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    Floro Flores deal on for Granada CF

    Posted By Inside Spanish Football On June 25th, 2012 08:23 PM | News, Primera Liga
    By Heath Chesters - Follow @HeathFMResearch

    The local media in Granada knew last week, Granada CF had been in talks with Udinese, over a loan deal for Antonio Floro Flores.

    The day that confirmation was expected before the weekend, Sporting Director Juan Carlos Cordero, simply said that they were interested and the “door is always open.”

    The player’s agent had often mentioned Granada CF as one of the front-runners for a deal, but nothing clear was being indicated by either of the clubs or the player himself, until now.

    Via Twitter, a Granada CF fan asked Floro Flores: “Floro!, Your future is Granada? Here we are waiting with open arms. Spain is home antonio.”

    Via his @FloroFlores83 official Twitter account, Floro Flores responded “in days.”

    This isn’t the first time Granada CF have tried to take the player on loan from Udinese. Last season in their quest for a “number 9”, they tried and failed to lure the player to Spain. It now appears that this season, their approaches have been more successful.

    Important to note however, that there is still nothing official from either Granada CF or Udinese, to confirm the deal.

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    Too similar to Deene.... oh.
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