalist said, a week ago, that Pozzo and Pina were not talking to each other...

    Inventions (Granada CF even gave a text saying that everything was a lie)
  35. sherlock

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    Extremely glad to hear that!
    Any news about renewal for Sandoval? That would be a nice start for next season.

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