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    Hope everyone is keeping well and staying healthy.

    The endless tedium of lockdown and lack of football has led to a lot of reflection on past Watford games. This has been aided by Watford FC's YouTube channels excellent content to stave off boredom. So I decided to make a list of my favourite Watford matches. All of these are matches I attended live, but this is not a mandatory criteria. If you have a short attention span skip to the top 3, or better yet hit back on your browser.

    Here we go:

    20. Watford 3-3 Leicester -

    The unexpected and wonderful return of Heidar Helguson saw Watford come back from 2-0 down to lead 3-2, Helguson scoring the 2nd and 3rd. Only Leicester's unnecessary and unpleasant equaliser stops this game from making the top 10.

    19. Newcastle 0-3 Watford -

    The furthest I have ever travelled to see Watford resulted in a win so easy it was almost dull.

    18. Watford 6-1 Bournemouth -

    The one sided nature of this thrashing did not at all hint at the rivalry we would go on to have with Bournemouth only a season later.

    17. Watford 4-2 Huddersfield -

    An incredibly tense ending as 10 man Watford tried to hold out for a 3-2 win, the home crowd roaring them on. Then Abdi ran up the other end and scored a 4th. Brilliant.

    16. Ipswich 1-2 Watford -

    Ipswich had a 15 game 100% unbeaten home record before this game (I think 14 wins out of 15). Their fans were smug and cocky. We beat them. Great day.

    15. Qpr 1-2 Watford -

    A memorable game from a memorable season. Best remembered for QPR 'scoring' as their striker lobbed Foster only for the ball to bounce too high and hit the crossbar. Foster lamped it down the field to Young who scored about 5 seconds later. Cue angry QPR fans and confused yet joyous Watford fans.

    14. Aston Villa 2-3 Watford -

    The first time I saw Watford win away in the top flight. A 3-2 win is always fun. Deeney winding up the home fans. Good day out.

    13. Watford 3-1 Man Utd -

    Watford's first win against Man Utd in my life. As a kid the idea of seeing Watford beating Man Utd was unthinkable and yet it happened. And we beat them handily.

    12. Cardiff 2-4 Watford -

    Cardiff is a great away destination and we had a great team that season. Some 4-2 wins are close (see no.17), but this 4-2 was a thrashing. Guedioura's rocket the highlight.

    11. Wigan 0-2 Watford -

    Only my second away midweek game. Huge game in the promotion race we needed to win. Deeney made sure we did. We went top of the league. I got home at 3am in the fog, feeling I had done my bit.

    10. Watford 4-1 Chelsea -

    Absolutely thrashing one of the biggest teams in England was unthinkable until very recently. Unforgettable last 10 minutes and the arrival of Deulofeu.

    9. Watford 3-2 Bristol Rovers -

    One of my first games and earliest Watford memories. Mooney's winner might be the reason I become a Watford fan.

    8. Leeds 1-6 Watford -

    Seeing Watford win 6-1 away to dirty Leeds. Not much more explanation is needed.

    7. Watford 7-2 Blackpool -

    How many teams in world football have responded to a 2-0 half time deficit by hitting 7 unanswered goals in the second half?

    6. Watford 2-0 Burnley -

    Incredible day, incredible atmosphere and incredible goal from Glass. Scenes.

    5. Watford 3-0 Leeds -

    The finish that the brilliant 05/06 season deserved. Such a likable team, such a brilliant team.

    4. Bolton 3-4 Watford -

    The day I knew we were going up. We lost leads at 1-0 and 3-2 but kept going to the end and who else but Deeney to get us over the line in the 90th minute?

    3. Watford 2-0 Bolton -

    Possibly my fondest childhood memory. The commotion on Wembley Way, the smells, seeing the Twin Towers up close for the first time. And then to win it and reach the Premiership. Amazing.

    2. Watford 3-1 Leicester -

    99% of football clubs don't have a moment that even comes close to the one we were given on that fateful day. Will be remembered forever.

