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Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by wfc4ever, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. wfc4ever

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    Get on the WFC Twiiter page.

    A rare sight - us scoring from a set piece !!!

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  2. Carpster

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    Was it Alan Garner?
  3. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

  4. wfc4ever

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    Not quite that long ago!

    In this century..
  5. R4E

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  6. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Demerit at Cardiff.
  7. wfc4ever

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  8. Smudger

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  9. wfc4ever

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    98/99 review here:

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  10. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    George Best: All by Himself

    Probably the most talented player ever produced in the British Isles. Sad to see the cheeky smiling young lad from Belfast end up the way he did. Like Maradona unable to cope with the enormous pressure of stardom, lacking family close to him and at a young age having achieved all he wanted to do. Staggeringly skilled. Just a pity his career was so curtailed and what he might have achieved had he stayed on the straight and narrow but just could not.

  11. reids

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    It's all going on in Belarus over the weekend.
  12. UEA_Hornet

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    Fans dying to watch it?
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  13. Harrybassetthater

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    Two football related series on Netflix that are brilliant watches are 'The English Game' and 'Sunderland 'Til I Die'. Both come with a lot of perspective about the game.
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  14. wfc78

    wfc78 Academy Graduate

    Thanks for this! Had the VHS as a a kid and watched it till it wore out. Didn’t think it was available anymore. That’s the morning sorted!
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  15. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    Aidy inspiring the team to unimagined heights. Three hours of memories. :)
  16. Otter

    Otter Gambling industry insider

    05/06 was one of my favourite seasons. I think more so as we were tipped for relegation having only just avoided it in 04/05. The trip to Cardiff was one of my all time top matches that I've been to.
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  17. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    There's so much in this. Boothroyd's first fans forum which I'd never seen before is about half way through.
  18. Bloke

    Bloke Reservist

    Do you know what, I was delighted to hear Georgie Best full of praise for Watford, the fact he know Jenkins and Blisset makes me happy, and he was fully behind the way we were playing at the time
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  19. wfc4ever

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  20. wfc4ever

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  21. Just finished watching the full 3hrs over the last 3 days. Great season. What a player Marlon King was at his best.
  22. luke_golden

    luke_golden Space Cadet

    Started doing the same yesterday. Some excellent memories and with the turgid turn our form eventually took under Boothroyd, I’d forgotten how excellent some of the stuff we played under him that first season really was. Multiple times I’ve seen goals on there where we work the ball from one side of the park to the other, with multiple passes, before a dangerous cross is swung in for the winger who started the move on the opposite side sneaking in for the finish.

    Or you’ve got the targeted long ball forward for Henderson to flick on for King, or the one where King just takes it down himself, uses his strength and speed to blow past his marker and create havoc by himself.

    As for the man himself, I’d equally forgotten how Aidy didn’t start out as a walking rent-a-quote, but as a passionate, enthusiastic young coach who had that squad energized to achieve well beyond their means.
  23. wfc4ever

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  24. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Ben Foster on Football Focus tomorrow.
  25. Steve Leo Beleck

    Steve Leo Beleck Squad Player

    Halfway through it at the moment. That team was great, very much better than the sum of its parts.

    Ashley Young was so, so good at 18, hardly surprising he's gone on to have the career he has. His set pieces were phenomenal and really put our current shambolic efforts in context. Ben Foster was terrible for the first few games, conceded lots of poor goals. McNamee was one of my favourite players and this season reminds me why.

    And how many of our goals came from crosses? I miss that kind of football, load up the box full of players and get some people that can deliver a really good ball in. Part of the same issue but I wish there were more strike partnerships in modern football, there was something great about watching King and Henderson strike the fear of god into the centre backs.
  26. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    Promotion to the top tier for the first time in the club's history. God giving a forthright, robust defence of the style of play. It is a simple game decrying Motty. GT was too much of a gentleman to savage Motty as Cloughie once did. Both made the same pertinent points.
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  27. lowerrous

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    Live Belarus Premier League. The Sluts are losing:

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  28. Warrington Hornet

    Warrington Hornet Reservist

    If anyone is interested:

    BT Sport 3 today (13/4) Chelsea v Watford FA Cup Semi Final 1969/70 at 19:30. Played on a beach at White Hart Lane!!

    Also at 6am on Sunday 18/4 on Sky Sports Mix is Leeds v Watford Play Off Final at Cardiff.
  29. UEA_Hornet

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  30. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Ours probably won't get picked then as all the top teams will have more votes.

    They should show the last 20 minutes and extra time ?
  31. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    They only add games like ours to make it seem 'fair', no chance our total 25k worldwide supporters will make a dent in the voting. Was Deulofeu's goal even goal of the season last season?

    I can honestly say I don't remember any of the other games listed. I can just about remember a goal in the Chelsea Spurs one but that is all.
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  32. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    There were better ones in the 90s.

    Palace v Liverpool and Chesterfield v Middlesbrough.
  33. Hornpete

    Hornpete Squad Player

    It won with 25% of the vote. I hope its some build up, half time and post match rather than just 120 minutes of football.
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  34. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

  35. Hornpete

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    Going to the pub to watch it.

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