FA Cup - The Road To Wembley - Almost To The Final

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    I believe i can gazump even that..
    In 2006 three Zenit St Petersburg fans drove a battered up old Honda Civic 9,320 miles to an away game in Vladivostok. Their car gave up the ghost just as they arrived and they had to get the Trans-Siberian railway home again. Luckily they won 2-0 and Zenit presented them with a new car on their return.

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    Saves vs joining the AA.
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    Aeroflot Anonymous?
  4. Burnsy

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    Has it ever struck you that you don’t have to be wronged by a player to hate him?

    Zaha is vertically challenged and carries an arrogance to boot. There’s been many occasion when he has dived against other clubs and then given his wide eyed look that he’s been harshly dealt with. That doesn’t go unnoticed by fans of any club and would naturally carry into any game in which those fans are witnessing further down the line.

    Is there a small sense of annoyance that Zaha was far too good for us at Wembley? Of course. That adds to it. But you won’t find a sensible Watford fan claiming he dived for the penalty that day. Or that we hate Palace because you beat us. Those sensible fans are far more annoyed of our players that day for simply not turning up.

    A lot of Palace fans hate Deeney because he said our team systematically foul Zaha on a rotational basis. I can see why you would dislike him for that. But it’s wilful ignorance to not see why we hate Zaha. You quote big incidents involving him - but yet leave out the countless times he has dived outside the box etc etc. Cheating isn’t only confined to penalties etc.
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  5. Burnsy

    Burnsy Reservist

    Crikey, where to begin....

    Victories don’t count now if they are marginal? So we can discount the FA Cup semi-final and Playoff final? Brilliant, thanks...! No, of course that’s quite a ridiculous thing to say.

    I wouldn’t call Cleverley volleying into the top corner flukey? By that token, I loved Townsend’s flukey volley against Man City...

    Poor defensive mistakes by you? Your goal in our most recent game was quite literally our CB smashing the ball at our own player 2 yards from our own goal line...

    I salute your belief that you think you might win this game. But a lot of your reasoning is so easily pulled apart.
  6. Palace01

    Palace01 Academy Graduate

    I watch every single palace game and have never seen him dive outside the box. I’ve seen him dive once (against you in 2016).

    It’s juts a difference of opinion that’s all. If you kind find me proof of him “diving” please do.
  7. Palace01

    Palace01 Academy Graduate

    Oh no, don’t get me wrong marginal victories do definitely count. Most victories that are achieved are marginal. I was merely disputing that fact that your players “ran rings around us”. Again difference of opinion, but in referencing ‘fluky’ I was alluding to holebas’s cross that went in and Cathcarts free back post header
  8. Knight GT

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  9. Burnsy

    Burnsy Reservist

    But it’s okay for him to dive inside the box? Is that what you’re suggesting?

    I showed clear evidence of him diving further above in this thread at the request of another Palace fan...it’s not hard to find, just scroll up. And just so you know, that Palace fan accepted the ‘proof’ given.
  10. Stevohorn

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    Fat Marco Silva..
    youre just a fat Marco Silva..
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  11. Burnsy

    Burnsy Reservist

    Eh? How was a legitimate back post header ‘fluky’?!
  12. Palace01

    Palace01 Academy Graduate

    I wish people could understand that there is a stark difference between “diving” and going down easily.

    Diving implies ‘simulation’ in which a players simulates contact and goes to ground.
    Does zaha go down easily on occasion? 100% he does. Does that mean he wasn’t fouled? Not at all.

    Going down easily is done by nearly every forward in the league. This proves your vendetta against wilf is certainly to do with his past terrorisations of your defence. That’s fine but just admit it. I hated leroy lita because he Always scored against us, it’s natural
  13. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

  14. Palace01

    Palace01 Academy Graduate

    fluky in the sense that we switched off and Hennessy for some reason came hurtling off his line, but you’re right maybe fluky in relation to that goal is the wrong word.
  15. Burnsy

    Burnsy Reservist

    This is just it. The dive is bad enough to wind fans of any club up. But the pure look of disbelief on his face and the utter front to chase the referee staking his claim is what pushes fans to have an utter dislike of the guy.

    I get that it’s hard to just accept when you are caught cheating. So there’s a desire to save face. But he must know the replays will show him cheating? All the evidence is out there, yet only Palace fans and managers believe he is somehow dealt a harsh card by opposition and referees.

    It’s just a bit odd to deny what everyone else knows and can prove.
  16. Palace01

    Palace01 Academy Graduate

    I’m actually not even trying to be bias or controversial but that isn’t as clear cut as you’re making out. And that one instance can’t be enough for the reception he gets from your fans.

    In that case you could boo almost any premier league forward. Did you boo Maddison? Did you boo alli?