    1. Watford 3-2 Wolves -

    Watford is often a story of plucky failure. Our previous visits to New Wembley had been full of hope and excitement and ended in abject misery. This was going to be the same. I debated leaving with just over 10 minutes to go to beat the infamous queues out of the stadium and onto the train. I stayed. And then we did something I didn't know Watford could do. A comeback I still don't expect when I watch back the highlights. God bless you, Deulofeu. I bumped into Lloyd Doyley on the train home. Incredible day. Can't wait for the next.

    That's it. Please tell me yours.

    PS. Here is a graph of the number of these games by year:


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    Fantastic write up and thanks for putting the time and memories for us all to recount.

    Too many to list, but I echo most of them, and add these.

    Liverpool 0 Watford 1 - Mooney's goal early on as we survived a second half siege. Karl Heinz Reidle forgot how to shoot and Fowler was pants.

    Birmingham 1 Watford 0 - but we for through on penalties. Alec Chamberlain master class in goal throughout the game. Jerry Francis crying. Loved it.

    Barnsley 0 Watford 1 - ended a totally rotten run in the 00/01 season. Neilson smashed in the winner on a bitterly cold night in Yorkshire. Literally froze my T*ts off that game.

    Portsmouth 1 Watford 2 - it marked our return
    to the then second tier of football. Fantastic own goal in that game too. Went on to win our next two after.
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    Literally?! :eek:
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    2/5/1998 at Fulham to win the division was a great day out.
  6. Relegation Certs

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    Good list. There's loads from when we were plucky little watford but beating the bin dippers 3-0 this season is up there for me.

    Smashing their unbeaten run, the look on klopps face. Lovely stuff.
  7. BeersThen

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    Beating Plymouth in the semi in 1984. Because at ten years old, Watford and realising we'd made the FA Cup final, meant everything to me.
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    Thought the recent Liverpool 3-0 would of made the top 20 .... but a fantastic list and some great memories
  9. NorthHarrowHornet

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    Watford 2-1 Sunderland, early 99
    20k fans there, Daley's cross for Nicky Wright, Gifton's finish in front of us at the Vic End.
    They were such a likable and hardworking team and us fans loved it. The atmosphere was electric and unforgettable.
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    The game at Birmingham in the same cup run.
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    1. April 69-v Plymouth 1-0. Made it to the promised land –Div 2 for the first time ever. I had only been going for a few years and must have thought this is good.

    2. Feb 70 v Liverpool 1-0 Q-F. FA cup semi awaits –first time in our history. Not a great view in the Rookery when Endean scored but all carried away in the celebrations.

    3. March 78. Away at Swansea on a Friday night 3-3. Ian Bolton’s explosion free kick I think. Strange seeing inmates peering through the bars at the prison next door.

    4. Oct 78. League cup Away at Man U-2-1. Luther’s goals. Imagine little old WFC winning there. Went on the special train from junction. Fantastic atmosphere on journey home even though windows were put in as we held curtains up to stop bricks.

    5. Dec 79. Away at PNE Friday night 2-1. First season back in Div2-had lost 7 and drawn 3 of our first 10 away-our coach broke down-arrived at half time 1-0 down with a few hundred Watford already there. Witnessed one of the strangest things ever, as 4 never seen before “fans” followed us in, walked through us and spoke to a steward who let them pass through the cage separating us from around 100 PNE, who like us were watching wondering what was going on-they then shouted “Blackpool” and ran into the PNE –cue mayhem-meantime Patching and Wilf scored.

    6. Feb 80 FA Cup 5th rnd. Away at Wolves-3-0-33,000 gate. They had just reached the League Cup final-Poskett scoring 2. Completely silenced their celebrations.

    7. Sep 80. League Cup 2nd rnd. Saints 7-1. 4-0 down from 1st leg. Unbelievable night-raining goals

    8. April 83. L*t*n 5-2. To absolutely smash them for the first time in 9 attempts (1971 previous win) was brilliant. 2 pens by Luther.

