[SIGNED perm] Filip Stuparevic

Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by Norwayhornet, Sep 8, 2018.

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    Good luck to the 1881 sorting a song for this fella.
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    He'd better not be out on ******* loan anywhere.
  5. Is he eligible to play for our first team this season, if good enough of course, because he is u21 and even though he has been bought since the window closed?
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    Super, super stu, super super stu, super super stu, super stuparevic.
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  7. Stupa kaja frag revic expealidocious
    Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious
    If you say it loud enough you'll always sound precocious
    Stupa kaja frag revic expealidocious
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    Any players bought during the closed part of the transfer window are automatically banned until the start of the next season due to rule breaking. He can't even play in January. :(
  9. This is translated from a YouTube video page entitled welcome to Watford

    Published on 8 Sep 2018

    Zmaj's great work from Vodozovac.

    It's a little, more precisely, to transfer your transfers from Serbia directly to the Premier League in recent years! This was the last made by Marko Grujic (Liverpool), and Zvezdina brothers Ilic (Manchester City), and somewhat earlier Stefan Savic (Manchester City), Radosav Petrovic (Blackburn), Danilo Pantic (Chelsea), Zoran Tosic and Adem Ljajic (Manchester United) , Vanja Milinkovic Savic (Manchester United) ... Now came the turn that the big transfer into the probably most powerful league of the world is realized by the supertalented attacker Vozdovac - Filip Stuparevic!

    The business announced by the Italian media a little over a month ago is now almost finished, at least partially. Namely, the Sports Journal in today's edition reports that the Dragons from Vozdovac sold Philip Stuparevic to Votford for exactly 3,000,000 euros! It is, even as the Italians wrote, only part of the work that should end with Stuparevic's transfer to Udinese. However, the question is whether Willfort will remain consistent with this type of transaction, or will Stuparevic still retain for himself. Voždovac, undoubtedly, managed to finish a terrific job, seeing that Stuparevic entered the last year of the contract. He made the biggest exit transfer in the history of the club! The previous record holder was Adam Marusic, who in 2014 was sold to Kortrajk for 450,000 euros.

    As Žurnal claims, Stuparevi* will get a contract for four years, and the job will be completed on January 1, 2019. More precisely, when the gates of the winter transfer market in Europe are opened.

    Recall, Watford and Udinese are clubs owned by the same family - Poco. To be precise, Father Djempaolo is the head of Udinese, while his Gino is leading the word into a now stable prime minister and one of the most surprising new club season. Therefore, it should not be surprising that clubs have often exchanged players in recent years and handed them over to each other.

    Stuparevic scored two goals this season in six super league matches.
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    'Votford' has a ring to it.

    Na na na na, na na na na, hey yeh hey, Votford FC.
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    He comes from Serbia, He'll ******* murder yer.
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    Isn't Votford in the Harry Potter books? I may be mistaken.
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  14. Like and detest at the same time!
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    From this it is clear he won’t stay at Votford/Willfort.

    He will become Prime Minister.
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    That is one of the worst YouTube highlights videos ever produced. Started off alright with a well taken goal in a proper match but quickly degenerated into a succession of hitting pea-rollers through to keepers and appealing for corners in some sort of training/youth team environment.
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    Will he count as home grown as he's under 18?
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    He was definitely grown in someones home possibly his parents!
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    Might have been a test tube baby though!
  20. RookeryDad

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    Like a human Dolly the Sheep?
  21. Watford Gav

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    Exactly, did you know stuparevic means test-tube in Serbian?
  22. After the quiet summer, this signing gives a real filip to the squad.
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    Untrue. Stuparevic means Otter
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    It would make more sense if it meant 'Bird'.
  25. Otter

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    I may have to change my avatar.
  26. And I believe he is a keeper not a striker
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    The Serbian for 'otter' is, unsurprisingly, Видра.

    (That's vydra.)
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    Looks assured on the ball although appears to be sporting a noose.
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    I’ve posted this before for some other player I’ve never heard of and I’ll post it again:

    There's this girl that's been on my mind
    All the time, Stu-Stu-Stuparevic oh oh
    Now she don't even know my name
    But I think she likes me just the same
    Stu-Stu-Stuparevic oh oh
  30. kVA

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    Stupa-loopy, nuts are we
    We’re all Stupa-loopy
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    A chant which works better for snooker is not a great chant.
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    Nobody mentioned they had to be good. It’ll hold its own against Fosters coming home.
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    I tried to get that going for Nicolo Frustalupi.:(
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    I think I also posted that for Ken Sema.. Ken Ken Sema.
  35. kVA

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    Surely this points to the fact that that we should all appreciate Phil Collins contribution to our musical heritage more than we already do.

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