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Discussion in 'Taylor's Tittle-Tattle - General Banter' started by NathWFC, Mar 20, 2010.

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  2. Bwood_Horn

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  3. Bwood_Horn

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    As a COG I have to decorate my home with pictures of Audrey Fleurot.
  4. Arakel

    Arakel First Team

    Watched the S2 season finale of the Mandalorian last night.

    Have to say, its everything the new movies should have been, but weren't. The show captures the essence of Star Wars in a way that JJ Abrams did not.

    Excellent stuff and I am very much looking forward to S3.
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  5. The Recluse

    The Recluse Reservist

    Mr Inbetween, Aussie black comedy about a hit-man. Episode 9 of series 2 was particularly special.
  6. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    Yes it was wonderful. Although it felt like the end of a journey - and it'll interesting to see where they take the show without the obvious hook and if they do, whether it will be the same.
  7. Bwood_Horn

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    Bit disappointed that it didn't have a tribute to Jeremy Bulloch but the epilogue more than made up for it.

    Coincidence? I think not....

    Rumour was that 'he' was supposed to be the subject of the next stand-alone film so rather than a 2'30" film we'll get at least one (8*45"=) 6' one.
  8. Bwood_Horn

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    Errrrr... you did watch it right to the end of the post-credit sequence?
  9. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    Haha, I did yes. I'd be worried if that isn't a spin off and it's just S3. Although I'm keen to see it.
  10. wfcSinatra

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    Binged three seasons of Billions, not bad.

    Handmaids Tale now, bloody brilliant.

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  11. reg_varney

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    Næturvaktin (English: The Night Shift) and sequels Dagvaktin (The Day Shift), Fangavaktin (The Prison Shift).and feature film to book-end it, Bjarnfreðarson. Very black Icelandic comedy originally set in a petrol station. The first series (Night Shift) was shown on BBC Four in May 2011 as part of the channel's Wonders of Iceland series of programmes. All have been released on DVD in Iceland (with English subs). Worth tracking down.
  12. Arakel

    Arakel First Team

    Yes indeed. I reckon that's going to be a new spin-off. Good stuff.

    Loved seeing
    Fat Bib Fortuna.
  13. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    Confirmed. Spinoff as opposed to S3. Just at the same time. Obviously the movie they were going to do as you described.
  14. Filbert

    Filbert Leicester supporting bloke

    Late to the party as usual, like with Community and Always Sunny but 30 Rock.... How did I not watch this sooner?! Done nearly all seven series in the last month or so. Absolutely brilliant stuff.
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  15. I Blame Bassett

    I Blame Bassett Squad Player

    Just seen a railway programme on Channel 5 about Sicily.

    "Most Scenic Railway Journeys".

    I've always wanted to visit Sicily, especially with it's Greek connections and this beautiful programme narrated by Bill Nighy has reaffirmed that.

    Siracusa, Catania,Etna and many other wonderful sights.

    I shall reignite, excuse the pun,my plans for a Grand Tour.


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