    9. May 83. Liverpool 2-1. To finish runners up to them as Champions in the final game of season-27,000 there. Can you imagine anything like that again for us given how PL is set up.

    10. Sep 83. Kaiserslautern away. Lost 3-1 but a European adventure both there and back by train.

    11. Jan 84 FA Cup 3rd rnd. L*T*n away 2-2. From 2-0 down we draw and beat them 4-3 in replay to start our journey to the final.

    12. May 85. Spurs away-won 5-1. Our elation tempered by the news of the Bradford fire as we left. 23,000 there and Spurs finished 3rd that season

    13. March 87. Arsenal away FA Q-f 3-1. Such a performance to beat niggly/wingeing Gooners in front of over 43,000.

    14. May 91. Oxford Away-1-0. Wilkinson on as sub scores to preserve our League 2 status in front of 8,000.

    15. Oct 97. L*t*n away -4-0. With GT back-should have been 6 but given scenes amongst home support told team to tone it down 2nd half. Stayed in the “hospitality” area behind main stand till 6, drinking till no one was left bar one barman. We were then escorted to our cars.

    16. May 98. Fulham away 2-1. Last game of season-promotion to Div 1 pipping Bristol C. Sun shining and great scenes at the end.

    17. May 99. Bolton in PO final.2-0 To actually score and win at the old Wembley with one of the best goals ever seen to open the scoring. Staying long after final whistle as GT and all walked round. As he said in his book “I stood for a while to commit the scene of 38,000 fans celebrating knowing I had played a part in creating memories that would live for a lifetime. I went with my two sons aged 7 and 10. My dad there with his mates.

    18. Feb 03. Sunderland away 1-0. FA Cup 5th round. Flew up early and went into local pub, got chatting to 6 reasonable/knowledgeable home fans but mood in pub changed when they left. 5 mins later they came back in and said follow us “it’s not right we leave you in here” and took us to another pub. We are still friends all these years later meeting up when we play each other.

    19. April 06. QPR away-2-1. 1-0 down and Furlong lobs Foster towards an open goal, crowd cheers but it hits the bar, Foster gathers/clears and Young shoots from edge of box-20 secs later to equalise

    20. May 06. Leeds in PO final.3-0 Cardiff. Totally dominated the game.

    21. May 13. Leicester Semi-F 2nd Leg. 3-1. “do not scratch your eyes”. Whilst on holiday in Florida 2017 was buying some trainers in a large shop-guy behind counter says “your accent-where in England do you live”-I said near London-he said who do you support-I said Watford-he immediately replied “Deeney last minute goal”.

    22. May 15. BHA away 2-0. Great atmosphere post-match in the ground and then in the King&Queen pub later watching SkySports to learn of our promotion.

    23. Oct 15. Stoke Away 2-0. After only one win in 9 you left with the feeling we could actually stay up if we could beat this lot who were in the 8th season in PL

    24. Sep 16. WHU away 4-2. One point from 3 games before this and 2-0 down in their new stadium we feared the worst. Really good TD goal just on half time and ugly scenes around the ground with those closest to us across the minimal segregation, who were goading for almost all the first half, long gone by full time.

    25. Apr 19 Wolves FA Cup Semi-3-1. We know this was our final even if most of the other clubs will choose to remind us of the outcome of the real final. The last 15 mins and Extra time will live long in the memory. Having won only one of the previous 6 semi-finals I have been fortunate to again have that special feeling of “making it through”.

