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    The Last Tommies is on this week on BBC4 at 2100. It features interviews with some of the last survivors of the Great War filmed in the 1990's when many of the veterans were already centenarians. It is a fascinating historical document and a window into the feelings and general character of the nation at the time before moving onto the experiences of the soldiers as they encountered the real horrors of the battlefield.

    One could see in their eyes the recalling of the last moments of dear friends and the huge amount of sadness in recalling being unable to help or even stop to hold a dying comrades hand.

    Allied to his series is the written recollections of veterans collected by Richard van Emden.
    Britain's Last Tommies: Final Memories from Soldiers of the 1914-1918 War, In Their Own Words
  2. Bwood_Horn

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    Something I was interested to see was "YouTube's" attempt at "Space Opera": Origin. They've spent a lot of spondulicks on it and developed/borrowed many themes/scenes from a lot of sci-fi "classics" (Bladerunner, Alien, Cloud Atlas, Black Mirror, Prometheus, the Matrix etc.) and it's no bad thing although none of it is particulalry original but it really works and looks fantastic. Basically each episode tells the backstory of a character as well as adding to the potboiler.

    I was particularly taken by two performances and judging by how they played their characters these two Harry Potter alumni should escape its "curse": Tom Felton and Natalia Tena (TBF she was only in "one" - actually two halves - and is doubly damneded by her appearance in "Titties and Dragons"). He shows he can act and devlops in the story from a background character to someone who plays a key role whilst she is a commanding lead throughout.
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    Binge watching "The Good Place" at the moment. Great series.
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    Something I was surprised I really "got in to" was the Julia Roberts vehicle "Homecoming". It has a lovely, tense 70's feel with very well chosen music ramping up the pressure and lots of lovely letterbox/pillarbox cuts in the editing that just adds to the incredibly visual 30 min episodic pot-boiler. The cast really "work" with an incredibly "tight" script - Roberts shows she can "act", Bobby Cannavele just about stops before he crosses the "OTT performance" line but star of the show is Shea Wingham with a marvelously understated character study.

    Word of warning do watch the episodes right to the end of the credits.

    It'll be interesting to see whether Amazon will be brave enough to let it end with just one series.

    I'll eat moog's underpants if this doesn't win a clutchful of TV awards.
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    I binged watched Cobra Kai over the weekend...I was sceptical of it as I was a fan of the first 2 Karate Kid films (3rd was an absolute wreck).

    Have to say, I really enjoyed it.
  6. luke_golden

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    Enjoyed this one as well. Really nicely done.
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    Watching the Sunderland documentary on netflix. I say documentary, it's more of a horror show if you get my drift... Really highlights the car crash of a club they created for themselves. They had Will Hughes and Zlatan Ibrahimovic on their Jan transfer targets list! Very well cut and notable that everytime Ndongs in shot, hes just vacantly staring into space.
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    Somebody else "has not been playing by the rules" and has made another collection of frauds and bull$h1tters look like frauds and bull$h1tters...
  9. nornironhorn

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    Haunting of Hill House was excellent
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    I'm a big fan of Le Carre's early spy novels (featuring Smiley) so judging how good the adaptations (past and recent) have been of these I was looking forward to "The Little Drummer Girl". Unfortunately I managed one episode as it appeared to be little better than an AM-DRAM production filmed by one of the director's children as they got a HD camcorder for their birthday sponsored by the Athens tourist board. Shame.
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  11. Diamond

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    Agreed, but it was about 4 episodes too long.
  12. Knight GT

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    Enjoyed the final series of Luther and also Homecoming on Netflix with Julia Roberts
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