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Discussion in 'Pozzo's Place' started by Bwood_Horn, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Watching BBC's Top Gear (AKA "Three Oafs") I saw they were filming in Granada's new airport (open 25th July). It looks like there will be direct flights from London City - any news of a Spanish Budget airline that will be operting from there?
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  2. Godfather

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    From the city airport you can forget budget airlines
  3. rojiblancohorizontal

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    Top Gear was on Granada!! And i didn't knew! :doh:

    Yeah, there will be London-Granada conects, maybe with Iberia.
  4. nisman94

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    Yeah it's only BA (via City Flyer) so it'll definitely not be cheap.

    Edit: Just looked it up and the cheapest one-way for an adult is £240!!! That only applies for certain days and certain times using BA CityFlyer for a flight directly to Granada. Otherwise you'll be flying to Madrid and connect to a flight to Granada which'll cost you £600 odd one-way. Rather just go to Malaga and then drive to Granada from there
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    I'm pretty sure that airport in Top Gear wasn't Granada...
  6. Bwood_Horn

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    Well they made a quip that they would be spending the night in Granada and " morning..." they "...found..." a "...newly built abandoned..." airport "...10 minutes..." from where they were staying so I think my educated guess is probably correct.

    Is this good enough for the forum Faktnazis?
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    I'm pretty sure that they said that the airport was something like three years old and had to close because it went bust?
  8. UEA_Hornet

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    I think you've been duped by Top Gear's editing. The airport on there last week is about 200km from Granada so nothing to do with our footballing friends.
  9. Bwood_Horn

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    Care to enlighten me with its name - in case it turns up in a pub quiz question?
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    Anyone can edit Top Gear
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    Can Boris not just buy this one cheap and ship it over to Essex?
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    My mate and I were discussing going over to Granada to see a game - a couple of questions and the reason I'm asking is that neither of us speak much Spanish:

    1. It looks like it will be a flight to Malaga (it's so cheap) but looking here it looks like we can get a bus from the airport to Granada - this thing is in that list there seems to be a lot of Granada stops, which one would we want?

    2. Can someone please point me to a fixture list for Granada? Also what's the routine for buying tickets do we need a fan ID?

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    Why are all the advertisements, lights and screens on? What a waste of electricty
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    We have so many ghost airports in Spain. Great tracks for races lol
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  18. Bwood_Horn

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    Cheers brother, that's much better than the one I found (mine ended on february 2014).

    I've also discovered that buying tickets is through ATM's or the 'net. Exact times for KOs are given around about a week before the match.

    I'm aiming to make the match against Osasuna on 19th Jan (2014). For those interested the 'rough' figures I've got are:

    Flights Scumland - Malaga - £90 (about £45 each way, Monarch but they fly a much reduced service Thurs in, Sun out)
    Accomodation 3 nights B&B in a city centre hostel (Granada) - £60
    Bus from airport to Granada rtn - e26.

    This is looking to be "about" the same cost as attending a 'Top' :sick1: London premiershyte match.

    EDIT: I was also toying with the idea of visiting an old Gibraltarian friend of mine as it's not a million miles away - but as our friends from South Oxhey would say "Fuq dat!".
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