    Apologies if this comes over as a little self indulgent making it 25, but with 50+ years of support and the current lockdown, the absence of real games has made me nostalgic about those i attended. They are favourites for different reasons with gaps when there literally was nothing to shout about in those seasons.
  12. What a great list !
    Brought back many memories.
    Don't recall the 3-1 win vs wolves in the FA SF though :)
  13. We hate 48

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    Aah yes-as time has gone on my memory fades so i must have blotted out the mask incident with their 2nd goal

    I clearly have a better recall of a match 40 years ago at Preston rather than last year-Doh !
  14. WillisWasTheWorst

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    Great list. I was at 19 of those. I would just change no.11 to be the 4-3 Cup replay against L*t*n. I think still the most exciting football I’ve been to, back in the days when the FA Cup really meant something.
  15. jpROOKERYwfc

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    leeds 1-6 watford
    millwall 1-6 watford
    leeds 2-3 watford
    cardiff 2-4 watford
  16. ITK platypus

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    I missed that one. :(
  17. ITK platypus

    ITK platypus Reservist

    Brilliant list! I forgot it was Furlong who lobbed Foster at QPR. Great day.
  18. nornironhorn

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    QPR 1-3 Watford

    This match was televised on BBC so was a rare chance for me to see Watford play live.

    QPR were in fantastic form (19 games unbeaten) but a Danny Graham brace and Jordon Mutch goal meant we took the well-deserved 3 points.
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  19. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

    Alongside Furlong in the QPR team that day were former Hornets Paul Jones in goal
    Lee Cook as well as future Hornet Dan Shittu.

    It was also Theo Robinson's debut as a sub. He has since gone on to play for 13 other clubs and is still only 31. I was surprised to find that the last of his 6 appearances for us was as long as 2 years 8 months later in December 2008, although there was a half-season loan at Wealdstone and a season-long one at Hereford in that time.
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    I too had a look back and I came up with 20:

    March 1984 - Birmingham away - FA Cup QF 3-1, my first away game. Even though I was quite young I remember the raucous atmosphere of the match.

    April 1991 - Swindon away 2-1 - early in the great escape, as well as Callaghan's last goal for Watford it was the first time my parents let me go to an away game with my mates on the supporters coach. I had just turned 15, my oldest son will soon be that age, I wouldn't have thought I would allow the same.

    May 1991 - Oxford away 1-0, as previously mentioned in this thread. What a crush as the Manor Ground, I don't think anyone really saw Wilko's goal as it was scrambled in at the far end.

    November 1992 - Leeds home - League cup 2-1. Since I had started going regularly after relegation in 1988, this was the first time I remember a full house at the Vic. It certainly was one of those special nights under the lights as was a thing in the previous decade, seeing us beat the reigning champions and Suckling see off a one-on-one against Cantona was magnificent. It was the last of those special nights on the old terrace.

    April 1994 - Peterborough away 4-3. Not one for the faint-hearted! That was a proper roller coaster of a game and our late winner pretty much condemned Peterborough, and although we weren't safe yet, it set us up to complete our run to safety.

    May 1998 - Fulham away 2-1. During my final year at uni, I couldn't get to see too many games that season during term time. However having handed in my dissertation the day before, there was no way I was going to miss this one. I didn't get to go on the pitch at the end but the only time I've seen us win a league.

    January 1999 - Sunderland home 2-1. I think we were one of only 2 or 3 teams to defeat the Sunderland juggernaut that season, the only downside was the effective career ending injury to GNW.

    May 1999 - Grimsby home 1-0. The final day of the regular season and having muscled our way back into the playoffs we had to beat Grimsby to confirm it. They did make it tough for us, but I tip my hat off to Grimsby as they agreed to take one tiny portion of the Lower Rous stand so we could effectively fill all 4 sides. On that occasion I sat near the back centre of the Rookery, seeing all 4 sides erupt when Kennedy smashed in the only goal at that end was a goose-pimples moment.

    May 1999 - Bolton Wembley 2-0. Enough has been said about this game, for me one of my greatest moments as a Watford fan was just as Smart buried his shot to make it 2-0 with 2 minutes remaining.

    August 1999 - Liverpool away 1-0. Still my only visit to Anfield, after starting with two defeats we went to this withe a sense of trepidation, however Mooney sealed his name in Watford legend that day.

