Gino’s Belgian Agent Mate - Match Fixing? Money Laundering?

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  1. I Blame Bassett

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    Rover used to sponsor elite junior tennis in the very early 1990s.
    Mandy Waihwright,the top U14 player,changed her sleeve patch to 'Raver'.
    Olga Morozova was livid,and Olga was angry most of the time,not least as she was a Muscovite!
  2. RookeryDad

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    Maybe the car co should have taken a leaf out of the impish Mandy's book & rebranded themselves as Raver.

    In the early 90s they would have cleaned up.

    I would tend to divide Muscovites into the menacingly intelligent & the lugubrious.
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  5. wfc4ever

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    Well Janmaat is here for another year supposedly.
  6. Moosegasm

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    Oulare had a good game against Man United in the Europa league just before we signed him and had scored a goal a game for Belgium U18/19.
  7. DrewH

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    Selim Amallah also.
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