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Discussion in 'General Football & Other Sport' started by Otter, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Showing just how wrong rankings can be the Green Army (some of whom actually had to contact their places of work to request extra holiday so they could play in the QF!) have beaten Spain to make it to the finals. Congratulations to them.

    But, I don't *think* they'll do it against the Dutch who, judging by the sublime hockey they played beating a "very good" English side, should beat the Ozzies tonight in the other SF.

    I was given the privilege of coaching/managing the "Purple" development mixed U11 squad (I normally work with the "FLYERZ" disability/inclusive section) in the club's end of season tournament (6 mini tournaments over June/July). We were exceptionally consistent in our results but I was humbled by two little girls (I *think* it was their first season playing making them U9?) who got a stick and ball to the face, they weren't very happy so I took them off and delivered them to the respective mums. But the meltdowns they had when I told them they couldn't return to the match...

    Full coverage on BT and lots of stuff on FIH's youtube channel.

    It is extremely frustrating as I was told at Lea Valley, by an England Hockey "flunky" that the women's hockey had, by far, the largest audience (for a team sport I imagine) of the BBC's Olympic coverage.
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    Fair play to the Irish they didn't do their usual tactic of playing with a very deep backline (aka "10 defenders and a goalie"). They did try and play against the Dutch...and got much the same result as when we "attempted" the same tactic against $(h)ity.
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    Pretty much as you were for England it seems.

    Although Vardy has retired so now its basically Harry Kane as the only striker.
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    Adam Lallana has pulled out of the squad with an injury. Late call for the Albino Iniesta?
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    Hope not.
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    Utter madness. It will only dilute the competition further with more meaningless group games. All for mammon. It renders the qualification process in some cases pointless. Why not invite everyone in Infantino you prize pillock ?
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