    October 2000 - Forest away 2-0. During the early part of the 2000/1 season when we looked unstoppable, I remember this game mostly for the fact that it was the complete performance, the scoreline flattered Forest.

    November 04 - Southampton & Portsmouth home - League Cup matches 5-2 & 3-0. I'm cheating here by having two games which were just a few weeks apart. Lewington was still doing a decent job on a shoestring, if the cup run in 2003 wasn't enough the league cup run of 2004/5 was memorable for the south coast double.

    May 2006 - Leeds Millenium stadium 3-0. Again, enough has been said about this in the past but as play off finals go, it was about as comfortable as it could get.

    December 2009 - QPR home 3-1. Doyley Day, say no more.

    December 2014 - Fulham away 5-0. Friday night football, it was the first time I took my oldest son to an away match, I couldn't have picked a better game. Sublime Abdi and a Deeney hatrick.

    January 2015 - Blackpool home 7-2. A bizarre game as Blackpool were shocking that season, they got two chances and scored them in the first half. Ben Watson debut came on as a sub in the second half (if I recall correctly) and the rest was history.

    December 2015 - Liverpool home 3-0. Although unlike 99/00 and 06/07 we had been handling ourselves in the top flight, this game was our 4th win on the trot and really said to us that we belonged there.

    February 2018 - Chelsea home 4-1. I think this was Javi Gracia's first home match, I know that Chelsea were going through a sticky patch but having seen our first half lead wiped out with 5 minutes remaining, we turned up the heat rather than settle for a draw and scored 3 superb goals.

    April 2019 - Wolves Wembley 3-2. Del boy masterclass.

    February 2020 - Liverpool home 3-0. The last match I saw, Sarr and co masterclass to beat the champions elect and stop them from breaking records.
  21. Surprised no one has mentioned the W4 Hull 0 last match of the 1978/79 season where we had needed victory to secure promotion..... followed by a trip to the pond !
    After such a stuttering end to the season it was great to do it in style and a tense atmosphere at the start gave way to a really enjoyable game and evening.

    Earlier that season beating pre-season favourites Blackpool 5-2 under floodlights at the Vic was also a great night.

    That win at Oxford will always be up there too for me.
  22. Otter

    Otter Gambling industry insider

    Most of us are probably too young to remember the 70s!
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  23. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

    That’s a hell of a first away game for an 8-year old!
  24. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

    Yes, the Hull game! 26,000 in the 3rd division wasn’t bad was it? That’s still one of my favourite seasons, mainly because we scored loads of goals: Jenkins and Blissett in full flow.
  25. Yes despite the fact that before the season started GT was worried where the goals were going to come from and tried to sign an experienced striker (Bob Hatton was it ?).
    We then put 7 goals past fellow promoted Brentford in 2 league cup games, and won the first 2 league matches 4-2 away and 5-2 at home !
  26. Moosegasm

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    Watford 3-0 Norwich with a 17 year old John Barnes murdering their defence. I'd never seen anything like that before live and rarely on tv. He was a wonder to behold.

    Watford 2-1 Liverpool on the last day of the season to finish 2nd. Martin Patching scored on his final appearance after an injury ravaged stint at WFC and everyone sang 'sell the pub'.

    Luton 2-2 Watford. 2-0 down at the kennel at half time in the FAC 3rd round and coming back to draw. It was icy on the terraces before they filled up. It was during the miners' strike and they played Paul Young's 'love of the common people' on the tannoy. I could only see half the pitch cos I was a short 12 year old. I didn't see either goal and both times we scored I ended up in a completely different part of the terrace following the ensuing bundle and crowd surge. A triumphant rendition of 'we are the orns' as we exited the stadium was truly joyous.

    Watford 4-3 Luton AET The replay of the same tie was won in extra time with all 4 forwards scoring Barnes, Callaghan, Reilly and Johnston. An incredible night under the lights. F*** Luton.

