Forum Upgrade: September 16th 2011

Discussion in 'This Site' started by Defunct, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Optimistichornet

    Optimistichornet Penguin Assassin

    hehe liking the idea of luton outlaws lol

    just go on and start chatting as though none of it was planned.
  2. alip01

    alip01 Reservist

    Moog already has! :rolleyes:
  3. afanof

    afanof First Team

    I'm confused. You say this is happening on Friday, but the countdown ends tomorrow morning, which I think is Thursday. :confused:
  4. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    It says 1 day 9 hours to go on mine. I think it takes the time/date from your own time setting, so are you a day out?
  5. afanof

    afanof First Team

    Well spotted! My computer thinks it's the 15th :doh:

    EDIT: mine says 1 day 9 hours too now!
  6. cyaninternetdog

    cyaninternetdog Forum Hippie

    I cant use that l*t*n outlaws site, bloody awful.
  7. IRB

    IRB THe artist formally know as ImRonBurgundy?

    I've posted on some big forums and this one is definitely the most passionate
  8. AshdonWFC

    AshdonWFC Prediction League Champion 2011/12

    It's already begun. :rolleyes:

    You don't even need to register! :biggrin:
  9. simms

    simms vBookie


    Let the flame wars begin!
  10. DrewH

    DrewH Administrator Staff Member

    Just posted on there :biggrin:
  11. hornmeister

    hornmeister Administrator Staff Member

  12. AshdonWFC

    AshdonWFC Prediction League Champion 2011/12

    Hattermeister? Is that you? :biggrin:
  13. krisvad

    krisvad Forum Viking

  14. leighton buzzard horn

    leighton buzzard horn Squad Player

    The old ones are the best ones and all that..!
  15. The Duke

    The Duke Reservist

    Hornmeister gave me 100,000 'orns, but i just lost them all on blackjack :dismay:
  16. With A Smile

    With A Smile First Team

    I managed to lose half a million on two spins of the wheel.

    Despite them being worthless and losing them anyway this afternoon, i still wanted to win, bizzarre
  17. Keano

    Keano Reservist

    countdowns a fake !!
  18. jon_e_lee

    jon_e_lee Old Git!

    It's based on your PCs clock not Admins!
  19. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    jon-e-lee officially had the last ever post on the old forum.
  20. El distraído

    El distraído Johnny Foreigner

    Upgrade looks great Admin! Well done!! How did it all go in the end? Has it been a long day?
  21. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    A long day for all of us. Car being MOT'd and failing also added to the delay whilst I ran off and got the exhaust fixed!
  22. The Duke

    The Duke Reservist

    Wel Donme Admin and HornMeister, enjoying the new site :sign15:
  23. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    Warehouse and Smithy helped too.
  24. hollywood

    hollywood 1881/singing section organiser

    looks good Guys. Well done.
  25. hollywood

    hollywood 1881/singing section organiser


    Why the fark have i only got 500 vcash ? Where's the other 217,000 ??

    I'm calling my MP
  26. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    Hollywood, if you want to write a short piece on the Yellow Order and link to your own site then we can get it on the front page.
  27. afanof

    afanof First Team

    Looks great. Well done everyone.

    I had a play on the luton outlaws site but it was very uneventful. They seemed pretty normal, if a tad racist (unless that was one of you lot!)
  28. simms

    simms vBookie

    Nice one admin, well done on the installation. Also, did you forget you could update on the wfcforums twitter account?
  29. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    Completely forgot about the twit account :doh:
  30. Davidwfc

    Davidwfc Reservist

    Dont like the change. I cant see what has changed for the good, other then more adverts. It looks as ugly as the glory horns site.
  31. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    It'll change in time, but there are so many new features that we could only spend so much time on the design whilst trying to learn how to use it. The old forum was well past it's sell by date.
  32. DrewH

    DrewH Administrator Staff Member

    Good work Admin & co.
  33. IRB

    IRB THe artist formally know as ImRonBurgundy?

    Well done Admin/mods

    We all appreciate the hard work :sign15:
  34. wfcthroughandthrough

    wfcthroughandthrough Squad Player

    Excellent work Admins! Looks really slick and impressive. Keep up the great work
  35. Davidwfc

    Davidwfc Reservist

    I dont like the white backround it makes it look bland, but maybe thats just me.

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