    Actually Maddison and Alli haven’t run your defence ragged before so I suppose not.

    Just watched it again, it isn’t a pen but I don’t think it’s simulation personally
  17. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    A coming together in a contact sport is not always foul. Certain players will go down if they feel the presence of an opponent. Zaha, Knockaert, Vardy and all Bournemouth players are regular offenders and try their best to engineer a penalty, by moving their leg into a defender or other such tactics. They are just not honest.

    Fans hate players who try to con the referee as their preferred choice of action. Some players go down easily on occasion, but this tends to be more opportunism, rather than anything premediated. Zaha would rather exaggerate a situation to get a penalty than try to use his skill in order to create or score a valid goal. I think knowing he's cheated and got away with it gives him greater pleasure, for some bizarre reason.

    Palace have had 10 penalties this season, more than any other Premier League side. Once VAR is in place next season, that will affect Palace greatly, and these cheap goals will just disappear. Same applies to Bournemouth as well.
  18. Palace01

    Palace01 Academy Graduate

    I don’t believe zaha puts his leg into opponents to win fouls, there is no need, most defenders just bite early anyway and he feels the contact and goes down. If you have a problem with that then fair enough. I’m sure he probably could stay on his feet in those situations but going to ground in this day and age makes the defenders action a foul.

    My point is proven by the penalties he wins. None are ever unjustified
  19. Burnsy

    Burnsy Reservist

    Again, look up the thread. More than one video has been provided where he dives. If you don’t think he dives in that particular video, then please explain the way he falls when under no contact? It’s cheating pure and simple.
  20. Jimmy Palace

    Jimmy Palace Academy Graduate

    I can only recall 9.

    And Man Utd have had the most this season.
  21. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    You are a Palace fan and have a blinkered view. I only have a problem with players that go out with a premeditated plan to cheat. The players I've mentioned do this so often that it's the only conclusion you can come to.

    We have skilful players, who run well with the ball such as Pereyra and Deulofeu, but neither go looking for penalties. I'm sure if they did, we'd be right up there in the penalty league as you are with around 10, instead of being joint bottom on just 1 penalty. The only person in a Watford kit that dives is Harry Hornet.
  22. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    I thought he was serious but he is just on the wind up.
    "All the pundits agree" what a disgusting phrase
  23. I give up - you win. ;)

    Although I will say that at least they had a road to drive on - even a Kiwi wouldn't attempt to drive to Sydney...:)
  24. Absoflukinglootly.

    It is a relief when he is in play acting mode because he is much less dangerous now the refs have cottoned on to his cheating.

    If I was a fan of the old egg and chips, I'd be furious with him for wasting chances like he does. Richarlison was similar, but pleased to cash in and get rid in the end. All that talent, but the first choice always seems to be to cheat.

    Would have thought any other fans would be at least a bit critical, but I suppose this is what happens when you rely so much on one player.
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  25. NathWFC

    NathWFC First Team

    Zaha is, to put it in simple terms, hideously overrated and a diving, cheating, play acting toss pot. I'm sure this new information will settle the debate.
  26. Cthulhu

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    Ive checked the IP log. palace01 shares an IP with several well known members here. Jimmy Palace appears as a novel IP address. Make of that what you will.
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  27. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    He has some talent and is fast
    On the other hand he falls over and fakes being tackled to get penalties more than most and has STOOOOOPPPPID bulging eyes.
  28. Jimmy Palace

    Jimmy Palace Academy Graduate

    So why is it that I now feel like I've been somewhat exposed?
  29. Otter

    Otter Gambling industry insider

    In simple terms Zaha got his big move to Man Utd in 2013; however the next day Palace received a large package.

  30. Horn of Bletchley

    Horn of Bletchley Academy Graduate

    Oh behave the guy for all his skill and balance goes down way to easy and its always in and around the area.
    He didn't dive in the play off final I agree..
    I cant stand palace since Holloway brought up our loan situation and bitched and moaned, and also because of 2013/2016 at Wembley and because your fans alwayss seem do pleased with them selves.
  31. Horn of Bletchley

    Horn of Bletchley Academy Graduate

    Going to be 1 goal in it as usual when we play palace, can see extra time hopefully not penalties though
  32. Horn of Bletchley

    Horn of Bletchley Academy Graduate

    That Aberdeen/ rangers rivalry goes back to a tackle made by Neil simpson(Aberdeen) on Ian Durrant (Rangers)in the mid/late 80s .Durrant was the darling of Scottish football at the time and he was never the same player..or so I have heard
  33. That someone here is having a live-in relationship with a Palace supporter?
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  34. The undeniable truth

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    IBB - your husband is posting on here !!!!
  35. Jimmy Palace

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    If it goes to penalties I'm hoping the referee will let Milivojevic take all of ours.

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