    Watford 2-0 Bolton As the ball came to Alan Smart in the play off final, we were standing way up but directly in front of him. As he ran towards the ball I was 100% certain he was gonna score. It seemed to happen in slow motion before the wild euphoria erupted amonst the 35,000 watford fans. Most of us on the terraces before Wembley was all seater. Incredible scenes. 'Graham Taylor's avin a party, bring your vodka and your charlie'

    Palace 0-3 Watford The Play Off semi first leg at Palace was just amazing. We were really under the cosh in the 1st half and Ben Foster kept us in it. Aidy went 451 at half time and then Marlon worked his magic and the rest is history. 3 superb goals and walking on air after the game.

    Watford 3-2 Portsmouth The closest I ever got to scoring a goal for Watford was when we beat Pomepy 3-2 (i think) in the prem. We were sat right down the front of the rookery. Priskin (i think) went down softly in the box and I was quite close to the ref. I faked total shock, pointed at the spot and screamed penalty. A Pompey supporting mate saw footage of the game after and claims the ref looked at me and then pointed to the spot. He was pretty pissed off about it. Ive got no idea if it's true, but Im f**king claiming it!!

    Deeeeeennnnnnnyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Obviously.

    Watford 3-2 Wolves Our collective amnesia about how thoroughly outclassed we were in the first 60 minutes and the complacency of thinking we were better than Wolves that set in after this game aside, this was one of the most dramatic games Wembley has ever seen and an incredible performance in the stands and on the pitch in the latter stages.

    Watford 3-0 Liverpool Once again we have an incredible match winning winger on our hands. I just hope his hamstrings survive the run in. Liverpool's only league defeat so far this season and an incredible performance from the golden boys.

    Just please stay up!!
  27. Moosegasm

    Moosegasm First Year Pro

    Baptism.of fire!!
  28. ITK platypus

    ITK platypus Reservist

    Great list, would have included Southampton game if I had remembered, what a goal by Helguson! Missed the Portsmouth game.
  29. Knight GT

    Knight GT Predictor extraordinaire 2013/14

  30. Moosegasm

    Moosegasm First Year Pro

    was it all seater then? i just remember standing!
  31. Knight GT

    Knight GT Predictor extraordinaire 2013/14

    I'm fairly sure it was made all seater in 1996 for the Euros
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  32. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

    Helguson was immense in the Pompey game too, scoring twice. For the first he outjumped the keeper to head in.
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  33. Moosegasm

    Moosegasm First Year Pro

    The mists of time =)
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  34. Otter

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    I don't remember a great deal of the 2004/5 season but I remember Helguson's opener against Portsmouth, it was a looping header from the 18 yard line which dropped in with a defender trying to clear it but only managed to hit it into the roof of the net.
  35. HornetMan

    HornetMan Academy Graduate

    Being born in 1998, I have been going to the Vic since early 2002 when my Dad took me to the Gillingham game where we lost. Ironically enough my first away game was also Gillingham, and we lost that too. My list, therefore, is only from 2002 onwards, but there are some belters that I personally love, and in no particular order:

    Watford 3-1 Leicester, 2013 Championship play-off semi-final 2nd leg- everything has been said about this game already, but it just has to be in. A true once-in-a-lifetime moment that I will always be happy I was a part of. The atmosphere, the limbs, the celebrations after (I was 15 so couldn't do much, it was also a Sunday), the iconic Bill Leslie commentary, Troy's finish, the flare in the Rookery, just everything.

    Watford 3-2 Wolves, 2019 FA Cup semi-final- after the previous two Wembley visits with Watford had ended in disaster (I was 1 when we beat Bolton) I had yet to see us win there, and for 79 minutes I thought it was going to be 3 losses on the trot. Enter Gerard Deulofeu. An incredible comeback, to know I would be seeing my team in the FA Cup final, the biggest game in English football, was amazing. The less said about the final the better, but to have made it was enough for me. I also genuinely believe Michael Oliver knew he owed us one after the dive in the aforementioned game, and so he didn't even hesitate to point to the spot (the fact that it was 100% a penalty anyway doesn't matter ;)). The Wolves fans giving us mountains of abuse, including coin throwing, from the posh seats above us made a hasty exit once our 3rd went in; made it even sweeter.

