[SIGNED perm] Filip Stuparevic

Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by Norwayhornet, Sep 8, 2018.

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    Swap deal in the offing?
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    I’m sure the debonair Wilmot will have a bulging address book.
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    Young dude with a few quid chasing the ladies shocker!
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  6. The Recluse

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    Although he trained with Udinese in pre-season there's not been any announcement of a move there, and now with the Italian and Spanish transfer windows shut he appears to be without a loan. Can he play here yet? Will he turn up at Partick Thistle before midnight and sign for them or is he now in limbo?
  7. Robert Peel

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    Him and Tudor speak the same language and not that far from Serbia so Udinese would be a decent move for a young lad away from home.

    Expect him to be unveiled at Waasland-Beveren this afternoon.
  8. Relegation Certs

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    Another promising kid whose career we're going to destroy LOL
  9. Yep. He's in need of a filip.
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    He's the footballer equivalent of Tom Hanks in The Terminal. Except he's not doing Catherine Zeta Douglas on a building site.
  11. Burnsy

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    Aren’t all the windows closed now? What I’ve found odd is that Watford themselves never announced the signing. His Serbian club did but we didn’t. But every current source has him as being our player.

    Would Watford announce the temporary departure of a player they never announced? We have a stack full of kids in the Spanish league that we’ve traded in but never acknowledged through official channels. He could just be another one and already have made his move to somewhere minor?
  12. reids

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    Soccerway has details of all our random kids etc that we have out on loan. They don't have details of any loan for Suparevic. https://uk.soccerway.com/teams/england/watford-football-club/696/transfers/
  13. DrewH

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  14. The Recluse

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    That is missing a lot of players!

    Current loans ON that list are;

    Adalberto Penaranda - KAS Eupen
    Ben Wilmot - Swansea City
    Michael Folivi - AFC Wimbledon
    Alex Jakubiak - Gillingham FC
    Ken Sema - Udinese
    Williams Velásquez - JEF United Chiba
    Jerome Sinclair - VVV-Venlo
    Cucho Hernández - RCD Mallorca
    Marc Navarro - CD Leganes
    Pervis Estupiñán - CA Osasuna
    Juan Camilo Becerra (Maya) - UE Cornell*
    Kingsley Fobi - CD Badajoz
    Matheus Santana - CD Don Benito

    Current loans NOT ON that list are;

    Daniel Phillips - Hemel Hempstead Town
    Harry Hudson - Cray Wanderers
    Jorge Segura - Atlas FC
    Matheus Aias (Barrozo Rodrigues) - CD Mirandes
    Luis Javier Suárez (Charris) - Real Zaragoza
    Kwasi Sibo - UD Ibiza
    Jaime Alvarado (Hoyos) - Hércules CF
    Juergen Elitim - Marbella FC
    (I don't doubt there are more but they're easily missed and difficult to track)

    Disputed transfer type NOT ON that list;

    Mamadou Mbaye - Cadiz CF B
    While it was reported, the contract type was never made clear. I've asked around and it may have been a free transfer but nobody seems to know just yet.
    It took a number of months last season to find his loan to a Croatian club.

    Filip Stuparevic is listed as a loan to Udinese on a number of sites but not the ones I trust.
    The Italian club have never confirmed it and I believe any confusion arose when it was reported he was training with them pre-season.
    He's an u21 international and it just seems bizarre he's seemingly without a club at a decent level UNLESS it simply hasn't been made public yet, for whatever reason.
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  16. The Recluse

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    Just going through the squad lists and there doesn't appear to be any new surprise loan players.

    Ryan Cassidy has not being involved so far this season - IS INCLUDED.
    Ryan Suckling was released at the end of June but appears to have re-signed - IS INCLUDED.
    Mamadou Mbaye moved to Cadiz B on an unknown transfer which can now be confirmed as a loan - IS INCLUDED.
    Reece Miller, the young forward who hit the headlines for his part in a fight at Ascot - NOT INCLUDED (though he is still listed on the club site u23 page)

    A number of over 21 year old players out on loan are not named because (I presume) they no longer qualify in the u21 criteria. They are:
    Marc Navarro, Jorge Segura, Williams Velasquez, Ken Sema, Matheus Aias, Adalberto Penaranda, Jerome Sinclair, Luis Javier Suarez Charris and Alex Jakubiak.

    Players who have represented Watford this season or have been connected to the club in the media who are not named in the list are:
    Isaac Evans, James Debayo, Teimo Vazagkasvili, Damani Hunter and Aiden Manning.

    Players previously named in the u21/scholar lists no longer included:
    Alkeo Bani, Reece Miller, Joel Bell, David Burnell, Maxim Goncear, Shaun Govia-Jackson, Yazid Kaikay, Courtney Watson and Louis Yamfam.
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  17. reids

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    I wonder if he's been loaned to their youth side? Probably wouldnt get any confirmation from either side about that. That being said it seems a waste for him to be playing youth football.
  18. The Recluse

    The Recluse Academy Graduate

    I did wonder that myself so have kept an eye on the Primavera squad on their site but nothing as of yet suggests he's there.
  19. Not sure if it helps but Filip Stuparevic means "tax loss" in Serbian.
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  20. Burnsy

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    Has Stuparevic old Serbian side started their season yet? Any chance he’s signed for us but staying there for another year?
  21. The Recluse

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    Their (FK Vozdovac) season started on July 19 and he's not listed in any line up, starting XI or sub.
  22. reids

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    Louis Yamfam? That's gotta be up there with Jazzi Barnum-Bob and Haivis Veste
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    Don't forget Jazzi Barnum-Bob's contemporary Bobson Bawling.
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  25. The Recluse

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  26. The Recluse

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    Friday night in Bulgaria and Stuparevic comes off the bench to win the game for Serbia in an u21 European Qualifier.

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  27. reids

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    Decent finish that!
  28. UEA_Hornet

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    Great finish. The commentator got a bit overexcited for my liking though.
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  29. wfc4ever

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    That is him sold then !
  30. The Recluse

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  31. PowerJugs

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    "Still owned by Watford, the Serbia U21 international lined up in a friendly for Udinese (in some kind of trial, we’re guessing?) against Giorgione, which the Serie A club won 3-0.

    So either the transfer has already happened and no one’s said anything, or there’s been some kind of agreement for the Italians to try Stuparevic out in this manner so Gotti could have a closer look at the striker, who can also play on the wings."

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