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    Knowing Hamilton he probably wanted to clinch the title by winning but well done on a 5th World title.

    Ricciardo not getting any luck - he will hope for more at Renault!
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    We'll done to Lewis for a pretty much flawless season. I really cannot remember him making a mistake.

    He did not have the fastest car for most races this season but his amazing qualifying performances, skilled management of tyres and incredible consistency made it easy in the end.

    It's amazing to think that if it wasn't for an awful call in the wet all those years ago, and some incredibly unlucky reliability problems two years ago, Lewis would (and should) be equal with Schumacher on titles won.
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  4. wfc4ever

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    Well he is going from hitting drivers with his car to actually pushing them now.
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    Spectacular crash in the Formula 3 in Macau today.

    17yo driver alive, for those who like to know before watching vids...

  6. scummybear

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    That's one of the worst crashes I've seen! Sounds like she was a lucky girl, if she didn't hit the wall backwards it might've been a head impact.

    Watching in slow motion it looks like she's spun off camera and is travelling down the wall backwards, then hits the blue kerb which lifts her up enough to get a glancing blow on the second car and launch skywards. A bit of delving and I've found a photo of a blue banana kerb in that exact spot:

    Perhaps this will mean a change in the way they're used?
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  8. wfc4ever

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    Williams do need a good news story and before his accident Kubica was a very good driver .

    Good luck to him !
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    Another good win from Hamilton to sign off this season's F1. Nasty crash with Hulkenberg . He was trapped upside-down with his car catching fire. Thankfully the stewards were on hand quickly to dowse the flames. The halo looked like it would have trapped him. Disaster averted.
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  13. Merc builds another monster

    Ferarri and Vettel looked shell shocked
  14. hornetboy1

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    What an absolute pr1ck Sebastian Vettel is. Such a precious child in his behaviour. Can't stand the bloke.

    So please he got the 5 second penalty and it was totally deserved. He made a mistake, came back on to the track and deliberately drove into Hamilton to close the gap, so he couldn't overtake. It was dangerous driving. The only surprise is that most of the F1 community think it was a harsh punishment.

    I saw it the same as the stewards.

    Vettel initially refused to take the podium but was forced to do so by his team as he would have been demoted even further down the field had he not done so. He refused to drive his car into the positional pit, he even got out on the track and pushed it backwards. Then he marched over to where Hamilton's car was and swapped the numbers making Hamilton's car number 2, and his car, which was in fact an empty place, number 1. Then in his interview he just walked away as he was being questioned. What a c***.

    Such utter petulance. I see Ferrari are appealing, but I hope Vettel gets further punishments over his appalling behaviour.
  15. UEA_Hornet

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  16. The undeniable truth

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    Agreed. Vettel is completely hung up over the "what else was I supposed to do?" line. But this isn't a question of whether he had any choice or not over what he did. This is simply a reflection of the fact that he made a mistake and Hamilton would have passed him had he not blocked him off when coming back onto the track. Whether he did well or not in getting back on the track is irrelevant. The penalty is to reflect the fact that he blocked off Hamilton who would have passed him. He can't possibly think that that would go unpunished ?
  17. hornetboy1

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    Absolutely, and it seemed clear and obvious what Vettel did even when I watched it in real time. I just really surprised that Vettel has received such universal support and the stewards have been damned for their penalty award. The commentators thought the penalty was wrong and so did all the ex-drivers who were interviewed afterwards.

    I just think it's more to do with the love-in for Ferrari or the desire to make the season a little bit more interesting, that's making people condemn the stewards.

    The only thing that should be in focus and talked about is Vettel's petulant behaviour. That should not be tolerated.
  18. The undeniable truth

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  19. It looked like an attempt to block to me at the time. Clear penalty, according to the rules, for not leaving a car width to his right.

    I don't accept the ‘what else could he do’ argument; simple, lift off, steer left, allow rooms. He had the snap oversteer coming back on the track because he kept the throttle open.
  20. scummybear

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    Even I think that under the current rules, that's a penalty. I don't buy into the idea that he was closing the door intentionally - the potential for a big crash was too high, especially without full grip. But, Hamilton had to hit the brakes due to somebody else's error through no fault of his own.

    That said, F1 is way too reliant on penalties. I can't think of any series that is so strict. It's like when you have a referee who gives a free kick every 2 minutes, sometimes you need to let the game flow.

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  21. wfc4ever

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    I suspect Vettel and Ferrari would have been calling on a penalty had the incident by the other way round...
  22. Meister

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    Regardless of deliberate or not and theres's debate about being able to control the car when on the grass and coming back onto the track, I thought there was a rule that you couldn't go off the track to gain or retain a place that you otherwise wouldn't have? Loads of times we've seen people give up positions and let people reovertake when they've pulled a dodgy move.

    Seb has previous, the Azerbaijan shunt for example. I'm no Hamilton fan but justice was done. The commentators are biased because they just wanted to see racing and Hamilton going for an overtake. If Hamilton hadn't have braked they both would have been out. Seb is lucky imho. Throwing a strop at the end should land him a nice fine equivalent to his personal winnings for the race.

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