    Watford 3-0 Liverpool, 29th February 2020- in a season where there hadn't been a stand-out moment, this was it. IT. The way we dismantled the champions-elect (I can't stand the bin dippers but even I can admit they've deserved the title and will win it without a doubt) with absolute ease was a sight to behold. Sarr showed why we spent the entirety of last summer chasing him; he ran the show. Liverpool came to us thinking they'd tear us apart like they usually do, and this arrogance was a factor. Even if we end up going down, I don't think that will tarnish this game. Unreal

    Crystal Palace 0-3 Watford, 2006 Championship play-off semi-final 1st leg- we went to their place and absolutely tore them apart. King's strength and turn-around finish for his goal, Young's freekick and Spring's goal: all fantastic goals. The commentator called us the "surprise package of the season" as we had narrowly avoided relegation the season before. We were awesome all year and this game encapsulated the entire season

    Watford 3-0 Leeds United, 2006 Championship play-off final- Yet again we had torn apart a team that had been among the favourites to go up. DeMerit's bullet header really set the tone of the game. As an 8-year-old boy at a primary school in Watford, I was the only one in my class that actually supported their local team. All of my friends were Arsenal, Tottenham or Chelsea, with a few United and Liverpool here and there. Going back to school after this game was a great feeling, and I felt so proud to be a Watford supporter

    Brighton 0-2 Watford, 25th April 2015- 'The Sand of God'. If O'Grady's header doesn't hit that grain of sand, it goes in and it's 1-1 and we don't get the celebrations that happened. The limbs at Vydra's winner were something special, but the celebrations in Brighton town centre at quarter to 5 that afternoon really were different class. I was in the King and Queen pub and honestly, I forgot where I was and just went absolutely nuts. I was 17 and if I had the balls I would have gone into Watford that night and tried to get into the club, the atmosphere in Oceana would have been insane. Brighton is a class away day; they've always spoken highly of us and how happy they were for us that day. Unbelievable day

    Watford 5-2 Southampton, 2004 Carling Cup 4th round- this has been mentioned by someone above but I just had to include it. We dismantled a team that was in a higher division than us and scored some really good goals. Helguson's volley where he watches Gunnarson's ball all the way onto his foot and kind of arches his foot to meet it is my favourite Watford goal ever; you won't understand how difficult a technique that is unless you played football as a youngster.

    Watford 2-1 Arsenal, October 2017- purely for the limbs at Cleverley's 92nd-minute winner. I went into town after and got absolutely slaughtered.

    Arsenal 1-2 Watford, March 2016- Adlene Guedioura. That's it. I was right in line for it and when Deeney passed to him and lined his body up to shoot I very loudly shouted: "don't shoot from there". Made me look a t!t. Was a nervy, nervy ending but we hung on to reach the semi-finals

    Derby County 2-2 Watford, April 2015- a random choice but at that stage of the season, every point counted and we did so well to claw it back to 2-2. given Marco Motta's sending off (and the iconic Italian finger wag). Guedioura's pass to Igahlo that had enough curl on it to ensure Keogh didn't reach it and Iggy's finish that just made it over the line. A valuable point that kept us in the race for promotion

    Nottingham Forest 1-3 Watford, April 2015- again in our promotion season. Bournemouth, Norwich and Boro had already played the previous night and all had won, so the pressure was on. Ighalo scored within the first 5 minutes (I accidentally punched my mate Tom in the face when this went in, sorry pal). Connoly's run and the eventual goal was a joy to watch and after a nervy end, Abdi finished the job. An overall dominant performance, and one that reminded the other three teams we were fully in the race with them.
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