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Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by Hogg-DEENEY!!!, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. Burnsy

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    Of course but that’s an obvious point as we aren’t linked to Brentford. I’ve always had a bit of a problem with this ‘a thing is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it’ when it’s used in football and other fields.

    If someone is only prepared to pay £10m for Deulofeu, does that make it all he’s worth? Why can’t we point to players in the same league, leaving clubs with the same aspirations as ourselves and use that as part of our process when in negotiations?

    Last year, when Maguire left Leicester for United for £80m+, they went for Ake and Bournemouth told them that they would placed the players in the same bracket in terms of ability so the price would be more or less the same. I really don’t see why referencing another transfer can’t be used in negotiations.
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  2. leighton buzzard horn

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    Nail on head. Feed balls through and he isn't as bad as many make out. Pump balls up to his head and he might as well not be there. He is scruffy but can be effective. His goal at Burnley when we won 3-1 was off his shin, his winner against Palace in the cup at home was scuffed...but balls to feet in front of goal and he will put plenty away.
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  3. Of course you can use all the tricks in the book as part of negotiation but the fact remains it's very unlikely that the price AV paid for Watkins will affect what someone will offer for Sarr.

    We can decide what we think any of our players are worth but their transfer value is only worth what another will pay. If we think Sarr is worth £60m in the current market then fine. He may be worth that to us as a player but if no-one agrees to pay £60m, he's not worth that as a transfer value.

    Is Watkins worth £33m ? Yes, AV paid it !
  4. Rambo

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    i think that if Stevie wonder was in was in front of the goal with the ball at his feet he could possibly put some away.
  5. Burnsy

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    Of course it may not affect what they agree to finally pay. But I’d say it is a factor if we as the selling club use such transfers as a reference point. And why shouldn’t we?
  6. Harrybassetthater

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    Villa are the new Everton.
  7. WillisWasTheWorst

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    If no-one bids any more, then yes.
  8. Burnsy

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    Sorry I just don’t agree as I think a players value is based on more than what a buying team thinks.

    When Villa were in the Championship and Spurs nearly had Grealish for £20m, under that viewpoint, he wasn’t worth anymore. But then the new board said no, kept him and they went up and accumulated far more money by doing so. So he was worth more to Villa than £20m. They’ve pocketed far more now and could sell him for 3-4 times that.

    Yes, our players will have a cost/worth. But our objectives have to be built into that estimate and not just what a team will pay.

    If say, Wolves came along and said here’s £18m for Deulofeu, take it or leave it, we don’t think he’s worth more. It’s very fair for us to say to them Watkins went for £28m and he played for a club with similar objectives to our own. He has no international caps and no top level experience. We perhaps will negotiate a fee with you as their are other factors too which make us open to negotiating but we are using current market prices as guidance.

    Any sensible business uses current market prices when valuing their own goods/players/items/stock.
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  9. WatfordTalk

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    No one has bid for Mbappe this summer, ergo he's worth **** all
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  10. A player may be worth more to us than another team is prepared to pay therefore we would just keep him.
    This whole debate stems from a throw away comment that Sarr must be worth £60m if AV paid £33m for Watkins. My response is that that doesn't follow.
    A players £ value is not necessarily the price the selling club puts on him. If Gino says GD is available for £25m and Wolves bid £18m take it or leave it what is his value ? Well depends what the end negotiated price is. If we are looking to sell but don't sell then all we can say is we feel he is worth more to us as a player than £18m.
  11. I doubt he's available for sale. If he was, there would be bids. We are clearly looking to sell GD.
  12. WatfordTalk

    WatfordTalk First Team

    Also seems we're looking to sell Pereyra, but with no bids, he also must be worth **** all
  13. Burnsy

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    I think saying ‘looking to sell’ is simplifying something that is likely more nuanced than that. I doubt we are ‘looking’ to sell anyone. That would intimate that we are touting their names around which already significantly weakens your negotiation starting point. Football agents are a crafty bunch - they will know when they can explore moves for their clients without even needing the go-ahead from employers. I think the difference between being ‘open’ to selling and ‘looking’ to sell is quite important.

