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  1. onion8837

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    a complete set of home programs for both the promotion seasons 1977-8 and 78-9 in a box in my attic on Sunday. Read through them all in one sitting.

    Bought a tear to the eye, hard to believe it was 40 years ago !
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  2. Hornet4ever

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    Wow very nice.

    If you want to sell PM me.
  3. Still got mine somewhere.
    I also saved the relevant pages out of the watford observer for several years (78 onwards i think). Again somewhere in the loft. I insist on bringing them with us whenever we move house much to Mrs TuT's irritation.
  4. onion8837

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    When i was at uni my dad used to send me all the press cuttings for all the watford games - unfortunately i didnt keep them.

    Oct 81 to june 84

    I try to explain this to my kids and they dont understand !
  5. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    I was tidying up my shed last weekend and I found a genuine antique VHS video of the 1989/90 season. Golden days when Highgrade's grandad was still in his pomp.

    And the most amazing thing is that I am also considering selling this to you, dear Premiership soccer fan, for the one off limited only price for today only of £349.99 plus VAT but you must pick it up.

    Also I have a black coffee cup which says "Watford - Simply The Best" and is fully clean from rarely smoking household and only £199.99 or very close offer. Living premiership history. Special price for tourists and premier fans. The first £199.99 and it's yours.

    PM me now. Reluctant sale prompted only and exclusively by disgust at Delofeu's malingerings.
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  6. PhilippineOrn

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    I am not entirely convinced you are VAT registered.

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