    From what little we know, I don’t think we can say we are ‘clearly looking’ to sell anyone.
  14. Optimistichornet

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    probably is tbh.......zero effort last season.
  15. folkestone orn

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    Did they pay 33 million up front? If so, that's madness
  16. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    £28m+add ons (£33m) apparently. You have to hand it to Brentford, they know how to turnover their strikers and line their pockets.
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  17. We are obviously looking to sell and of course we will be touting names around. This is not a typical close-season. We have a £50m+ drop in revenues. We can't hide that from anyone :). Clubs will be aware we need to sell and it's just a question who do they want, just how desperate are we, and do they think they can push us low enough to pick up a bargain. Don't be surprised to see Hughes, or Gray, or Capoue, or Sarr, or Suarez, in fact anyone leave for a fee that seems illogically low as the deadline approaches.....
  18. Burnsy

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    But you realise that’s just your opinion though and that could very well not be the case?
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  19. As discussed elsewhere, we know we had a lot of debt before relegation, the £50m+ reduction in revenue is known, so it's pretty clear we need to sell and reduce cost base or in simple terms our debt will need to increase considerably with some doubt as to how and when we'd pay it back? Now just how low Gino will go to sell players is the unknown and we don't know whether he would be prepared to risk the future existence of the club in a gamble to get back to the prem. Lets say we are worth £25m as a championship club, £2oom as a prem club, would Gino be prepared to lose £25m in a gamble to win £200m ? Probably not I hope.
  20. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    This is the last I’ll say as I don’t want to derail the thread - but there’s a gap in finances as is well known. I’m just saying we don’t necessarily have to be pushing players to leave to plug that gap, that May breed an environment where we are making less money back than we should be. Hence why I’m merely suggesting (in my opinion) that we won’t be touting our players around. Agents will be doing that and then we negotiate.

    As I said the other day - I doubt we want to be looking ‘desperate’ for money at this point. And I stand by the thought that the club can use other market prices to assess the value of our own assets.
  21. Last I will say too. Is it in the public domain that our last accounts weren't great and that we will now have a £50m+ drop in revenue. That is known, based on that it's clear we need to sell unless we want to take a huge gamble. Exactly who we end up selling and for how much is the only question....
  22. lutonh8a

    lutonh8a Reservist

    Maybe you are right he does look quicker and more composed in front of goal in this video which is just my IMO
  23. LeedsOrn

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    I reckon with Pereyra, the club are waiting to see if any mide-table Italian sides come in for him (Genoa and Torino have both been linked). If they don't come in with a satisfactory offer, he'll go to Udinese. But that's obviously not cash in for the Pozzos so an external sale would be preferable.
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  24. Supertommymooney

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    £33m for Watkins is steep.

    But Villa are desperate for goals, should have gone down last season really.

    It does indicate something about the wider market, many people said Covid would depress prices.

    Not for clubs with rich owners / more money than sense it would seem. See Chelsea and Everton.

    Even Newcastle spending to try and stay up.

    But that's not the whole market. We'll just have to wait and see how it pans out at the cheaper end of the market, and for teams in other countries.
  25. simpleMASH

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    Fron this morning’s injury update on the club site:
    “This [list if long term absentees] did also include Gerard Deulofeu (knee), however now – as supporters may well have seen from social media channels – the Spaniard is expected to be back training with the squad next week, having stepped up his rehab some time ago.”

    I guess bringing him back is key to persuading buyers he’s ready to train and soon play.
  26. Sit Down

    Sit Down Academy Graduate

    Reading between the lines then concerning Capoue, Pereyra & Welbeck are that they aren’t part of the 1st team plans & the club is actively seeking to offload them which we pretty much knew anyway given the recent reports in the media.

    No mention of an injury to Suarez so assume he starts on Friday night with Gray out.
  27. Bubble

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    Well 40% of him well start on Friday night.
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  28. Sit Down

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    I’m going for left leg, upper chest & right fist.
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  29. BigRossLittleRoss

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    Is Gray definitely out ?
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  30. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    I read it a little more like, 'go and train on your own until someone wants to buy you and when they don't, you'd better come back and apologise and be part of the group'.

    If these players don't get the moves they clearly want then humble them.
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  31. wfc4ever

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    Is Gray definitely out ?

    I cannot see Suarez starting having not been involved last week .

    Be Pedro I reckon.

    Just hope Suarez and Sarr stay otherwise there are going to be a lot of disappointment and meltdowns !
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  32. GoingDown

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    Several weeks. I'd imagine he'll be back for Luton as will Hughes.
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  33. Sit Down

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    Says a couple of weeks with a hamstring strain.
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  34. BigRossLittleRoss

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    This is what it’s come to , I’m actually concerned about Gray not being available .
  35. The Voice of Reason

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    More likely to be a dads army of Murray and or Deeney.

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